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AnnB@7 wrote
on Jun 30, 2008 12:57 PM

 I take knitting with me everywhere.  I knit at lunch time, commuting, any spare time that arrives.  About the last six months I have been knitting on my drive home from work.  I live in the greater Los Angeles area and have at least an hour commute home everyday.  When the traffic gets really bad, 10 mph or slower, out comes the knitting.  I have completed several projects this way.  The most difficult was a 4 row repeat pattern scarf.  My latest freeway knitting is some very mindless placemats, just started the 5th one today.  Now I really look forward to the long comute.  Before freeway knitting it was a constant battle to stay awake, now I really don't  mind if the traffic is slow or STOPPED, it just gives me more knitting time and the added bonus is that I am no where near as stressed out when I get home. 

Ann Byrns


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ZassZ wrote
on Jul 2, 2008 7:02 PM

 AnnB  That's great.  Do you carpool or take public transportation?  I too can barely stand to get ON a freeway!  Only thing that save me is taking my needlework!

 And all the women who were wise of heart spun with their hands, and they kept bringing as yarn the blue thread and the wool dyed reddish purple, the coccus scarlet material and the fine linen.   Ex. 35:25 

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on Jul 2, 2008 7:51 PM

 I knit while giving high schoolers exams, lunchroom duty,and have been caught knitting at high school sporting events.Most of our church congregation does some sort of hand work during service.I also knit when my teenage son is driving the car.{this is very good for blood pressure.}

I used to cross-stich, but I find the stisfaction of finishing is just to slow.I can make a pair of soxs in a week.A non complicated sweater in about two weeks.My greatest accomplishment was the feather and leaf scarf I made while my child under went surgery for a broken limb about 7 years ago.

My commuter traffic is not so bad scince home is a 5 block walk with my students.

Happy knitting to all;Laundrygoddess


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AimeeR wrote
on Jul 15, 2008 1:04 PM

 I'm with you, Ann!  I knit during meetings and at stop lights.

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