3 Free Prayer Shawl Patterns You Have to Try

A shawl can be an item of comfort, warmth, and a simple way to show you care. They can be knitted for anyone in need, no matter the season. While the pattern is simply for a shawl, the idea behind prayer shawls is that the knitter can pour compassion and well-wishes into every stitch, literally knitting good will in. Since the focus is to weave your thoughts into each stitch, rather than into complicated lace or cables, a prayer shawl pattern is often simplistic but beautiful.

To honor this expression of goodwill, we created this beautiful free eBook: 3 Free Prayer Shawl Patterns for Reflection and Inspiration. Start with the easy pattern “Simple Prayer Shawl.” The eyelet border adds interest without making the shawl complicated. The “Lacy Prayer Shawl” is a variation of the first, but with an added column of eyelets built into the center of the knitted shawl pattern. The third, “Comfort Shawl,” is still a quick knit, but has even more embellishments built in. Prayer shawl patterns are a great way to express your emotions while enhancing your basic knitting skills, and we hope you enjoy all three! Start your own knitted prayer shawls today when you download this free eBook!

Must-try, free prayer shawl patterns from Knitting Daily.
Must-try, free prayer shawl patterns from Knitting Daily.

If you like shawls, then you’ll LOVE these knitted prayer shawl patterns.

What are you waiting for? Whether you are looking for a simple design or knitted shawl patterns with extra embellishment, this eBook has something for you. Download your three knitted prayer shawl patterns and get started today! Best of all, these shawl patterns are available for FREE!

Free and easy prayer shawl pattern to knit from Knitting Daily.

Easy-as-Pie Shawl Pattern

Simple Prayer Shawl by Kathleen Cubley
This easy-as pie shawl pattern includes a built in eyelet border for texture and interest. A cashmere merino silk blend was selected for a luxurious feel and extra comfort. Repeat the simple two row pattern until the desired size is reached, then bind off and block to bring out the eyelet design.

Knitted lace prayer shawl pattern free from Knitting Daily.

Lace Prayer Shawl

Lacy Prayer Shawl by Kathleen Cubley
For this shawl, four rows are worked up followed by a simple two row repeat until the desired size is reach, which makes the pattern incredibly easy to remember and take with you. Along with the prayer shawl instructions you’ll find a tutorial on creating optional crochet picot border for an extra touch.

Try out this soft and cozy prayer shawl pattern from Knitting Daily.

Soft and Cozy Shawl

Comfort Shawl Pattern by Sandi Wiseheart
This soft, beautiful shawl is an incredibly flexible pattern, you can chose the yarn and needle size as you like to create a shawl of any size. Work until the desired length is reached, then add the lace border for a special touch to this prayer shawl pattern.

You have to knit these free and incredible knitted prayer shawls that will be a cozy addition to your knitwear!

With every stitch in prayers shawls, you send love and well wishes to the recipient. The gift of a knitted prayer shawl is one that will be appreciated and cherished. If you have been searching for a great pattern to work up into prayer shawls, look no further than this free eBook.

In this collection, we’ve gathered three free shawl knitting patterns to inspire knitters of all abilities. The patterns are intended to be very simplistic, allowing for the knitter to focus on the emotions of knitting, rather than a complicated pattern. Each was designed with room for personalization, giving the knitter the choice of yarn, needle size, and final dimensions. So what are you waiting for? Download your free eBook today!