How to Knit Socks: Free Sock Patterns and Instructions

Do you want to learn how to knit socks? Have no fear, we have what you’ll need here!

With this free eBook you’ll find everything you need to get started knitting socks. First you’ll discover the anatomy of a sock, from the cuff to the toe. Then, we’ll get into sock knitting with explanations for each step. Then jump right into your very first design with our easy sock knitting pattern, where you’ll cast on, knit the leg, learn how to knit a sock heel, then finish all the way to the toe. Knit from worsted-weight yarn, you’ll get these socks done in no time, all while learning sock-knitting basics. Then, sock knitting master Ann Budd will show you how to knit toe-up socks. Her toe-up sock knitting pattern is included here, too. With this free guide you’ll learn to knit socks with confidence, whether from the toe-up or top-down.

Now there’s no reason you shouldn’t try socks. Download your free eBook and get started knitting socks today.

All about how to knit socks for beginners, you'll learn everything to get started knitting socks.
By the time you're done with the tutorials, you'll be able to knit socks like these!

Learn about knitting socks from the toe-up and top-down with help from the experts!

Whether you prefer knitting socks on circular needles or DPNs (we’ll go over both), knitting for your first or your 20th pair of socks, you’ll love this helpful guide and free patterns. From instructions on top-down and toe-up sock patterns, to how to knit a sock heel, this eBook has a little bit of everything for the sock knitter in us all.

Learn all about the parts of a sock, including how to knit a sock heel the easy way.

Part 1

The Anatomy of a Sock

With this helpful article you’ll get a visual tour of a knit sock, from the cuff to the heal turn to the instep. Understanding these terms will definitely help you through knitting socks toe-up or top-down.

Get this easy sock knitting pattern, perfect for the beginner!

Part 2

Let’s Knit a Sock!

Now let the fun begin! When it comes to learning how to knit socks, for beginners especially, the best thing to do is actually knit a sock. With big needles and worsted weight yarn, this top-down knitting pattern is perfect for any knitter to practice sock knitting with.

Next, discover how to knit toe-up socks, including a helpful cast-on and bind-off.

Part 3

Working Socks from the Toe Up by Ann Budd

Next, join sock knitting master Ann Budd for a lesson on how to knit toe-up socks. You learn all about knitting socks toe-up along with the Eastern Cast-On and the sewn bind off.

You'll be on your toes with these free sock patterns.

Part 4

On-Your-Toes Socks by Ann Budd

Take the final leap in to the world of socks with this toe-up sock pattern from Ann Budd. Take everything you learned from her socks toe-up article, and apply them to this beautiful pattern.

What are you waiting for? Download your free eBook and learn to knit socks today!

With this free eBook you’ll get everything you need to learn how to knit a sock, plus get two free sock patterns to try. With pictures and detailed tutorials you’ll learn step-by-step how to make hand knit socks. You’ll love the first easy sock knitting pattern, which is a quick, large-gauge pattern perfect for beginners. Then follow the tutorial on knitting socks from the toe-up, and try the second pattern (one of our most popular). These instructions will get you on your way to knitting socks from the top-down and from the toe-up. You’ll learn all about sock knitting and see why so many knitters fall in love with socks. It’s addicting. Get it all today when you download this free guide!

Learn how to knit a sock, how to make it last, and much more with this free guide.