5 Free Knitted Cowl Patterns

Knitted cowls are so popular, and for good reason: they’re functional and about the most fun patterns to knit. They are generally quick knits, and allow you to use that special yarn you may only have small amounts of.

In this free eBook, Knit Cowl Pattern Ideas: 5 Free Knitted Cowl Patterns for Women, you’ll learn how to knit a cowl and get five luscious designs to try! We’ve got your go-to basic pattern plus lace and cables, and both long and short cowl designs. Whatever style you are looking for we’ve got the free cowl knitting pattern for you in this download.

You’ll love working each of these patterns, whether you want to make them for gifts or keep them for yourself! If you’re looking for a free knit cowl pattern, look no further than this free download.

Grab this free eBook to get all five knitted cowl patterns.
From cables to lace, simple to sassy, find the perfect knit cowl pattern for you.

Find the perfect cowl for you with this collection of free cowl knitting patterns!

Cowls are some of our favorite accessories. You can make them bulky, lacy, or knit up a cabled cowl pattern! You’ll learn lots of knitting techniques as you learn how to knit a cowl, too, from reversible cables to shaping in garter stitch. With this collection of free designs, you’ll have the perfect variety of patterns to fulfill all your needs. Download all five designs, choose your yarn, and cast on today.

Easy Cowl Pattern: Rainbow Cowl by Lisa Shroyer

Pattern #1

Rainbow Cowl by Lisa Shroyer

The Rainbow Cowl is a garter stitch cowl pattern that you are really going to enjoy knitting. It’s quick and easy, and you can use some beautiful self-striping yarn that will give you a lovely finished product. If you’re just learning how to knit a cowl scarf, this is the pattern for you.

Lace Knitted Cowl Pattern: Gobi Cowl by Marlaina Bird

Pattern #2

Gobi Cowl by Marlaina Bird

The Gobi Cowl is a pretty cable and lace pattern. Choose a soft, luscious yarn to make this cowl knit pattern with, and you’ll have a cool-weather accessory that feels wonderful against your skin! Select a beautiful button for the perfect finish.

Cabled Cowl Pattern: Winding River Cowl by Kathleen Cubley

Pattern #3

Winding River Cowl by Kathleen Cubley

The Winding River Cowl is a beautiful cabled cowl pattern. Its reversible cable pattern makes the design easy to wear because there’s no front or back side. The moebius design makes it extra fashionable.

Cabled Cowl Pattern: Corseted Necklet by Sandi Wiseheart

Pattern #4

Corseted Necklet by Sandi Wiseheart

The Corseted Necklet is another cabled cowl pattern, one that has an extra-special twist. Sandi Wiseheart added a beautiful ribbon lacing detail that you’ll love. And this free cowl knitting pattern only takes 170 yards of worsted-weight yarn!

Simple Cowl Knit Pattern: Orange Crush by Kathleen Cubley

Pattern #5

Orange Crush by Kathleen Cubley

The Orange Crush is super-easy knitted cowl pattern. Just cast on and knit in the round for 15 inches, and bind off. The secret is in the yarn you choose. Knit this up in a pure cashmere lace yarn, and it’ll be so soft you’ll never want to take it off.

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Discover an array of techniques with this free cowl knitting pattern eBook, including this lovely lace.