How to Measure Waist, Hips, and More: A Free Guide to Finding Your Knitting Measurements

There’s nothing worse than knitting a sweater and finding out it doesn’t fit. This could literally be a knitter’s worst nightmare. Lucky you, we’re here to help your garment knitting be a dream come true and banish that nightmare forever. There are several things that help with fitting, including choosing the correct size, knowing how to read a schematic, and perhaps the most important, measuring yourself accurately.

Even small miscalculations can make the difference between picking the right size, or possibly the wrong one. With this free guide by your side you’ll learn how to correctly get almost any body measurement you’d need for knitting. Begin with a handy worksheet, which shows you exactly how to measure waist, hips, bust, shoulders and more. Or, follow along as we show how to use your favorite sweaters to find your bust measurement and other important garment dimensions. Between these two methods you’ll be able to gather a complete set of knitting measurements that will help you knit to fit.

Also in this free guide are important tutorials on measuring a curve, understanding ease, and how to read a schematic. Finally, be sure to check out the CYCA chart of standard women’s measurements, which provides a starting point on which to base your own custom measurements. Now that you have all this information, you’ll be ready to pick one of four beautiful patterns included with this guide, to get started knitting.

With this free guide to finding fit, you’ll know how to size your knitting correctly the first time, every time. Download your copy of How to Measure Waist, Hips, and More: A Free Guide to Finding Your Knitting Measurements!

Get this free guide to learn how to measure waist, hips, bust and more.
Finding your knitting measurements is just about the most important step in starting a sweater, learn how then choose one of these free patterns to knit!

Where to measure hips? And how about bust and waist? This free guide will help you answer all your questions about sizing and finding fit!

This eBook of knitting measurement instruction and four free sweater knitting patterns is perfect for any knitter, from beginner to advanced. Sweaters use all sorts of measurements, and this free guide will not only show you how to measure hips and waist, but also bust, shoulders and more so your finished garments fit your body exactly. These professional instructions will help you choose the perfect pattern size with confidence. What are you waiting for? Download your free eBook now!

After you find your bwh measurements, knit the beautiful Henley Perfected by Connie Chang Chinchio.

Section #1

Measurement Worksheets, Measuring a Curve, Ease, and CYCA Chart

In this section, we’ll give you a whole lot of useful information on measuring and getting the right fit. With the measurement worksheets you’ll measure for the three standards: bust, waist, hips (aka bwh measurements), plus learn where to find any other dimensions a pattern might call for. Next learn how to measure a curve, understand what ease is, use the CYCA standards chart, and even learn to read a knitting schematic.

After you find your bwh measurements, knit the beautiful Henley Perfected by Connie Chang Chinchio.

Pattern #1

Henley Perfected by Connie Chang Chinchio

A delicate lace pattern and stockinette in just the right quantities, in just the right yarn, makes a beautifully versatile pullover.

Learn how to measure hips, waist, bust and more then you'll be ready to knit this Refined Aran Cardigan by Pam Allen.

Pattern #2

Refined Aran Cardigan by Pam Allen

This designer likes little fitted jackets, especially if they’re knitted. You’re sure to love knitting this fitted jacket complete with pockets.

Finding your waist and bust measurement are key to getting good fit with the Manicougan Pullover by Alex Capshaw-Taylor.

Pattern #3

Manicouagan Pullover by Alex Capshaw-Taylor

A unique pullover with deep placket and an allover cable-drop-stitch pattern, the Manicouagan Pullover sports a rugged gleam thanks to the nettle-wool blend of the yarn.

Great for every size, learn how to take your measurements for bust, waist, hips and knit the Farrington Pullover by Eunny Jang.

Pattern #4

Farrington Pullover by Eunny Jang

This pattern is written especially for plus-size knitters. The mock V-neck draws the eye to the face; it’s such a lovely highlight in a simple sweater.

Learn where to measure waist, hips, bust and more, plus get all four patterns, with this free guide!

Many of us assume we know our measurements, but in reality, we all need to measure ourselves carefully every year, or if anything about our bodies has changed (weight loss or gain, illness, pregnancy, change in height, and so on).

Our free eBook will help you with not only with finding measurements for your waist and hips but with other measuring necessities in knitting, such as how to measure bust sizes correctly. You’ll learn how to measure one of your favorite garments and use those measurements to guide you in choosing a size. We’ll explain the concept of ease, introduce you to a measurement chart and show you how to read it, and show you how to read a knitting schematic.

We’ll also introduce you to our exclusive Waist Shaping Calculator! And finally, we’ve got four beautiful patterns for you to knit, so you can put your new knitting measurement skills to work! Making knits that fit is a goal of every knitter, and we’re here to help you achieve that goal! Grab a copy of this exclusive free guide for yourself

If you've ever struggled to get the right fit, have no fear. This free guide will help you learn what measurements to take and how for waist, hips, bust and more.