Entrelac Knitting: How to Knit Entrelac Plus 6 Free Entrelac Knitting Patterns

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Entrelac is a knitting technique that produces a fabric with a woven appearance—tiers of tilting blocks appear to run over and under each other. But the fabric is actually worked all in one piece as a series of interconnecting rectangles. In this eBook, we'll teach you the process of knitting entrelac from start to finish, then supply you with six fantastic free entrelac knitting patterns!

Our entrelac tutorial, by Eunny Jang, is clear and easy to follow. You'll learn the basic principles—how the triangles and squares work together to form the unique, beautiful fabric. Eunny will also show you how to knit entrelac in the round! The possibilities are amazing for this unique knitting method.

You'll learn how to knit entrelac in no time thanks to this awesome collection of techniques and patterns. Download them all for free!

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This entrelac tutorial is second to none when it comes to learning how to knit entrelac patterns!

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Free eBook: How to Knit Entrelac Plus 6 Free Entrelac Patterns

If you're starting out, don't be intimidated by this technique! With the entrelac knitting instructions at the start of this collection, you'll learn the process from cast on to bind off for working flat and in the round. And, if you're attempting this for the first time, start one of the easy pattern's we've included. You'll be knitting entrelac like a pro in no time!

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Make these socks plus five other patterns with the help of this free entrelac tutorial.

How to Knit Entrelac: Knitting Block by Block by Eunny Jang

Entrelac Knitting Tutorial

Entrelac: Knitting Block by Block by Eunny Jang

For entrelac knitting instructions from start to finish, this article is second to none. Featuring images and step by step directions, you'll learn to work flat entrelac and in the round too. Perfect for beginners and also more experienced knitters who would like a better understanding of this technique.

Easy Entrelac Knitting Tutorial: Basic Entrelac Scarf by Lisa Shroyer

Pattern #1

Basic Entrelac Scarf by Lisa Shroyer

Lisa's basic scarf is the perfect project to make when you're just starting out with this technique. For first timers, we suggest you use it to knit along with Eunny Jang's entrelac tutorial at the beginning of the free eBook. One of our favorite parts of this fun project is how the self-striping yarn does a lot of the work.

Knitting Entrelac Bags: Felted Entrelac Fobs by Susan Pierce Lawrence

Pattern #2

Felted Entrelac Fobs by Susan Pierce Lawrence

These little bags are worked in entrelac in the round, a technique that's covered in detail in the opening how-to article. Fobs are wonderful little learning projects, and they make fabulous gifts and gift bag options. You'll fall in love with this darling entrelac knitting pattern.

Entrelac Patterns: Reservoir Mitts by Allyson Dykhuizen

Pattern #3

Reservoir Mitts by Allyson Dykhuizen

These mitts are one of our favorite, truly unique, entrelac patterns. They begin with a panel that forms the back of the hand. Stitches are then picked up from this panel for the palm, wrist ribbing, fingers, and thumb. The wrist ribbing is only on the inside of the wrist; there's a pretty seed stitch band on the entrelac portion of the wrist. These mitts are really neat.

Entrelac Knitting Instructions: Cochin Shrug by Eunny Jang

Pattern #4

Cochin Shrug by Eunny Jang

Worked from side to side, this shrug grows by increasing the size of the entrelac units from the cast-on to the center, where stitches are bound off for one front side. Stitches are cast on for the other front side, and the units are decreased to the original stitch count. The finished shrug resembles a paper lantern or a globe hinged at the equator. This pattern is for those knitters who are fairly comfortable knitting entrelac.

Entrelac Patterns: Curvy Squares Tee by Bonnie Paul

Pattern #5

Curvy Squares Tee by Bonnie Paul

This tee is a departure from traditional entrelac: tiers of squares that grow and shrink in size stack up into a neatly fitted yoke and a flattering built-in shape. This sweater is worked from the top down in the round.

Entrelac Socks by Eunny Jang

Pattern #6

Entrelac Socks by Eunny Jang

Eunny achieves an argyle kilt-sock look with her socks. Knitted from the toe up, these socks combine entrelac, color knitting, and sock knitting techniques that result in a really amazing pair of socks. If you've knit socks and you've got a couple of entrelac projects under your belt, you can definitely knit these!

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Knitting entrelac is fun and rewarding. It can stand on its own in garter or stockinette stitch, or it can provide an interesting framework for other texture or colorwork techniques. This technique lends itself to many different patterns, and we've gathered six here that we think you'll love. We've included a basic scarf pattern, a felted pattern, some beautiful mitts, a lovely shrug, a unique tee, and some fabulous socks!

Entrelac is also a great technique to use with self-striping yarns. The unique construction of entrelac fabric really shows off the color changes in these beautiful yarns. And we've got several patterns in this collection that use self-striping yarn. All six designs are free for Knitting Daily members, be sure you sign up and get them today.

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Follow along entrelac instructions from beginner to more advanced to make your own entrelac masterpieces.

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Free eBook: How to Knit Entrelac Plus 6 Free Entrelac Knitting Patterns

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