How to Cast-On Knitting & Bind-Off Expert, Free Guide

Starting a new knitting project is so exciting! We want to grab our yarn, pattern, and needles and just go. But you may want to take a moment to consider your cast-on before you start. Choosing the right technique can enhance the success of a project. For example, you might want more flexible cast-on for a pullover sweater, the ability to keep live stitches for later using the crochet cast-on, or a decorative cast-on for a baby blanket. Whatever you’re casting-on, there’s a technique for you in our free eBook.

If you’re wondering how to cast-off knitting, we can help you there, too! We’ve got six bind-offs in the eBook, including the standard bind-off and a more loose bind-off method. If you need a bind-off, it’s here.

This incredible resource will help you learn all sorts of techniques for casting-on knitting, plus top ways for casting-off knitting, so you can be successful with every knitting pattern you knit. Download all 13 techniques today, free! It’s a must-read before you begin your next pattern!

Learn how to cast-on knitting, and how to bind-off for a perfect finish in this free eBook.
Get expert knitting advice & learn two provisional cast-on techniques with this free download.

Learning how to cast-on knitting and binding-off are some of the most important knitting techniques to know, and this free expert guide will help you learn them!

These two skills that are some of the most crucial for knitters to know because they lay the foundation for all the hard work that goes between starting and ending. We hope this free guide, The Essentials of Casting-on and Binding-Off will help you learn the best methods to make your knitting projects even better.

Cast-On/Bind-Off Section #1: Cast-Ons

Backward Loop Cast-On: Use this one when you need to add stitches in the middle of a row, such as when you’re inserting a buttonhole.

Knitted Cast-On: If you can work the knit stitch, you already know how to do this cast-on! The knitted cast-on is also great for adding stitches in the middle of a row.

Provisional Cast-On: We’ve got two provisional cast-on methods for you: the Crochet Cast-On and the Invisible Cast-On. Both are very useful to have in your knitting tool kit.

Long-Tail Cast-On: This is probably the most used knitting cast-on. It’s general purpose and provides a strong, dependable cast-on.

Cable Cast-On: If you like a pretty, sturdy cast-on, this is the one for you. And you don’t have to estimate tail-length!

Old-Norwegian Cast-On: This cast on is very similar to the Long-Tail Cast-On, but it’s a little looser. It’s a good, all-purpose knitting cast-on.

Channel Island Cast-On: This cast on is fun to work and it leaves a little picot-like edge.

Get all these cast-on knitting methods with this free guide.

Cast-On/Bind-Off Section #2: Bind-Offs

Standard Bind-Off:This is the knitting bind-off that you probably use most often. It’s a workhorse technique, but be careful not to pull too tight as you bind off your stitches.

Sewn Bind-Off:If you’re wondering how to cast-off loosely, use this bind-off. It’s great for shawls or toe-up socks.

Suspended Bind-Off:This bind-off is similar to the Standard Bind-Off, but it’s a little stretchier.

Three-Needle Bind-Off:Use this technique when you want to join shoulder seams, or when making home décor such as pillow covers. It’s a strong, durable bind-off.

Tubular Bind-Off:This is a beautiful bind-off to use when you’re knitting ribbing. It’s great for hats!

I-Cord Bind-Off:We love this one! It leaves a rounded, cord-like edge, which is a nice, neat finish for pockets, collars, hems, and so on.

Learn how to cast-off knitting with each of these techniques, plus a few more.

What are you waiting for? Download your free guide to casting-on knitting and binding-off techniques!

For many knitters, there’s been one way to cast-on knitting, and one way you’ve always cast-off knitting patterns. Knowing these basic techniques is vital, but there are many other methods to use that might better fit the needs that particular pattern.

This free guide is dedicated to showing you the common and uncommon ways to start and end your knitting. We’ve done all the work searching through the options, and put our top picks into a free eBook, just for members of Knitting Daily. Discover casting-on knitting techniques to cover just about any pattern you can imagine, then how to bind-off knitting for the perfect finish, all with this free eBook!

With 13 techniques in all, you’ll be an expert in no time! Download this free guide to how to cast-on knitting plus casting-off knitting methods, and get started today!

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Cast-on knitting and bind-off knitting methods are demystified in this free infographic that shows a total of eight cast-ons and bind-offs methods from Knitting Daily.