7 Free Knitting Patterns for Fingerless Gloves and Other Glove Knitting Patterns

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Gloves throughout the ages have been made of all sorts of materials; from the skin of deer, goats, or sheep, or from linen, silk, cotton, or wool. They have been cut and sewn, threadwoven, knotted, and knitted. In addition to their primary functionality to protect, gloves became symbols of loyalty, honor, and integrity, as well as bonds of security. Today knit gloves are celebrated for their utility and style and often call upon the traditions of times past.

To celebrate the knitted gloves of today, we've gathered seven of our favorite patterns for gloves to share with you. Treat your hands to something special with one of the more decadent designs or merge design and functionality with a pair of knit fingerless gloves. We've even included a practical garden glove pattern for the gardeners in your life. From lace to colorwork, simple to stunning, there's a pattern for everyone in this free eBook. Simply enter your email address to download your copy today to get started.

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Find new ways to make and wear gloves with this free knitted gloves pattern eBook.

Lace Glove Pattern: Lace and Twist Gloves Pattern #1

Lace and Twist Gloves by Silka Borgoyne

This knitted gloves pattern has stunning design created by a frame of simple cables in columns of lace. Sock yarn with a blend of wool and bamboo was selected for finesse and refinement to create decadent knit gloves. The perfect luxurious gift for yourself or a loved one, this pattern is one you are sure to turn to again and again.

Knit Gloves Pattern: Layered Turkish Gloves

Pattern #2

Layered Turkish Gloves by Mari Lynn Patrick

Mari Lynn designed these ambidextrous knitted gloves to work with equal comfort on either hand. Worn together or alone, both the knit gloves and undergloves are rich and beautiful. An interpretation of a Turkish sock pattern, the varying background coloration is complemented with the simpler colorwork on the palm and glove. Get both the "over" fingerless gloves knitting pattern and "under" glove pattern in this free eBook.

Garden Glove Knitting Pattern: Uncommon Gardening Gloves

Pattern #3

Uncommon Gardening Gloves by Donna Druchunas

Donna looked in vain for gardening gloves with a comfortable fit, so being the adventurous knitter she is, she tried knitting a pair for herself. She used a washable cotton yarn blended with stretchy elastic to make this glove knitting pattern perfectly suited for gardening. The easy-to-knit side gussets allow lots of room for flexing thumbs, and are quite the ingenious feature of this knit gloves pattern.

Knit Gloves Pattern: Two Color Norwegian Gloves

Pattern #4

Two Color Norwegian Gloves by Nancy Bush

These knit gloves were inspired by a pair with similar patterning in the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum in Decorah, Iowa. Worked in the round, these gloves are made warmer with two layers of yarn, resulting from the intricate two-color patterning. Although the pattern and shaping makes this a challenging project, the end result is work the effort.

Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern: Motley Mitts Pattern #5

Motley Mitts by Lisa Shroyer

Lisa decided to celebrate the knit stitch with a simple knit fingerless gloves pattern. A chunky two-ply with very short color runs is worked in rows of stockinette, forming a subtle hourglass shape with short rows. This hourglass folds over the hand and wrist and is seamed up one side, creating a tailored fit. The short-rows in the pattern are very basic and easy to follow making this a good project for practicing this shaping technique.

Knit Fingerless Gloves: Winter Twilight Mitts

Pattern #6

Winter Twilight Mitts by Laura Rintala

This knit fingerless gloves pattern was inspired by a purple overcast sky showing through the black silhouettes of winter trees. Though she originally planned to knit two at a time, the tension didn't work out, so instead they are worked up separately. Thankfully, the luxurious feel of the yarn made these gloves sheer indulgence to work separately.

Fingerless Knitted Gloves: Little Gems Mitts

Pattern #7

Little Gems Mitts by Donna Kay

This really is a gem of a knitting pattern. The wool yarn will keep your hands warm while still giving you the freedom to move your fingers. Featuring beautiful jewel-tone yarns in eye-popping stranded colorwork, this fingerless knit gloves pattern is bound to become a favorite.

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The history of gloves is one of romance, intrigue, chivalry, and beauty; but long before they acquired these associations, people used gloves to provide warmth and protection. Well-formed gloves were found in the tomb of Egyptian ruler Tutankhamen (circa 1370-1352 B.C.), and wall paintings from Thebes (a city in ancient Egypt) suggest they had a symbolic value beyond their utility. In Europe, until the sixteenth century when forks gained wide acceptance, gloves were often worn by upper-class men and women to keep food off their fingers. The glove, as a symbol of good faith, even played a major role in business dealings in early medieval English history. The history of gloves continues on as a story of rich tradition, one that continues to modern times.

Today's gloves can be as much about function as they can be about fashion. Take the Layered Turkish Gloves, this glove knitting pattern is meant to be rich and beautiful and also allows three different looks depending on which layers you wear. How about the Little Gems Mitts, this fingerless gloves knitting pattern includes stunning colorwork and a little extra warmth thanks to the short fingers. Whether you make one or create all, you're sure to love browsing each free knitting pattern. These glove patterns and more are only a click away, download them today!

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7 Free Knitting Patterns for Fingerless Gloves and Other Glove Knitting Patterns

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