those darn socks---again

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Tilly Perry Coffee [C] wrote
on Dec 19, 2011 9:16 AM

There is yet another way to do socks using "short rows" and beginning at toe.  I stumbled across this method when practicing other methods and practicing short rows methods. 

Determine the total number of stitches necessary for sock; divide this number by two.  Co on this amount of sts.  Example:  If the total number of sts is 48, CO 24 sts.  Begin doing short rows immediately and begin with a purl row.  The method I use for doing short rows is a bit different---it is backward.  In other words, I work to the point to do it,  move the yarn before slipping the stitch, slip the stitch and turn. .

 When I begin to work the wrapped stitches back into the fabric, I work the wrapped stitch and wrap the stitch adjacent to it and turn. I DO NOT LIFT THE WRAPS TO WORK THEM WITH THE STITCH THEY WRAP!  I LEAVE IT ALONE..  When the toe (or heel) is finished, these wrapped stitches form a nice detail.   It is so, so much easier and I prefer the appearance.

To determine the number of stitches to wrap for shaping the toe, divide the number by three, in other words, if using the number 24 stitches as I indicated above, you would have 8 wrapped stitches each side of center 8 stitches.  At this time, you would begin to work the wrapped stitches back into fabric.  When ALL wrapped stitches are worked---24 sts on needle, rearrange sts on double pointed needles of choice---a set of 4 , or 2 circularly----or one 40" circular for the "magic loop" style.  

Pick up 24 sts from the cast on edge, [yes the edge where you began] to obtain a total of 48 sts.   Work to heel placement.   Shape the heel using the same numbers and method.   Place half the stitches on a holder while shaping the heel with the remaining stitches.  If working ribbing from this point, I like doing about an inch and 1/2  before beginnng the ribbing. 

The numbers given here for explanation purposes would do for a women's medium size ---- sport weight yarn with size 5 needles.  If needing numbers for sock weight, email me for the numbers.  .  The pattern is---FREE!                    Tilly Perry

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