Free Guide to Fixing Knitting Mistakes for All Knitters

We’ve often seen knitters who make a mistake in their knitting and don’t know how to fix it. They inevitably end up putting their project aside and either starting another one, or taking a break from knitting altogether. We want you to be able to keep on knitting, so we put together this incredible free guide, showing you some common fixes that every knitter should know about.

All of us need some knitting help every once in a while! You’ll learn how to pick up a dropped stitch, how to undo knitting, and all sorts of other knitting fixes. Have you heard of frogging? It’s simply ripping out your knitting. The term came about because some funny knitters said “Rip it, rip it” while they were unknitting, and they sounded like frogs saying “Ribbit!”

Almost every knitter has taken a trip to the frog pond, but here at Knitting Daily, we think it’s important to know how to fix knitting mistakes without ripping out your entire project. Fix mistakes like a pro when you download your eBook!

Download your free guide to fixing knitting mistakes today!
From knitting backwards to how to pick up a dropped stitch, we have you covered.

Learn essential techniques for fixing knitting mistakes and get knitting help from the experts!

We’ve searched through so many ways to fix your knitting mistakes, and we put our favorite techniques into a free eBook, just for members of Knitting Daily. With 17 techniques in all, you’ll soon be fixing your mistakes like a pro. Download this free guide, print it out, and keep it in your knitting bag. You’ll never wonder how to fix knitting mistakes again! Download this free eBook to get started or keep reading to learn more about what’s included.

From fixing twisted stitches to using a knitting lifeline, from picking up dropped stitches to how to undo knitting, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the techniques you’ll learn in this free ebook:

Laddering Down To Fix A Stitch

Fixing Knitting: Laddering Down to Fix a Stitch

Ripping Out Rows (Frogging)

Tips for Ripping out rows (frogging)

Unknitting (Tinking)

Unknitting (tinking) Instructions

How to Fix A Dropped Stitch

Fixing A Dropped Stitch

Fixing A Split Stitch

Fixing a split stitch

Preventing Twisted Stitches

Preventing twisted stitches

Fixing An Added Yarn Over

Fixing Knitting Mistake: An Added Yarn Over

Using A Knitting Lifeline

Learn About Using A Knitting Lifeline

Preventing Ladders

Tips on Preventing Ladders When Using DPNs

Fixing Mistakes In Color Knitting

How to Fix Mistakes in Color Knitting

Fixing A Mis-Crossed Cable

Learn How to Fix a Mis-Crossed Cable

What are you waiting for? Download your guide to fixing knitting mistakes!

Discover how to pick up a dropped stitch, what frogging knitting is all about, and so much more with this free eBook! Do you know what “tinking” is? Well, “tink” is “knit” spelled backwards, and knitters say they’re tinking when they’re unknitting. In this free download, you’ll learn how to unknit to get back to a mistake, and then you’ll learn how to fix that mistake! Don’t waste another minute being frustrated with mistakes, download this eBook to solve them today.

Learn how to fix knitting mistakes with this free guide.