Knitting Daily Stitch Guide


With right side of work facing and working one stitch in from the edge, bring threaded needle out from back to front along edge of knitted piece.

Whipstitch fig 1

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2 thoughts on “Whipstitch

  1. I find it touching that the small pieces of ourselves go on, even in a terrible situation. Laura’s knitting probably reminds her of home, and helps to keep her grounded in who she was before war.
    I wonder if Laura, or any other medical or psychological personnel in the military for that matter, have thought of the theraputic benefits of knitting? I heard a story on the radio this morning saying that the Army needs lots of psychologists for returning soldiers here in the US. It would be interesting to investigate “knitting as therapy” for some of these soldiers, as a companion to the obvious need for talking therapy and medication. Just a thought, from a knitter who calms down the moment she picks up needles. 🙂

  2. in the ibfamous teacher lounge we once had some little stick-on circles that you put on your hand to determine stress level……….i could turn mine the highest calm level by knitting…leeann