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on Oct 10, 2011 10:25 AM

I have just read today's Knitting Daily column by Kathleen Cubley on "socks for him - finally!".  Loved the article and can't wait to get the pattern to start a pair for my son.  These I think he will wear!  But, here is one of my biggest peeves in life... I am a subscriber to Interweave Knits (as well as Interweave Crochet, and several other Interweave magazines) and I am eternally frustrated as a subscription holder that it seems subscribers are the LAST persons to get their magazines.  It is available ... Kathleen has access, my local knit shop around the corner has just received it and soon... later... I will finally receive my copy. 

I believe that when we become subscribers and pay our fees up front, we should be the first to receive copies of the magazine.  This should be considered "loyalty" service.  Interweave is certainly not the only magazine company to have this problem - in fact it is quite widespread in the publishing industry.  I used to have subscriptions to over 18 magazines.  I now only receive four Interweave magazines and will probably not renew this year as I want to get my hands on these items as soon as they are available.  It only takes me 5 minutes to walk around the corner to our local wool shop and I can always get a wide selection of current magazines from them.  Last month I inadvertently purchased Interweave Knits off the shelf only to receive my personal copy two weeks later in the mail. 

It would be nice if there was a way to send out the subscriptions FIRST. 

Barb F.


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