Knitscene Winter 2007/Spring 2008 Corrections

The editorial staff of Knitscene carefully reviewed this issue, attempting to ensure that all of the information presented was correct and complete. Unfortunately, a few errors made it into print. We apologize for any inconvenience these errors may have caused you.


Papillion Top, page 66

The schematic was omitted in the magazine; download this pdf to view.

Calyx Handtote, page 85

Under “Bag Handle”, first “Next row”: The repeat should be *yo, k2tog; rep from * to end. Before felting, sew the facing down.


Fall 2007 Corrections


Teardrop Scarves, page 74

Row 16: Yo, k2tog, k1, [yo, k2tog] 7 times, yo, *k2tog, yo; rep from to last 17 sts, k16, PB.

Row 24: Yo, [k2tog] 2 times, [yo, k2tog] 4 times, k1, *yo, k2tog; rep from * to last 14 sts, k13, PB.

Row 32: Yo, [k2tog] 2 times, k1, *yo, k2tog; rep from * to last 6 sts, k5, PB.

Fishtail Tunic, page 80
Lace BorderRow 5: K2tog wyf, k2, yo, p2tog, k2, yo 2 times, p2tog, yo 2 times, p3tog, k1, [yo, p2tog] 4 times, yo, k1, k1tbl–26 sts.

Row 9: K2tog wyf, k2, yo, p2tog, k2, yo 2 times, p3tog, *yo 2 times, p3tog; rep from* once, k1, [yo, p2tog] 4 times, yo, k1, k1 tbl—29 sts.

Ribby Retro Socks, page 88
Under “Heel flap”
Row 1 (RS) *Sl 1, k1; rep from * across all sts on Needles 4 and 1, working them onto a single needle (heel needle), turn.  Heel is worked on these sts only.

Cable and Steel
(instructions page 54)
Rep Rows 28-35 until piece measures 34″ from start of cable, ending with a Row 27 after a cable row.

(instructions on page 56)

On page 58, under Body, after Inc rnd the instructions should read:

Work Rnds 1-2 of mesh patt 25 times – 50 rows total in patt.

Next rnd Purl.