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terry218 wrote
on Sep 7, 2011 5:46 PM

I was wondering if anyone knew how to make ear warmers using 2 double edged needles that is made in a circle (like a long tube) even though it is knit more like you normally would using regular needles going back and forth.  All you have to do when you are done with it is sew the two ends together to make them.  I used to have the pattern for these years ago and I cannot figure it out again!

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AndreaW wrote
on Sep 9, 2011 8:44 PM

Hi terry218....

I haven't seen that pattern before but I think I can tell you how to knit a tube going back + forth on straight needles. You can use either 2 reg straight needles or 2 dpns if they are long enough for your tube width.

You start by casting on enough sts to go around your tube + you must have an even # I believe.

row 1:  * Slip next st purlways with yarn in front. Move yarn to back of work + K1.  Rep fr * across. Turn.

Rep this row for desired length. You can just cast off across the row if having a closed tube is OK.  If you need an open ended tube...take 2 spare N's + work across slipping sts onto alternate N's so the sts fr front of tube are on one N and the sts fr the back side of the tube are on another N.

I suppose if you wanted to graft the 2 tube ends could begin w/ a waste yarn cast on and then graft the beg + end rows tog. Or just cast off as normal + sew the 2 ends tog for an easier finish. Or put beg + ending sts on 2 N's + work a 3NBO.

It's been quite a few yrs since I did just got out some scrap yarn + tested it. YES works!!!

I taught this to a teen a few yrs back + they thought it a very interesting trick.

Hoping this was what you were looking for. If not....+ you can give me more details...I'll try to help. It sounded like you were trying to make a skiband as we call them?

    Take Care...... Andrea

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