Knitscene Corrections 2012

Knitscene Corrections 2012

Grays Ferry Cowl, page 60
Chart key: Work the increases in the chart pattern as M1, not k1f&b.

Kennedy Sweater, page 62
Cable Panel Chart: see revised chart here.

Gypsy Petticoat, page 83
Yarn amount change: 2 skeins of D for all sizes.

Serpentine Hat, page 87
Chart A has been corrected to take out the extra stitch in row 7. Revised chart here.

Huntress Shawl, page 86
Left Side of the shawl, for Row 1 and all WS rows, it should say “K2, purl to last 3 sts, K3.”

Perpetua Shawl, page 50
The chart key now includes the symbol for “No Stitch”. No changes in the charts themselves. Revised chart with new key here.

Maryse Cowl, page 68.
Corrected Chart here.

Sideways Ripples Shawl, pages 56-57.
The marker on the last WS row before each Short-row Section should be placed at the beginning of the row, instead of at the end. For example, the last WS row before Section 1 should read “K26, pm, knit to end,” instead of “Knit to last 26 sts, pm, knit to end.”
The last WS row before Short-row Section 18 should read, “Next row (WS) K8, pm, knit to end.”

Replace Short-rows 1–6 of Short-row Section 18 with:
Short-row 1 (RS) Knit to m, remove m, wrap next st, turn.
Short-row 2 (WS) P8, pm, purl to last 2 sts, k2.
Short-rows 3–5 Rep Short-rows 1 and 2 once more then work Short-row 1 once more.
Short-row 6 Purl to last 2 sts, k2.

Supernova Cowl, page 109
Marker should be moved at beginning of chart Row 9, instead of Row 1. Instructions are corrected as follows:

“…work Rows 1–8 of Lace chart once. Remove m, sl 1 pwise with yarn in back, pm for new beg of rnd. Work chart Rows 9 and 10. Rep Rows 1–10 of Lace chart 4 more times, moving m as before at beg of Row 9 of chart.”