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  • Would you like me to bring alpacas to the Interweave Yarn Fest 2015?

    Hello Katherine, My name is Frana Biedermans and I have been raising alpacas for the past 11 years with the Ranch name of Phi Beta Paca. I raise alpacas with primary goals of fineness and uniformity. Approximately 25% of my yarn yield is cashmere-fine:under 19 microns. I processed approximately 250 pounds...
    Posted to Introduce Yourself (Forum) by franab on Jan 23, 2015
  • More than knitting.

    If you have tried knitting will know .. It would stop .. it was fun .. not. Before it has to be knitted form. Or so-called Pattern. What wanted to be woven long sleeve shirt .. .. short sleeves scarf hat. Blankets or shoes. (Low heeled Shoes) www.iboxplus.com
    Posted to Introduce Yourself (Forum) by iboxplus on Oct 19, 2012
  • Re: New to this site and loving it

    Hi, Zoe, I'm so sorry to hear about your skin problem when you knit. Wow, you must really like to knit to endure that! I teach knitting and once had a student with the same problem. It seemed to be some kind of contact dermatitis. We tried a couple of things. One was to switch the way she held the...
    Posted to Introduce Yourself (Forum) by knitwithjudy on Jan 20, 2010
  • Hi. I'm new here.

    Hi. I’m new here. I trying things out. I have looked at some of the patterns, but that is about it so far. :)
    Posted to Introduce Yourself (Forum) by Knitting4Hope on Jul 24, 2009
  • So excited to join my first knit site!! :D

    Hello all! I'm so excited!!! this is my first knitting forum EVER!!! I just taught myself how to knit and crochet around the first of December... I have only completed one project in each... a knitted 1 skein scarf and a crocheted snowman ornament. Im loving every minute of it and cant seem to get...
    Posted to Introduce Yourself (Forum) by Zaneta on Jan 28, 2009
  • hello

    Hello i have just joined so i have no idea what to do , my name is Denise and i love to knit and i am knitting all the time every day even take it to work with me, I started knitting when i was 11 years old and am still knitting at 60 just finishe a pillow doll so hello to everyone Best wishes Denise
    Posted to Introduce Yourself (Forum) by Denise@3 on Sep 9, 2008
  • Greetings

    My name is Andrea and I live in Indianapolis, IN I am a knitaholic, every type of knitting is game. I learned to needle knit when my cousin and I had Barbie dolls (well I still have mine); but it lit a fire and I've been knitting every since. From 2 small squares to make Barbie a top or skirt, to...
    Posted to Introduce Yourself (Forum) by AndreaH on Jun 4, 2008
  • Re: Welcome!

    Hi Cyndi, My name is Marcia (MarciaC) and I live in Bullhead City, AZ which is very hot in the summer and because of this I am trying my hand at knitting a lacy summer top in cotton yarn. Although I have been knitting on and off since I was a child I've never tryed knitting anything of lace before...
    Posted to Introduce Yourself (Forum) by MarciaC on May 28, 2008
  • Hi All, I'm Shelly from Northern California

    Looking forward to getting to know lots of you. I'm retired, but run my own charity Scarves From The Heart which provides hand knit and crocheted scarves to cancer patients. I'm kept company by a hubby who supports my yarn habit as well as my charity work, and two cats who have been fooled into...
    Posted to Introduce Yourself (Forum) by ShellyH on May 23, 2008