Reading Charts

Reading Charts

Unless otherwise indicated, read charts from the bottom up. On right-side rows, read charts from right to left. On wrong side rows, read charts from left to right. When knitting in the round read charts from right to left for all rows.

What does "no stitch" mean?

A "no-stitch" box is just a placeholder; it does not represent an actual stitch. It simply makes room on the chart for an increase or a decrease in the next row/round. Think of it this way: If you decrease a stitch in Row 1, you have one less stitch in Row 2. Charts are boxy and linear, so in order to make the little boxes line up properly (and to keep the roadmap clear so you can visualize the pattern), that "lost stitch" is greyed out in Row 2. (The reverse is also true: If you increase, you will have a new stitch in Row 2 that was not there in Row 1–so Row 1 may need a grey "not-there-yet-but-will-be-soon" placeholder box.) Just skip that greyed-out little no-stitch rascal. Ignore it. "It's just there to make the chart square.".

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2 thoughts on “Reading Charts

  1. No offense intended but that didn’t help learning charts an eensy bit I would love to learn charts for knitting but put one in front of me you might as well write the chart in latin and from the knitting forum I am on the vast majorities of knitters are frustrated by charts because there is no easy way to learn only an easy way to go bald from tearing hair out!!!!