Knitting Scarves for All Seasons: 7 Free Scarf Knitting Patterns

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Do you like collecting knitted scarf patterns? Me, too! I am always on the lookout for scarf knitting patterns of all lengths and design, such as a lace scarf pattern or a fun spiral scarf with metallic yarn that can add just a slight bit of twinkle to a neutral colored dress. Unique knitted scarf patterns are in high demand during this time of year. To celebrate the holidays, we have culled together seven free scarf knitting patterns. Knitting scarves has become a holiday tradition for me and my family with orders being sent to me as we speak! To keep things interesting, I use different knitting patterns for scarves every year, which is why I chose this collection of seven free scarf patterns for you! Enjoy the variety and happy knitting.

~ Kathleen Cubley, editor of Knitting Daily

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Knitted scarves are one of our favorite accessories. Make it big and bulky, light and lacy, it's up to you. With this collection of free scarf patterns, you'll have the perfect variety of patterns to fulfill all your needs. From a feminine lace scarf pattern and color block quilt scarf, to a knit scarf pattern you can custom for anyone, this collection is sure to become one of your favorites. Download all seven designs, grab your yarn and needles, and start knitting today!

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Knit Scarf Pattern #1: The Spiral Scarf

Knitting Patterns for Scarves #1
The Spiral Scarf

Laura Bryant's design appears to be in constant motion, giving the wearer a vibrant look even during one of the most exhausting times of the season. This is one of our fun scarf knitting patterns that makes the art of knitting scarves so addictive! Laura used cushy merino yarn with short-rows to make the wedge shapes that cause the scarf to spiral as it is knit. Use an angora yarn between the wedges to add a wisp of softness.

Scarf Pattern #2: The Rittenhouse Scarf

Knitting Patterns for Scarves #2
The Rittenhouse Scarf

Marilyn Murphy's knitted scarf pattern design is a fun, fast knit that is reversible! It is worked in single rib that grows into cables, then working in two halves from the center making the ends identical. It's a perfect gift for college students who like to show off their school colors.

Free Scarf Patterns #3: The Wavy Orange Scarf

Knitting Patterns for Scarves #3
The Wavy Orange Scarf

This design is a fun lace scarf pattern created by Rebecca L. Daniels. It is a version of the popular feather and fan stitch, knit lengthwise. This scarf pattern is perfect for a mother-daughter teaching project. It's not only easy to knit, it takes just the right amount of time to complete that maintains a beginner's enthusiasm.

Knitting Scarves #4: The Modern Quilt Wrap

Knitting Patterns for Scarves #4
The Modern Quilt Wrap

If you're looking for colorful knitted patterns for scarves, Mags Kandis' wrap is the perfect solution and a great way to show off your talent. Created square by square in the easy and satisfying mitered-square method of color knitting, it is a conversation starter at any event and one of our most popular knitted scarf patterns.

Lace Scarf Pattern #5: The Juliet Scarf

Knitting Patterns for Scarves #5
The Juliet Scarf

If you love knitting scarves Louisa Harding's lace scarf pattern offers a unique addition—a little rosette brooch—included in this addition to our easy scarf knitted patterns. The brooch is created separately and attached via a pin. You can create several different colored rosette brooches, making it unique to your outfit and mood!

Knitting Patterns Scarves #6: The Blooming Cotton Scarf

Knitting Patterns for Scarves #6
The Blooming Cotton Scarf

Challenge yourself with Eunny Jang's blooming scarf, one of the no-finish fringe knitting patterns for scarves, made by cutting and raveling edge stitches. This is color knitting at its best. It's knit in the round using a combination of knit and slipped stitches, slipped and stretched over two rows. It's a great gift for lifting spirits during a non-colorful winter season.

Easy Scarf Knitting Patterns #7: Building Block Scarves

Knitting Patterns for Scarves #7
Building Block Scarves

Sarah Hoadle's design is a great addition to this eBook offering of free scarf patterns. It is one of our most popular easy scarf knitting patterns and it comes in two sizes. It is knit with mitered corners and center graft line, worked in the round from the outside in. This is another great project for mom-daughter or grandmother-granddaughter. Pick two contrasting colors to really make the mitered corners stand out.

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Of all the knitting patterns, scarves are truly a knitter's staple. They're wonderful gifts, fabulous stash-busters, and a fun way to work with new stitch patterns and yarns. These seven free scarf knitting patterns offer a range of difficulty from easy scarf knitting patterns to challenging (and fun!) patterns. I know you will find at least one knit scarf pattern, most likely two or three, that will strike your fancy! Whichever scarf pattern you choose, just remember that scarves are incredible designer accessories. Most of all, we hope you enjoy these free knitted scarf patterns and you'll keep them as part of your collection.

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Knitting Scarves for All Seasons: 7 Free Scarf Knitting Patterns

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