Knitting Daily Patterns

We’ve published thousands of beautiful knitting patterns in our books and magazines—beginner knitting patterns, knitted gloves, lace patterns, color knitting, knitted hats, scarf knitting patterns, knitted sweaters—you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here in our knitting pattern galleries!

We invite you to browse our amazing selection of knitting patterns, where you can get a closer look at the projects you’re interested in, from bust size to gauge to needle size, you’ll get all of the details you need to gather your materials and cast on knitting.

Here you’ll also see the bonus images of the patterns you’re interested in. These photos are not shown in the book or magazine, and they’ll give you more detailed views of the projects; you’ll see close-up images of stitch patterns, seams, embellishments, as well as back and side views, and more—very helpful for understanding the patterns.

Choose your category below, or click here to browse all of the patterns. Have fun with your “knit-ventures!”