what to knit next?

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jlinl Surprise [:O] wrote
on Sep 23, 2011 10:19 AM

Hi all, 

I've been knitting in seriousness for about the past year. I've completed five scarves (diff patterns), a whole bunch of baby hats, and a basic stockinette baby sweater. 

My question is what to knit next. I'd like to knit myself a sweater, but most of the patterns I find that look professional are also too complicated. Is there a good in between project that will bump my skills up a bit more? 

Just for reference, I've used yo, p/k 2tog, ssk, psso, kfb, and sk2p stitches and feel rather comfortable with those.

Thanks so much! 

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KatLeffler wrote
on Feb 18, 2012 7:44 AM

I"m hoping you have found something, but if you are still looking....or looking again!...you might want to check the Knitscene patterns under the 'Free Patterns' tab here. They are generally in the Beginner to Intermediate range of difficulty, and there are some  very cute sweaters out there.

The Interweave patterns generally fall into the Intermediate to Advanced knitter category, but if you are up for a challenge and practicing your patience with yourself you should add them to your perusal list as well.

There is also EZ's patterned yoke sweater from Knitting with Tears. It's a classic, not too hard, minimal finishing work and generally a quick knit. If you don't have the book, most local libraries have a copy.

Good luck to you!


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