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Tubular Cast-On

With contrasting waste yarn, use the backward loop method (see below) to cast on half the number of stitches required, plus one. Cut waste yarn. Continue with working yarn. Row 1: K1, *bring yarn to front to form a yarnover, k1 (Figure 1). Repeat from *. Row 2: K1, *bring yarn to front, slip 1 purlwise, bring yarn to back, k1 (Figure 2). Repeat from *. Row 3: Bring yarn to front, *slip 1 purlwise, bring yarn to back, k1, bring yarn to front. Repeat from * to last stitch, slip last stitch. Work Rows 2 and 3 once more, then work k1, p1 ribbing as desired. Remove waste yarn after a few rows of ribbing.


Fig. 1                                                                                                Fig. 2

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