Cable Knitting at Peak Performance

The Nakai Peak knit hat is perfect for cable knitting lovers!
Nakai Peak Hat (get the kit!)

When I was the managing editor at The Mountaineers Books several years ago, many of the authors I worked with were climbers, long-distance hikers, bikers, and so forth. These people were FIT. They worked hard and were passionate about their sports, and that effort paid off to make them experts in the activities they loved.

I’ve been working on a cabled blanket made up of 20 squares, all with different cable motifs. Some are harder than others, and as I progress through the squares, my cable knitting (and chart reading!) is becoming better and better. I’m in training, if you will, for an all-over cable cardigan that I’m going to cast-on at my knitting retreat this fall, and my confidence is growing.

I’m a pretty good cable knitter, but I haven’t done anything challenging in the last year or so, and this blanket exercise is really getting me in cabling shape. Is that a thing? I think so. Practice really does make perfect, and this experience is teaching me that lesson again. I learned it for the first time as a child taking piano lessons, with my parents nagging me to practice all the time. I did really well at a recital, and that’s when the practice = (nearly) perfect theory clicked for me.

Since I’m knee deep in Operation Cable-Knitting-Skill-Building, I ordered the Nakai Peak Hat Kit. It’s a gorgeous combination of cable patterns and orangy fall goodness.

Gorgeous Nakai Peak cable knitting hat pattern. Knit it this fall!
The Nakai Peak Hat: fall color meets beautiful cables

This unisex hat is a great pattern if you’re in the mood to practice your cable knitting. You’ll sharpen your skills as you knit, and you’ll end up with this gorgeous hat!

I encourage you to expand your knitting expertise with this method; knit a Fair Isle Hat if you have a large Fair Isle project on the horizon. Knit intarsia mittens if you have a sweater in your queue. You get the picture.

The Nakai is the hat for fall. It’s slouchy, cabled, and knit from lovely yarn—the trifecta of hat knitting, if you ask me. Get your Nakai Kit today and start your cable-knitting training program!



P.S. What knitting technique would you like to go to training camp for? Leave a comment and let me know!









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3 thoughts on “Cable Knitting at Peak Performance

  1. Would like to see the cabled blanket you are working on. it sounds pretty good for getting back into cables. Are you working from a pattern?
    Linda Krehbiel

  2. In the article you wrote about being in training and the Nakai hat you mentioned a cable blanket you are working on. I would really love to know more about the blanket and if there is a pattern for it. I am learning to cable and making squares and then a blanket to learn the different ways sounds a lot more fun than making practice swatches! Please let me know : )
    Thank you,