Ideas for Knitting Gifts: 9 Free Patterns for Knitted Gifts to Make

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Knitted gifts are so special. Beginning with choosing the pattern, searching for the perfect yarn, and ending with the actual knitting, so much goes into making knit gifts. Add in the love and care that goes into each stitch, and you've got a really amazing thing.

Knitters search out gifts to make that will express good wishes, are made with love, and chosen with care. We pride ourselves in making a knitted gift that will perfectly suit the giftee, and we enjoy making the gift as much as giving it.

Our new free eBook, Ideas for Knitting Gifts: 9 Free Patterns for Knitted Gifts to Make, is our gift to you! We've included a variety of knitted gift ideas for you—from a holiday knit ball pattern to a lovely lace scarf. Get in the gift making spirit when you download your free eBook!

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From easy knit gifts to something truly special, inspire your gift giving with this collection of free knitted gift ideas!

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Ideas for Knitting Gifts: 9 Free Patterns for Knitted Gifts to Make

With a few patterns for easy knit gifts, plus some that require a little extra time and love, there's something for everyone in this eBook. Download your free patterns right away to get started.

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From scarves to hats, such as this one, you'll find all sorts of knit gifts to make in this eBook.

Knit Ball Ornament: Cabled Globe Ornament

#1: Knitting Gift Ideas, Ornament Pattern

Eunny Jang's Cabled Globe Ornament is the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your gift list. Make several of these knitted ball patterns to decorate a single tree. These would be really special knit in a metallic yarn, too.

Knitted Gifts to Make: Chevron Market Bag

#2: Knitting Gift Ideas, Bag Pattern

Kristen TenDyke's Chevron Market Bag uses a lace pattern instead of the usual plain mesh that you see in most market bags. If you have farmer's market enthusiasts on your list, this is the perfect knitted gift idea.

Knitting Gift Ideas: Winter Twilight Mitts

#3: Knitting Gift Ideas, Mitts Pattern

Laura Rintala's Winter Twilight Mitts are so beautiful. The Fair Isle pattern evokes a stained glass window. The luxurious cashmere yarn is a joy to knit with and a delight to wear; if you need a knitted gift for a young woman, these mitts are perfect.

Knitted Gifts: Slouch Hat

#4: Knitting Gift Ideas, Hat Pattern

Simona Merchant-Dest's Slouch Hat is a wonderful knit. The colorwork will thrill whoever receives this thoughtful gift. If you're looking for really special knitting gift ideas, this hat is a showstopper. You'll have as much fun choosing colors and knitting the Slouch Hat as the giftee will wearing it.

Easy Knitted Gifts: The Two-Color Hat

#5: Knitting Gift Ideas, Hat Patterns

The Two-Color Hat by Andrea Wong is one of those easy knitted gifts that people will think took you hours and hours to make. Equally suited to a man or a woman (or a child), you'll be able to make an entire family of these hats in just a week or two.

Knit Gifts: Juliet Scarf

#6: Knitting Gift Ideas, Scarf Pattern

Louisa Harding's Juliet Scarf is light and airy, knitted in a soft, luxurious angora blend; this knitted gift is very delicate and feminine. Knit it for your aunt or mom she'll love it. A rosette brooch knitted in the same sumptuous yarn and finished with a dainty mother-of-pearl button adds a lovely touch while holding the scarf in place.

Knitted Gift Idea: Nerina Ruched and Ruffled Scarf

#7: Knitting Gift Ideas, Scarf Pattern

The Nerina Ruched and Ruffled Scarf by Kristin Omdahl is one of our most interesting knitted gift ideas. It's cinched with a pair of satin cord drawstrings that are tied with double uni-knots. Drape it loosely around the shoulders for a capelet, or tighten the drawstrings a bit for soft ruffles, or cinch them all the way for a ruffled collar or cowl. This versatile gift will be worn for years.

Knit Gifts: Honeycomb Socks

#8: Knitting Gift Ideas, Socks Pattern

Socks are a wonderfully personal knitted gift to make, The Honeycomb Socks by Katie Himmelberg are fun to knit and to wear. And socks are so useful, too! Just ask the giftee their shoe size and keep them wondering until they open their gift!

Knit Ball Pattern: Nordic Striped Ball

#9: Gift Ideas, Knitted Ball Pattern

What gift collection of knitted gifts would be complete without something for a little one? Lisa Shroyer's Nordic Striped Ball is made by knitting two sides of a ball and joining them together in the middle. It's like knitting two hat tops! This knit ball pattern will become a treasured plaything.

What are you waiting for? Download your free ideas for knit gifts and start making gifts for everyone on your list!

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So much of the fun of knitting gifts is choosing the perfect pattern for the person you're knitting for. We've got 9 free patterns for you, so you should be able to find something for everyone on your list. If you're looking for easy knitted gifts, we've got a quick cabled ornament and a garter stitch ruched scarf. We've got a pair of socks, a knitted ball for a child, and a market bag for the farmer's-market goers. You'll love knitting the two-color hat or the fabulous Fair Isle hat, and we're sure there's someone on your list who would love a beautiful pair of fingerless mitts. This collection of gifts to make really has it all!

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Make a gift for the kids with this knitted ball pattern.

Don't forget to download your free knitted gift ideas eBook.

We hope this collection makes it easy for you to give the gift of knitting to everyone on your list!

Looking for knitted gifts to make? From hats to scarves, mitts to socks, there’s sure to be the perfect pattern for knitting gifts in this free eBook.

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