7 Free Knitted Blanket Patterns & Knitted Afghan Patterns

No matter the time of year, it’s always handy to have a handmade blanket to pull out at moment’s notice. For the summer months, they can be your escape from the cooler, drafty conditions indoors; while in the winter they can provide refuge and warmth from the crisp air outside. We love to get cozy in our favorite afghans and wanted to share some of this knitterly inspiration with you.

In this free eBook, Cozy Knitted Blanket Patterns: 7 Free Afghan Knitting Patterns, you’ll discover a variety of styles and patterns to spark your creativity. You’ll find a stunning counterpane bedspread, a beautiful lacy afghan with an easy-to-memorize repeat, a classic Aran blanket, and a colorful mosaic afghan. Also inside this newly expanded collection is a colorful quilt with pieces that you can seam as you go, a unique entrelac and cable blanket, and a mitered triangle pattern that’s perfect for a baby blanket. Plus, along with these seven free knitting patterns for blankets, you’ll find helpful tips and notes to help you be successful knitting each pattern. The entire collection of patterns and knitting instructions is completely free to download! Grab your yarn and needles and cast-on one of these knit blankets today.

This is the ultimate, FREE selection of knitted blanket patterns and knitted afghan patterns that you don't want to miss from Knitting Daily.
This is the ultimate, FREE selection of knitted blanket patterns and knitted afghan patterns that you don't want to miss from Knitting Daily.

These are the only knitted blanket and knitted afghan patterns you need.

Get ready to explore some of the many versatile options you have for knitting afghans. Learn how to tackle design elements such as cables and lace, and follow step by step to learn what it takes to create knit blankets. Looking for a baby blanket? No problem, we’ve included a pattern for one you’re sure to fall in love with. How about something a little lighter for the warmer months? We’ve included that too. With this free eBook you’ll have everything you need to started knitting the perfect afghan or blanket for you. Get all seven free knitted afghan patterns all in this exclusive free eBook.

Make this beautiful knitted afghan in this free knitted blanket and knitted afghan patterns eBook from Knitting Daily.

Mitered Square Knitted Blanket: Tamarix Quilt by Heather Zoppetti

This beautiful afghan knitting pattern is made up of mitered squared in an array of contrasting but complementary colors. Included in the pattern is a seam as you go lesson, which is a great technique to add to your knitter’s toolbox.

If you like knitted afghans, then you'll LOVE this free afghan knitting pattern from Knitting Daily.

Entrelac and Cable Knit Afghan: River and Woods Afghan Knitting Pattern by Hana Jason

You’ll love working this unique knitted afghan pattern! It’s a combination of entrelac and cables, with large tassels on each corner. It’s the perfect accent piece for any décor. If you love interesting blanket knitting patterns, this is the perfect project for you

This knitted blanket is a combination of two-colors, garter stitch and mosaic knitting, so don't miss this free knitted blanket pattern from Knitting Daily.

Mosaic Knit Afghan Pattern: Southern Cross Afghan by Ann McDonald Kelly

This knit blanket is a cool combination of two-colors, garter stitch, and mosaic knitting. The blanket is built from thirteen individual triangles that are built upon until the blanket is completed. A garter-stitch border brings it all together. Choose two highly contrasting colors to make a showstopper!

You need to knit up this knitted afghan pattern that draws upon the myth of the World Tree from Knitting Daily.

Counterpane Knit Afghan Pattern: Yggdrasil Afghan by Lisa Jacobs

In this pattern, knitter Lisa Jacobs draws upon the myth of the World Tree to pattern the design elements. A central grove of four trees grows into a braided and leaf-lace patterned boarder, celebrating the interconnectedness often found in old Norse stories. The soft, lofty cotton used gives the afghan some drape without being overly dense, perfect for changing seasons and just the right warmth. Celebrate the unique elements found in knitting afghans with this nature-inspired design.

You'll love this lace knitted blanket pattern that is worked in three separate panels from Knitting Daily.

Lace Blanket Knitting Pattern: Frost Flower Afghan by the Knits Design Team

This airy blanket pattern is worked in three separate panels that are sewing together with an invisible stitch. You can change the length and width of the panels to make the afghan any size you want, or even use them to make a shawl. Because the patterns are worked in four-row repeats, this is a good project for first-time lace knitters.

You'll love this knitted afghan pattern that's full of rich texture and geometric interest in this FREE eBook from Knitting Daily.

Geometric Afghan Pattern: Graphic Afghan by Sarah Fama

Sarah’s knit afghan pattern is full of rich texture and geometric interest. Created using simple knit and purl stitches the pattern is actually reversible with no real right or wrong side. Seed stitch is used to edge the entire blanket and since the border is knitted as you go, we recommend using stitch markers to help you keep track of the border stitches. The bulky wool and big needles help this blanket work up quickly and will grace your home for years to come.

This beautiful knitted afghan pattern is reminiscent of a mosaic tile wall and can be found in this FREE eBook from Knitting Daily.

Mosaic Blanket Knitting Pattern: Mosaic Tile Afghan by Judith L. Swartz

Reminiscent of a mosaic tile wall, this beautiful knit afghan pattern will be a colorful addition to any room. Each square is made individually then sewn together to create the finished knitted afghan. Since each square is worked up separately, this project is perfect to take along with you.

Everything about these beautiful knit afghan patterns makes them a delight to knit!

Afghans and blankets are handy to have around for draftier, cooler temperatures indoors and when the weather outside turns chilly. And there is nothing that warms the soul more than wrapping yourself in hand-knitted afghans. We’ve gathered this collection of free knitting patterns for afghans to provide you the perfect inspiration for knitting your own handmade blankets. Download your free eBook to find:

  • The Tamarix Quilt is a fabulous color block quilt, built with mitered squares that you join as you knit.
  • The River and Woods Afghan is worked in entrelac with cables sprinkled throughout and large tassels on each corner.
  • The Southern Cross Afghan begins with thirteen mitered triangles, nine of which are built upon to form larger triangles and squares. Fun to knit and use!
  • The Yggdrasil Afghan is a true stunner, with intricate cabling, leaf lace, and multi-directional knitting.
  • The Frost Flower Afghan has an airy feel that is perfect for year-round enjoyment.
  • The Graphic Afghan is worked in bulky wool with a geometric design, making it both a functional and fun knit.
  • Finally, the Mosaic Tile Afghan is a colorful, knitted interpretation of a mosaic tile wall, worked up as individual squares that are sewing together.

Whether you choose to make one or all four of these beautiful blanket knitting patterns, you are sure to be inspired by these original designs. Download the entire collection to get started!