Call for Entries: Jane Austen Knits 2015

Jane Austen Knits

We’re delighted to announce that Interweave will publish a new edition of Jane Austen Knits in Fall 2015. The publication will continue to offer imaginative and wearable garments inspired by Jane Austen, her characters, and her time; the lush atmosphere of the Regency garden, manor, town, and country; and diverse articles about life in Austen’s time and Austenites in today’s world. We invite you to submit your ideas for knitting patterns and articles for the new issue.

About Jane Austen Knits

While there is very little evidence that Jane Austen actually was a knitter, it is likely that she was, given the time she lived and her circumstances. Whether you consider yourself a committed Janeite and are steeped in the literature or have just caught a movie or two based on her novels, we’re interested in your interpretations, reflections, and inspirations based on Austen’s works.

Jane Austen Knits is a knitting magazine inspired by the works of Jane Austen and the Regency era but appealing to knitters of our day and age. To get a feel for the publication’s aesthetic, take a look at past Jane Austen Knits issues.

Like our sister publications Interweave Knits, Interweave Crochet, PieceWork, Spin-Off, and Knitscene, we will present beautifully finished projects, accompanied by clear step-by-step instruction. Projects can range from quick but intriguing items that can be accomplished in a weekend to complex patterns that may take months to complete.

In addition to patterns, the magazine will include stories and articles of interest to Jane Austen aficionados, primarily focused on knitting (but we’ll also be interested in holding the attention of anyone who crafts and loves Jane Austen).

Things to remember

Jane Austen (1775-1817) lived and wrote during the England’s Regency era (1795-1837). Austen is spelled with an e, not an i. (Spelling her name properly shows attention to detail, which we like.) See the Recommended Reading list below.

Possible knitting designs

  • Historically accurate knitted items-reticules, spencers, shawls, miser bags, carriage boots, etc.
  • Simple and practical knitted garments for our modern age, but inspired by Jane.
  • Character-based garments or items.
  • Garments for women, men, and children. We are especially interested in accessories.


Please submit your ideas by Friday, February 6, 2014. Include the Jane Austen Knits submission form with your entry. All written queries and all submissions for the magazine should be sent to:

Jane Austen Knits 2015
4868 Innovation Drive
Fort Collins, CO 805275


Contributor Guidelines for Jane Austen Knits

  • We expect that the project you ask us to consider has not been published nor is it presently submitted elsewhere. If any part of your submission has been published previously, please let us know when and by whom. (This includes photographs on your blog or on social networking sites.)
  • If we have not worked with you before, please include a few words about yourself to help us to get a feel for your sensibilities; if you are a new designer, don’t worry-we’re always looking for new talent and will not turn you away because you don’t have a lot of professional experience.
  • Please label each sheet in your package with your name and all forms of contact information.
  • Remember that your submission is a representation of who you are and how you work. If you send us a thoughtful, neat, and well-organized submission, we are likely to be intrigued.

Knitted Designs

  • Send a detailed proposal-generous swatch, yarn ideas, written description, and sketches-that will give us a clear idea of what to expect in a finished piece. If we accept your proposal, and once we’ve discussed any editorial adjustments to the project concept and agreed on the details, you will begin work on the project and instructions.
  • Include your thoughts about the yarn choice (i.e., “This top relies on a fluid, inelastic yarn to make the blouson-waist drape properly. A linen or bamboo in worsted or lighter weight would be ideal”). Full yarn support is provided, and final yarn selection is at the discretion of the editors
  • Include a realistic schematic. If a garment employs a unique construction or shape, illustrate how the pieces go together and how they work on the body.
  • Submission materials for projects we cannot accept will be returned, but submission evaluation may take some time. Do not send items that need to be returned immediately. We cannot be responsible for loss or damage of items submitted for proposal.


We are interested in articles of all lengths on a broad range of topics related to crafting and Jane Austen’s work. Send a brief description, an outline, and a sample paragraph or two. Also include details of the imagery and illustration you foresee accompanying the article. If the proposal is accepted, and once we’ve made any adjustments to the concept and agreed on the details, you will begin work on the article.

Acceptance and Payment

Receipt of your submission will be promptly acknowledged, but we may not be able to make a decision about its use right away. Please be patient. At the earliest, expect to hear from the Jane Austen Knits editors about six weeks after submissions materials are due.

For accepted submissions, we license for exclusive first-time publication rights and subsequent nonexclusive rights for use in print, electronic, or other Interweave publications and promotions. You retain the copyright to the original work. For designs, we also offer additional digital rights: If you elect, publisher exercises the right, but not the obligation, to sell the published design through our pattern store. You receive a royalty on patterns sold online; non-exclusivity still applies. Upon acceptance of your work and before your work is published, you will receive a contract stating the terms of acceptance for you to sign. All payments are made in U.S. funds upon publication.

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