NEW Free Cowl Knitting Pattern Ideas You HAVE to Try

Cowls are quick and fun to knit, and they’re the perfect projects to help you use up small amounts of luxury yarns you might have in your stash. The experts at Knitting Daily gathered 7 exclusive cowl knitting pattern ideas for you to knit that include beginner knitting patterns and even more advanced knitted cowls.

In this free eBook, Knit Cowl Pattern Ideas: 7 Free Knitted Cowl Patterns for Women, you’ll learn how to knit a cowl and get seven luscious designs to try! We’ve got your go-to basic pattern, plus lace and cables, and both long and short cowl designs. Whatever style you are looking for, we’ve got the free cowl knitting pattern for you in this download.

You’ll love working each of these patterns, whether you want to make them for gifts or keep them yourself! If you’re looking for a free knit cowl pattern, look no further than this free download.

7 Free Cowl Knitting Pattern Ideas You Have to Try, from the experts at Knitting Daily.
7 Free Cowl Knitting Pattern Ideas You Have to Try from the experts at Knitting Daily.

Find the perfect cowl with these exclusive, free cowl knitting pattern ideas!

Knitted cowls are some of our favorite accessories. You can make them bulky, lacy, or you can knit up a cabled cowl pattern! You’ll learn lots of knitting techniques as you learn how to knit a cowl, too, from reversible cables to shaping in garter stitch. With this collection of free cowl knitting pattern ideas, you’ll have the perfect variety of patterns to fulfill all your needs. Download all seven designs, choose your yarn, and cast on today.

Perfect beginner knitting pattern that includes a rainbow cowl knitting pattern idea with the garter stitch and self-striping yarn, from Knitting Daily.

Relaxing, Garter Stitch Cowl

Rainbow Cowl by Lisa Shroyer
This Rainbow Cowl is a beginner’s delight, but it’s also a great knitting pattern for any knitter who wants to show off some beautiful self-striping yarn in this knitted cowl pattern. It’s knit in relaxing garter stitch; perfect for knitted gifts!

The Winding River Cowl is a reversible, cabled cowl that you can knit lengthwise, from Knitting Daily.

Reversible, Cabled Cowl

Winding River Cowl by Kathleen Cubley
This cowl knitting pattern is knitted lengthwise and NOT in the round, so you can make it as long as you want. Turn the Winding River into an infinity scarf and make a real statement! Knit this in a super soft yarn, and you’ll never want to take it off.

The Orange Crush Cowl from Knitting Daily made from lace-weight, cashmere yarn that gives this knitted cowl a fabulous drape and is also very cozy and warm.

Easy Cowl with Beautiful Drape

Orange Crush by Kathleen Cubley
The lace-weight, cashmere yarn is knit on larger needles to give this knitted cowl a fabulous drape, and you can crush the cowl down to make a cozy and warm winter accessory proven to keep you warm and happy.

The Winter Sea Cowl from Knitting Daily combines bulky yarn and an openwork stitch to create a beautiful stitch pattern while keeping you warm.

Cushy Cowl–NEW!

Winter Sea Cowl by Marie Segares
Bulky yarn and an openwork stitch work together in the Winter Sea Cowl by Marie Segares. You’ll learn to knit the star stitch, an easy lace pattern that’s quickly memorized. Choose two complementary colors to give your cowl depth and show off the pretty stitch pattern. This cushy cowl will become your winter go-to!

The Amplified Cowl from Knitting Daily is a quick and easy lace knitting project that creates a beautiful knitted cowl.

Easy, Knitted Lace Cowl–NEW!

Amplified Cowl by Kate Gagnon Osborn
Knit on size 10s, Kate Gagnon Osborn’s Amplified Cowl will be done in a jiff. A graphic lace stitch is dramatic when worked in a plush, airy chunky-weight yarn. Slanting blocks of garter stitch plus an eyelet-based pattern make a beautifully textured cowl. This is easy lace knitting at its quickest and most beautiful!

The Rippling Fans Cowl from Knitting Daily is made for hand-dyed yarn and uses knitting in the round techniques.

Hand-Dyed Yarn Knitted Cowl–NEW!

Rippling Fans Cowl by Gladys We
Gladys We’s Rippling Fans Cowl is designed specifically for hand-dyed yarn. Knitting in the round is a great way to control color pooling because the finished piece closely resembles the original skein. Take a look at your hand-dyed yarn and see if you have any special skeins that will work for this cowl!

The Serpentine Cowl from Knitting Daily is created with surprising stitches that create a stunningly textured piece of neckwear.

Bold Knitted Cowl–NEW!

Serpentine Cowl by Angela Hahn
The Serpentine Cowl is created with surprising stitches that create a stunningly textured piece of neckwear. Designer Angela Hahn uses yarnovers to create structure rather than lace, and patterning is worked every round, forming rapid diagonal movement and revealing the bold motif in relatively little space.

This is the ultimate guide for cowl knitting pattern ideas.

Download your copy immediately and start knitting cowls today. With a wide range of free cowl knitting patterns, you’re sure to find one to suit your style. Whether you’ve wanted to learn how to knit a cowl, or if you’re a longtime cowl knitting enthusiast, you’ll find the right knitted cowl pattern for you in this free download.