Mattress Stitch Seam

Knitting Daily Stitch Guide

With RS of knitting facing, use threaded needle to pick up one bar between first two stitches on one piece (Figure 1), Mattress Stitch Fig 1
then corresponding bar plus the bar above it on other piece (Figure 2). Mattress Stitch Fig 2
*Pick up next two bars on first piece, then next two bars on other (Figure 3). Repeat from * to end of seam, finishing by picking up last bar (or pair of bars) at the top of first piece. Mattress Stitch Fig3

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10 thoughts on “Mattress Stitch Seam

  1. OMG! I don’t remember Marta McCall’s gorgeous Weekend Getaway Satchel, but you can bet your bottom dollar I’m going to dig out my fall IK and find it. I WANT THAT BAG!!!

  2. I have the issue with the Getaway Satchel, but now the question is where can I find the pattern for the bag you pictured in THIS post called Floral Felted Bag?

  3. I’ve been searching high and low and I cannot find my copy of the issue with the Weekend Satchel in it . . . and the issue is not listed for sale in back issues. That magazine is in this house somewhere, but where?

  4. oh, my gosh! i was one of those red boots fans who wrote to the mag. svenbeach sells all the european sven clogs out of their store in california. and i was on the phone with them just a day after your nice editor wrote me back with the info!!!

  5. I also fell in love with the photo of the Weekend Getaway Bag. But I’m making the bag because I already own bright red Wellingtons just like the boots in the picture. Who knew my walk-the-dog-on-rainy-days boots which sit in the garage would suddently become hot!
    I also own the Israeli made clear plastic boots so one can show off handmade socks but that’s another story.

  6. Help! I noticed a woman in my local knitting shop with a printout. She was buying yarn for a small bag with slot handles. I have searched to no avail. Is there help out there?