on "Knitting + Reading = Heaven!" and "her grandmother was french"

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Zaz wrote
on Sep 19, 2011 6:49 AM

hello kathleen,

as much as i wanted to comment on today's newletter i could not find it so am posting here.

there is mistake in the book you read where it says that she knit continental "because her grandmother who was french had taught her to"... in fact the ARTE TV (french and german coproduced films) aired a very fun documentary on the difference between how the french knit and how the germans knit. it is the germans that knit what in american is called "continental" and the french knit what you call "english".

there even was a historical era where the german jew nannies working in france had to be hidden from the germans so as not to be caught because their knitting would give them away. i am surprised that no one edited that part of the book out, they do that with inaccuracies.

your article is interesting, maybe a project in binary where the stockinette stitches are the hidden 1 and the yarnovers are the 0?

have a good day!

J from paris, france


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