Cotton Classic Giveaway! Win a Kit of Colorful Cotton for Scarf Knitting

Adina Klein from Tahki Stacy Charles is a regular guest expert of Knitting Daily TV. On Series 600 she shared her tips for knitting with cotton yarns and styling cotton knits for year-round comfort and style. 


Watch Adina's segment on knitting with cotton, from episode 608:


Tahki Yarns has created great new scarf designs to add an on-trend punch of color to your wardrobe. Their new Kaleidoscope pattern book (image on left) features 14 knit patterns in Cotton Classic and Cotton Classic Lite, including the 3-skein scarf designs (below) that combine bright tones with delicate lace patterns. And with 135 shades, you can easily show your personality in your signature colors. Click here to see the Cotton Classic color card. 


What color are you adding to your wardrobe this year? Punch up your girly-side with bright fuchsia pink, or play up your sophistication with a rich navy. Comment on this post before noon on Wednesday, March 30, and let us know which color you'd choose (be specific, please). When you comment, you'll automatically be entered in the Cotton Classic yarn giveaway! Tahki Yarns is generously providing three Cotton Classic kits to knit your own scarf. We'll randomly choose from three winners to receive three skeins of Cotton Classic in the color of your choice, plus the new Kaleidoscope pattern book. 

And check out more of Adina Klein and other yarn experts on the newest season of Knitting Daily TV, now available on DVD


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This blog post has been sponsored by Tahki Stacy Charles. For more information on the yarns seen in Adina's segments, as well as Cotton Classic yarn and patterns, visit

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About Knitting Daily TV

Knitting Daily TV is the newest needle crafts how-to program on public television covering everything from knitting and crochet to stitching, felting, and spinning. The show guides viewers in learning to make fun yet smart one-of-a-kind designs using the latest products in yarn and fiber. Download free patterns, meet trendsetting knit and crochet designers, and improve or learn new skills and techniques.

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Knitting Daily TV is airing on PBS stations nationwide and new markets are being added to the schedule all the time. Each individual public television station chooses when and if to air the program. If it is not airing in your local market, please call, write, or email and let them that know you are a viewer of the station and would like to see Knitting Daily TV. You can help bring Knitting Daily TV to your local PBS Station. Thank you!

880 thoughts on “Cotton Classic Giveaway! Win a Kit of Colorful Cotton for Scarf Knitting

  1. I love making and wearing scarfs and lacy hats. This cotton would be great. No matter what season, I love to wear items that I have made. Any color would be great.

  2. Beyond a few dishcloths I don’t have much experience knitting with cotton. I suppose it’s time to reconsider! I think that the salmon color would make a nice addition to my warm weather wardrobe!

  3. It’s interesting to think about adding different colors to our wardrobes and lives. I think if I were going to step a bit outside my usual and add a splash of color, it would be Deep Hot Pink. It seems bold and bright without being eye-searing, while staying deep, but not dipping into dullness.

  4. It’s interesting to think about adding different colors to our wardrobes and lives. I think if I were going to step a bit outside my usual and add a splash of color, it would be Deep Hot Pink. It seems bold and bright without being eye-searing, while staying deep, but not dipping into dullness.

  5. Thanks for the opportunity to win these kits! I have a lot of shades similar to the ones on that page – but I think I’d add #3786 Dark Teal -> that’s a beautiful colour and one of my favourites!

  6. I never thought of knitting a scarf in cotton yarn. This sounds great for when it’s not as cold, and yet you can still make a scarf fashion statement. Any color would be wonderful. If it’s not “my” color, I can make it for a gift.

  7. I like knitting. It helps me feel better about a lot of things. I like the dark lavender yarn. I wear scarves to keep warm and also as a for comfort….Knitting is great!

  8. To me, nothing says spring like Aqua – #3777, to be exact! – or its slightly greener lil sister, #3772 Bright Aqua! Cotton Classic is my all-time favorite for easy-care spring and summer knitting.

  9. I love the new color – light celadon… Great segment above with Adina …. have used Cotton Classic and love the colors, drape and easy care. Thank you for the opportunity to win the Kaleidoscope booklet and my favorite cotton yarn!

  10. Sky blue is definitely my colour this year! I’m going to Greece for my honeymoon and this colour perfectly matches my imagined – and hoped for – sky colour for those two weeks in july.

  11. I would love to make a scarf from Butterscotch #3559! What a beautiful, bright yellow … just the thing for those cold days when it’s not quite spring yet!

  12. I would love to add the Bright Fuchia color to my wardrobe…it would make a lovely scarf or small shawl to add to my collection. I would love to add some pop to my life!!!!

  13. I’d really like to add some yellow for spring/summer. Currently searching for the “right” yellow, and the addition may be in apparel or accessories. Keeping my options open. πŸ˜‰

  14. I was thinking of going against what I usually wear – red, red, and red, and go for a bright yellow or orange. The brighter the better. It is so gray her in Minnesota still. If the sun is not going to glow I might as well.

  15. Light cactus green is gorgeous! Light and spring-like (boy, do I need spring-like right now!) without being too ‘in your face’ bright. Beautiful selection of colors.

  16. I have been a HUGE cotton fan from when I first learned to knit. It washes well and is durable. I’m in LOVE w/these colors (and the variety of colors)….BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  17. I have tons of spring-summer weight navy that will get color bursts for the new season. I’m thinking coral because I heard all shades of orange will be HOT this year. Also, Pantone, the color people, said hot pink will be the “in” color this year. I don’t look great in hot pink, but I can find some suitable shades that will look great on me and gorgeous with navy.

  18. The past year has been a “shades of purple” year for me. I just looked at all the colors you have and I really like #3476 Cantelope, #3726 Bright Lime Green and #3764 Bright Spearmint.

  19. I wear lots of light neutrals in the summer–sand, white, khaki–so I think the Brick would make a great accent color. I’m almost done with a baby blanket in Cotton Classic Sage. I had not thought about making a scarf. Now I know what to do with my leftover yarn.

  20. When you life in Texas, cotton is Absolutely Necessary! I love that there’s a bigger selection now-a-days, and the colors are fabulous. You just have to be intentional when you knit cotton; it doesn’t forgive sloppy. RESPECT THE FIBER and knit on!

  21. I’m right now brainstorming a gift for the future husband and he’s obsessed with red so I’ll have to go with basic “Deepest Red” if I had to pick just one.

  22. I really like the idea of knitting a lacy cotton scarf as an accent piece for spring/summer. I’m loving hte idea of a deep amethyst or purple colorway.

  23. My LYS carries this line and I have mentally queued a few projects in just this for the girls – but I *really* want something in that Forest Green for me!

  24. Summer is coming and I am absolutely in love with the color “Bright Watermelon” (#3475)! It’s such a vibrant color that brings back sweet memories of hot summer days… It’s instant happiness!

  25. With the extraordinary plethora of colors I believe 3454 light watermelon
    would make a beautiful spring scarf that would
    carry right into summer wear with ease! Thanks to Tahki Stacy Charles to bring
    such an array of colors and quality to their

  26. I want to crochet a light-weight lacy shrug for a wedding in May. My dress is pale blue-green, so I’d choose #3774 Pine Green to go darker and still coordinate.

  27. Too many colors!! (in a GOOD way, of course) – here are my faves…. (so I can make the 3-scarf display like the illustration above on rt???)
    #3725 Deep Leaf Green
    # 3944 Eggplant
    #3204 Taupe

  28. I love this yarn. Since I am allergic to most animal fibers cotton is my knitting friend. I especially like the new chocolate color but there are many other lovely colors to choose from…..

  29. I have been wearing too many dark colors, I am adding a light rosy pink, like the #3447 Light Mauve yarn, to my wardrobe. It makes me feel feminine and ready for Spring!

  30. Looking at the colors made me feel like a little kid in a candy store. There are so many beautiful ones, it is difficult to pick just one favorite. I have knit with Cotton Classic before and find it easy to knit with and also find that so many of the colors combine so well with each other. While I like the Periwinkle, I think the Coral may be my favorite, at least for right now!

  31. Being a ‘cool summer’ complected person, I LOVE the ‘light brights’! The light raspberry (3457) and light bright yellow (3528) would both add welcome pizzazz to punch up my wardrobe! πŸ™‚ Awesome colors, TSC!

  32. This cotton looks divine! If I’m knitting for myself I’d choose #3928 Light Lavender. If it’s for my baby daughter I would go with #3783 Bright Teal or #3932 Amethyst or #3336 Bittersweet Chocolate. Something to balance out all that pink! But all the colours are so gorgeous how can I pick just one??

  33. I’d love the chance to make a scarf using #3701 Light Cactus Green, to remind everyone that our beautiful desert landscape includes many greens in its color palette – Nancy from sunny Phoenix AZ

  34. I love cotton and the Bright Blue is gorgeous! As a hazel eyed girl I always stuck to greens and browns, but am now discovering rich blue work well, too!

  35. I love cotton for baby knits. I’m starting to make things for my second grandbaby that will arrive in November. The fact that this yarn is washable makes it perfect for baby projects.

  36. The Light plum is a beautiful colour, but then so are so many of the colours. And I love knitting with cotton – it is my yarn of choice for cardigans and hats.

  37. I would have a hard time choosing between: Wheat, Antique Amethyst, Teal or Salmon. After a long winter, knitting something in cotton would be enjoyable.

  38. I love cotton and it’s perfect to continue helping with any knitting addictions in the spring and summer! I like the idea of a scarf – that pattern is wonderful and I can’t decide which colors to use – I usually do warm colors, but maybe……

  39. I’d be going with the #3418 Dark Magenta. Great pop of color with black, navy, or brown. Loved the slip stitch skirt, the idea of using hook and eye instead of buttons to avoid overweight garments, and mixing yarn weights.

  40. I love the cinnamon, I think this season will be my “orange/brown” colors.
    I have would love this scarf in the cinnamon, then I can still use it into fall.

  41. I enjoy making scarves. Haven’t worked with Takki cotton yarn, but have enjoyed a couple of their wools and special fibers. Would love to work with their cotton classic.

  42. I love yarn of all colors, but if I must pick a favorite….. I’d have to pick forest green…. Or maybe deep violet…… Or brick red……. Oh to heck with it! I really can’t pick a favorite!! πŸ™‚

  43. I love working with cotton yarns. I am happy to see so many beautiful colors. If I could win I would love colorway #3947 dark red violet because it closely matches my daughter’s university colors. If I had that yarn I would also have to get #3559 butterscotch or #3549 mustard to go with it since those are closest matches to her school’s colors. I could make her a lovely scarf to wear her first year of college!

  44. Ooooooo! I just LOVE all these colors! It has been a long time since I’ve knitted a scarf… I think I’d knit a bright green scarf for summer… For those chilly evening walks with the dog!

  45. I never wanted to knit with cotton, but we got some of the good stuph in at the shop where I go for group knitting, and one of the ladies made a relay nice cotton T. When she was making it I though I wouldn’t like the way it felt but, when it was done it was much softer than what I though it would be..
    It never takes much to make me what to try something new. I love rich blues..

  46. I love to combine colors. And, I LOVE knitting with cotton. I would combine #3726 – Bright Lime Green, #3459 – Deep Hot Pink, and #3912 – Red Violet. I think the contrast would be fantastic, but I also think the 3 shades compliment one another.

    Juliet Blanchette-Goyette

  47. I love cotton yarn, particularly for spring and summer. For myself, I like jewel tones, but I want to knit a dress for my granddaughter, who’s 6, and she looks great in bright neon colors. Does cotton yarn come in a weight between worsted and fingering? Seems like that would be good for a little girl’s dress.

  48. I am adding lilac to my color pallete with a lavender gray tunic and a lavender and blue hand dyed wool I am using for a wrap around cardigan. I can’t wait to get knitting!

  49. I love knitting with cotton yarn. knitting a fair amount of wash cloths for babies, helping create a ‘blanket full of prayers for my FIl in Florida and summer weight sweaters for kids. I don’t have a favorite color, I just like the feel of the finished product…

  50. I love any purple-violet-lavender shades. I have only worked a few projects with cotton yarns, and I love the way they turned out! Can’t wait to try some more.

  51. I’m craving…..

    there were so many that I couldn’t decide. I finally had to write them down and pull one slip out of a hat.

    The color I’m craving is…..


  52. Oh, I love all the colors! Since I am looking for a new project to start I have so many different ideas. I’m liking all the pinks and purples for this summer. My granddaughter would look adorable in the Light Raspberry. The Lilac would nmake a nice top for her Mom.

  53. Love the mid-range color #3925 Antique Amethyst, I could see this in a cute lace stitched tank paired with jeans or with a long floral skirt – the color can be lightened up, brightened up, or toned down with just about any other color – and it’s so feminine without being the ‘requisite’ pink. Perfect shade of purple for any age. I’ll be looking for this color for mother-daughter matching sets, hopefully I can knit or crochet (or both) some cute things for us to wear before the weather turns cold again.

  54. Funny how things come together.
    I just cast on a sweater in a bright cherry red, and just pulled 4 (huge) skeins of deep fuchsia yarn out of the dye pots.

    I read recently that we are using more and more color in our lives (homes, clothing, cars…) in order to reassure ourselves in these troubled times.
    And while I’m not sure that wearing bright colors will help buoy the economy, it certainly works for my spirits!

  55. I am not adding any colors to my wardrobe, any year. But I’d love to knit something of #3861, Midnight Blue, which will go with my color scheme (blue, red and monochrome).

  56. I would normally go with fall colors – olive, burgundy, etc, but I really need to add a bit of color to my wardrobe this spring and summer, so I thing I will go with #3912, red violet.
    I am amazed at the range of colors Tahki offers, it was difficult to make a choice. I will have to go to my local yarn stores and get some of the other colors, start some summer knits.

  57. I am adding lime green. I used to hate the color; I think it was some residual issue I had with my crayons when I was a child. Recently, however, I been drawn to it; it pops out at me whenever I see it on a rack in the store.

  58. I love using an ecru cotton yarn for crocheted purses. I single crochet in the round and embellish with a variety of items like beads, lace and crocheted flowers.

  59. For a scarf I’d choose Bright Teal or Light Olive, because it would move across the seasons and still be wearable in the autumn or next spring. The latter would be more unusual in my wardrobe and coordinate with two of my jackets, so I’d probably ask for Light Olive if I win.

  60. I like the celadon and peach colors. Shades are subtle, but would make a nice spring accent to a bolder color. Peach would look good for a girl’s baby sweater.

  61. Love the three colored scarves! I have always been a black, grey, navy person but wore a bright pink sweater the other day and received a ton of comments so am making a real effort to wear brighter colors.

  62. I’m in love with lace knitting, so I can’t wait to try a cotton yarn with this technique. I also love grey and white in summer. So my choice is steel grey! Love it.

  63. Deep periwinkle caught my eye right away — reminds of me some of my favorite spring wildflowers. My post-winter wardrobe is so, so blah. I could use a touch of wildflower!

  64. I love the little cami, and the color is just beautiful, so I think I would choose a sea foam green. It’s a color that works well with neutrals and it looks light and summery.

  65. I’ve always been partial to any shade of blue. However, I’m loving the purple and the greens and the browns…..I love them all actually! What a way to try another color. And I love the lacy scarf pattern!

  66. I’d love to make a summer cardigan with the deep red and one in either bright blue or dark turquoise. I just bought the chocolate brown color to make a bunny for a baby shower. It has such a beautiful sheen to it!

  67. Years ago I knitted with a craft store cotton and was not impressed with the final appearance. This year, in anticipation of full retirement and a move to a year-round warmer climate [in another year or so], I’ve returned to cotton yarn – – – of a much better quality, and have fallen in love with Egyptian cottons! I”m almost finished with a “hazel green” asymetrical vest, and cannot wait to begin a long sleeved bright purple ribbed cardigan. Both colors are new to me. I just want to wear creative things that cannot be found in mall shops or walking down the street next to me ! Knitting with cotton is fabulous!

  68. As a Mainer, I love anything blueberry. Blueberry color 3882 captures the summer sky/lake color and blueberries! This color is so summery – just right color to represent a flirty & warm summer! Also loved Lilac 3934-soft and warm-reminds me a my backyard lilac. But, I must say, all the colors are lovely.

  69. Thought I knew a lot about color, but looking at the picture of the three scarves together on the model, I realize how much I still have to learn! Thanks for pushing us into deeper waters…


  70. I love cotton. I love knitting with it and wearing it. I don’t wear many bright colors usually stay very neutral, but I do love turquoise. I’m also liking the light olive and cinnamon there I go again neutral colors. I will definitely give Tahiki a try.

  71. I just finished a variation of the Helix scarf in teal the colour of the Canadian Mental Health Association. I wear it as an advocate for mental health. The ruffles represent the ups and downs of caring for a person with a mental illness. I dropped a stitch in the middle to represent how a life can unravel when we don’t care for ourselves and let stress take over, and the garter stitches straight down the middle represent the road back.

  72. Thank you for the opportunity and chance to win some lovely, beautiful cotton yarn. I love cotton especially now that Spring and Summer are just around the corner. Watched your video and loved the camisole. A great staple for your wardrobe. I had my colors done, and I am a Summer. I can already see myself wearing those cool colors….as I dream πŸ™‚

  73. I think the idea of using worsted weight and sport weight in the same garment is a great way to reduce the heaviness of cotton. My favorite colors would be a heatherie medium blue and teal.

  74. I plan on adding cantalope to my wardrobe this season. The color looks great on everyone and especially good with a tan. It is a hot color for the upcomimg hut weather!

  75. I think the scarf would look fabulous in the dark olive #3609. What an amazing choice of colors – made it hard to choose – but I’m finding myself drawn to earthy tones these days.

  76. Wow, the colors are terrific. I can already see myself knitting some very beautiful accessories from these colors. The fabric, cotton, is such a nice alternative to wool, especially for those of us who are allergic to wool. I look forward to working with this material in making treasured articals for family and friends for birthdays, Mothers Day, and all different occasions. It looks wonderful and I can’t wait to find it and try it out. Thank you for introducing me to it.

  77. Oh wow! So many colors to choose from! I know it’s bold, especially for a red-head, but I would choose dark orange to knit my scarf from! I wear lots of browns and rusts, and I think the dark orange would make a perfect accent!

  78. Come Spring I need to brighten my usual (black,brown & navy). Navy with white polka dots is about as far as I go. But I think this year I’d like to add a summer garden hat in the Bright Red! I’m going wild….

  79. I love cotton yarn and copper is the color that jumps out at me or any color in that general color family. The combination feels so earthy and bright.

  80. I wish my PBS station had Knitting daily on the schedule. The Tahki Charles scarfs look great. I little bit of spring when it is still -5 Celsius this morning!

  81. I think I just fell in love with cotton again! Being there’s a sunny in my name I will always choose happy yellows and oranges… I have been needing a change! I think I found it!

  82. I love the lavenders and the pinks. I tend to wear a lot of earthy tones and need to branch out. When I do wear a lavender or pink , people comment how good I look in that color. Have not worked with cotton yarn very much but would love to especially for the summer’s here in Atlanta.

  83. The colors are so beautiful! I definitely need hot pink and dark turquoise for my balck (and white) pieces and the navy would look fantastic with my chinos!

  84. Knitting Daily is a knitting site where I learn much about knitting and the many beautiful yarns that are available to knitters.
    I read Knitting Daily every day. I would never miss my daily reading of
    Knitting Daily.
    I love cotton. I love scarfs.
    Thank you for all you hard work.

  85. I love that leafy,lime green colors, it goes with everything from purple, turquise, navy etc etc. and it just brightens up everything, great accent color.

  86. When I start on a project I choose colors that nature is showing me during that season. Since spring is now coming, bright greens, light pinks and buttercup yellows seem like great colors for a new project.

  87. I’m open to new colors right now. Two and a half years out from a gastric bypass, I’ve discovered colors beyond my usual dark blues and greens. Red is my new hue.

  88. I love pumpkin with greens and browns. I really enjoy making different styles of scarves and shawlettes. My hands don’t like wool, so cotton or cotton blends work well for me.

  89. I have found a real nice tank top pattern that I’d love to knit with # 3861 Midnite Blue, or # 3856 Deep Indigo..I think those are the closest to navy. There’s so many sharp shades to select from, oh my!! πŸ™‚

  90. I would like to try knitting a scraf with light sliver I like glizty but then I am torn
    a birght pink, a great yellow? All great ways to brighten up my clothes. Besides I like the comments that I get when I have a scraf on. One gets that warm fuzzy feeling, that doesn’t hurt either.

  91. Oh my gosh, sooooo many beautiful colors! I could change my mind a thousand times picking just one but here’s my first pick… deepest amethyst… yum!

  92. I’ve been wondering if any yarn companies carried Pantone’s color of the year, Honeysuckle… your Light Watermelon looks the closest and that’s what I’m interested in trying. πŸ™‚

  93. The summer just screams the need for color to match the weather – bright corals, pale yellows, crisp greens. Lately I’ve been drawn to bright oranges and yellows.

  94. I would love to try this yarn . Have been looking for a cotton yarn for a sweater project on my bucket list. 3402,3353,3424 are some colors I would like to try. Thanks for all you information. Ann Nessa

  95. Love the scarf pattern. In the Tahki cotton, I’d make one with Light Cactus – the yellow in those spring greens really make them pop. I can’t wait to see that shade her in the Midwest. For nighttime, I’d love to try the Crystal Starry Night with the little sequins. It would be dazzling. Thanks!

  96. Oh, so many beautiful colors to choose from….

    I think I will have to choose #3915 Light Wisteria. I love all the colors in the blue-pink-purple range. πŸ™‚

  97. I don’t have much experience knitting with cotton but I’ve been wanting to try it out. I’ve been wanting to make a swimsuit coverup and your bright teal and white are getting my creative juices going!

  98. So many colors, but I love the Dark Teal and the Dark Turquoise. I have knitted and crocheted baby items in cotton and 30 years ago a tank for myself. I think it is time to make something for myself again!

  99. I haven’t done much knitting with cotton, but love the new colors, especially Brick and Light Copper and Chocolate Malted. I think they would make a lovely sweater for fall.

  100. I want to knit a sweater for my 7 year old granddaughter’s birthday in fushica pink – such a little girl color and the yarn is perfect for our central Texas hot and humid summers!
    Thank you for the give away – hope I win!! πŸ™‚

  101. I’ve chosen the bright Spring Green #3715. It brings to mind the color of new willow leaves and young grass which we will be seeing soon (I hope.) This color will brighten up my transition clothes in navy and beige as well as the black and whites.

  102. Other than Kitchen cotton I don’t have much experience with cotton but would love to make a cool spring scarf or shawl in a cinnamon. Love my scarves and shawls.

  103. My nephew is getting married in the fall and I’m going to knit the Ring bearer pillow. Their colors are eggplant, wine and white. I can’t wait to check out this cotton in person! It sounds like it will be perfect since it has a sheen.

  104. The colors are so beautiful-but if I had to choose, I’d say #3456 Bright Rasperry is my top pick, followed by #3401 Light Bright Orange and #3703 Dark Leaf Green. Thanks for the cool contest!

  105. I would definitely knit a scarf in a bright color to punch up my wardrobe. Green or yellow or even turquoise would be nice to have. I live in the South, so I really appreciated the segment on knitting with cotton.

  106. I just visited the Tahki website to check out colors. The TEAL in classic light cotton yarn would be a favorite of mine. I was also impressed by the colorways under the Lovely Jeans yarns. What a great range of choices!

  107. I like all the different shades of yellow & orange. The Butterscotch color really looks nice! All that yellow just makes me think of spring and daffodills.

  108. Deepest red is the colour that I would choose to brighten up my wardrobe. It’s the colour for my star sign and suits my skin tone. And it’s got a little danger to it, so that would definitely brighten up my wardrobe!

  109. Oh! Hard to choose! How about Deep Leaf Green (or Bright Lime Green or Light Canteloupe)? They’re all lovely. I’m thinking about a Joseph’s Log Cabin blanket in Cotton Classic…

  110. Every three or four years I am drawn to a different, bright color. This year it is True Blue and Dark Bright Blue. And scarves and wraps are my favourite way to add color to what I have in my wardrobe.

  111. I love Cotton Classic! Though I drool over many of the colors, my current favorite is Eggplant (#3944). In fact, I’m planning a sleeveless tunic for Summer.

  112. Oh, such an array or gorgeous colors! I love the Spruce and the Teal. They said “knit me” and “pick me” so it was hard to select one! Any would be a great addittion to return to the classics!

  113. I simply love all the beautiful colors the cotton comes in. Especially like the many colors of browns and earthtones. Chocolate malted, milk chocolate, taupe, etc. Our local PBS station no longer broadcasts the knitting daily segments. Can’t understand why and really miss it. Have to get all my info from your website. Tell the ladies of the show I miss them.

  114. I’d choose No 3925 Antique Amethyst to knit this gorgeous scarf for my disabled daughter, who uses a wheelchair chosen especially by her because its frame tis her favourite colour – an excellent match for this shade!

  115. I’ve not knit with cotton very much because of the whole weight issue. It was good to see this video that showed some of the great possibilities with cotton. Will keep it in mind for future projects.

  116. I have just recently discovered cotton yarn and I’m loving it! I’ve been wearing a lot of deep purple colors lately and I think the light plum would be a great transition into spring.

  117. Oh, how I love to knit with cotton. I love the drape and the slight sheet with the mercerized.
    If I was lucky enough to win…I would pick Dark Orange, Dark Brick and Tobacco Brown
    …finger crossed…:)

  118. Oh, how I love to knit with cotton. I love the drape and the slight sheet with the mercerized.
    If I was lucky enough to win…I would pick Dark Orange, Dark Brick and Tobacco Brown
    …finger crossed…:)

  119. I’m ready for spring! For the Kaleidoscope pattern on this webpage, I’m thinking about combining yummy colors like #3457 (light raspberry) & #3461 (light plum) (are we hungry yet?), w/3803 (sky blue). These colors would really look good on my beautiful daughters-in-law (one blonde, one redhead).

  120. I love the #3418 Dark Magenta . It can be worn all year. Going gray, I tend to go towards brighter colors. Thanks for the beautiful color palette of yarns.

  121. I love the #3418 Dark Magenta . It can be worn all year. Going gray, I tend to go towards brighter colors. Thanks for the beautiful color palette of yarns.

  122. I’ve been adding quite a lot of pinks and purples to my wardrobe recently, so originally I though that Deep Red would be a good way to go. Eventually, though, I decided that I’d like a complete departure for the new season and plumped for Pine Green. It’s a gorgeous bluey green that has an elegant coolness that will lift browns and navies but will not clash with the purles that i already have.

  123. How to chose? There are so many wonderful colors. I think my favorite is Amethyst, thought, although any of the lavender/purples are wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  124. Bright lime green is a color that I will add to my wardrobe this summer. A cotton scarf in lime green would brighten up any outfit and would bring a smile to everyone’s face.

  125. I’m a Doctor Who fan and have been thinking about making the scarf that one of the earlier Doctors wore. I will use colors 3262, 3214, 3461, 3533, 3913, and 3995. Maybe while knitting I will have to add another color here and there!

  126. I’ve been trying to find something to go with an Indian print skirt I got last year. I think #3934 Lilac might be it! What a fantastic range of colors! Thanks!

  127. I am always a sucker for the blue shades and when a touch of green is added WOW and now your’ve made it bright (I thini we are all ready for brighter weather) so I pick #3783 Bright Teal.

  128. Wow, what a great range of colors. I usually lean toward the purples and turquoise shades, although this year I am branching out into greens. I love that neon lime green

  129. 3786 Dark Teal! It looks like a rich peacock blue, and the Cotton Classic mercerized sheen will make it look silky. Layer it as a scarf over a short–sleeved top in eggplant, with light-olive accenting the yoke–yummy.

  130. Loved the information for knitting with coton. Please enter me to win the cotton and I would love to knit with the dark leaf green (#3703). Thanks, Janice

  131. I’m a nut for neutrals and gravitate towards the darker steel gray color. If I were to shake it up (for me) I would choose “darkest amethyst”. I really never thought about knitting a lace scarf in cotton. Something new to try!

  132. The antique amethyst is delicious and would go with much of my current wardrobe. Although, I have thought of adding more reds and yellows to my closet this year: light bright yellow or watermelon would do as well. Such beautiful cotton!

  133. I would love to find some patterns that would work in Naples, FL; I rarely wear sleeves! So hard to choose just 1 color!! Raspberry, salmon, light plum – the shades of the pinks & violets are so pretty! Also loden green & deep periwinkle. My list just grows & grows!

  134. Loved the segment on knitting with cotton and have fallen in love with the new Spruce color! I can envision a scarf and Juliette style cap to go with it for spring and in the air-conditioned office!

  135. I normally gravitate to magentas, purples, cool greys and browns, and medium to dark blues — can you tell that I’m a “Light Summer”? πŸ™‚ But in looking at the color chart I kept being drawn to #3610 Loden Green and to #3995 Deepest Red; I dreamed last night I was wearing something that was sort of those two colors, all while trying to get someone *else* to wear something in the back seat of my car that was similar to #3701 Light Cactus Green (definitely NOT a color I can wear) — weird, huh? (And yes — I *often* dream in color).
    I guess I need to be drawn out of my comfort zone, because I also kinda like really #3534 Pale Yellow (a color I can wear but almost never do).

  136. I would use Dark Leaf Green (3703), Light Cactus Green (3701), Bright Watermelon (3475) and Black (3002) to create a Summer fruit Watermelon scarf. Then I might branch out into other fruits like Cherry or Canteloupe.

  137. I’ve got cotton candy pink and HOT pink and some beautiful grassy green cotton- since I just figured out mobius and shrugs – the nieces will be my test subjects! I need more cotton asap

  138. Wow, thanks for this offer — I am a big fan of cotton classic — I used all Cotton Classic when I knitted the Queen of Hearts quilt for my mother from the Debbie Abramson book “100 Afghan Squares to Knit”. It was one of my first projects that got me back into knitting — I learned so much during that project about Intarsia, Continenetal Knitting, knitting with beads, knitting backwards, using different texture stitches and I learned to bind it off with a giant I cord edge. I still love that blanket and it launders well for such a huge project.
    Currently I’m digging into my stash to make cool looking summer wristlets using a pattern I found on the web — I plan to give them away to my co-workers who are always drooling over my knitting and wanting me to knit for them. But I’ missing some colors — I would love to get 3916 (The Fuschia ) or 3760 (The Bright, light Green). Here is a link the bracelet pattern I’m using: Bandcuffs: I also love knitting cotton baby hats to give away at the hospital where I work.

  139. I have way too much blue-green (eyes, of course!) so I think I’d like to add some watermelon to the mix, just for fun. I love working with cotton yarn and then gifting the items, knowing that they will hold up to washing and wear.

  140. Bright colors like fushia, lime, and yellow are my favorites cuurently. That’s probably because I am knitting for my 4 grand daughters who will be returning from a hot, humid area in Asia to the cold of Michigan falls and winters.

  141. I love the bright lime green, light raspberry, and light lemon yellow colors. That is probably because I am currently knitting sweaters for my 4 grand daughters who will be moving to cool Michigan from their hot humid southeast Asia home for a year. These are their favorite colors, and have become mine because of them.

  142. Wow! Forget Spring I want to knit NOW! But for Spring I a thinking the Cotton Classic Striped Pullover in White 3301 with Orchid 3914 and Amethyst 3932. For the three scarves I would use 3 complimentary colors in the green family perhaps 3701 Light Cactus, 3605 Dark Khaki and 3725 Dark Leaf Green.

  143. I am still on the Blue/Green kick so I will take the dark royal blue and loden. I am thinking a sleeveless tunic with yoke, knit in the round in the loden and a kimono style jacket in the dark royal blue. Patterns? that’s another project altogether.

  144. After a long, dull winter, I’d love making a bright, stunning scarf in that luscious Salmon #3416. Picking just one color out of all that bounty was really tough!

  145. I have been stuck on gray, brown, and black for a long time. But I have a 2 year old, and he’s getting me interested in yellows, oranges, and bright greens! So I think I’ll be adding something bring and springy this year in the way of a yellow-orange or green!

  146. And I thought cotton was only good for knitting dishcloths or wash cloths! What a delightful color range. I’m willing to take a step into a new color direction to see just what will come of it.

  147. My color of choice I think will be #3940, the beautiful purple. Wait! It may be that dark royal blue.. So many choices! I hope that I am one of the lucky ones to win this kit! I just bought the dark royal blue for 2 projects that I am doing for friends..And it is SO stunningly beautiful.. Now, I want it for ME!

  148. I am a green freak and am amazed by the range of greens that are available! My favorite of all the yarns is the Leaf Green. I love the yellow undertones that the color has!

  149. It would have to be #3811 Misty Blue, to remind me that summer will get here eventually and that the grey skies will soon be replaced with lovely blue.
    I might have to pair it with more shades of blue and knit the sweater on the cover of the pattern book though, so it might never make it to scarfdom…

  150. I love knitting scarves because I get to try out a new lace pattern without the added complication of shaping! My sister-in-law has MS and the Dark Orange is the perfect color for MS Support!

  151. i love your yarn and the fact that you have sooo many colors to choose from,i think my favorite though is #3703 dark leaf green. thanks for this chance to maybe win some great yarn!!

  152. Love cotton, cotton blends, my stash has a lot of cotton. I am looking forward to a chance to win some more lovely yarns.
    Nice video too very informative.
    thank you.

  153. I like color #3449. And I love using cotton yarn for knitting and crochet projects in the warmer weather. My daughters and grandchildren love getting handmade gifts.

  154. OMG! I just love to wear and knit mercerised cotton! It looks and feels like silk, and the colors are so luxurious! I’ll knit a summer skirt for myself. I looked at the color card and it was hard to pick up one, they are all gorgeous! #3936 Lavender will match most of my summer tops. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  155. How is one supposed to choose just one of those many colors? If I had to choose, I suppose I’d go with deep purple red, or maybe bright orange red, or bright turquoise… seriously, it’s wonderful to have such a complete palate to play with!

  156. Our PBS station here in East TN has not started carrying Knitting Daily–I keep hoping. I love the Tahki blog posts and have found quit a few that have been very helpful to me. If I should win the contest I’d like the yarn in the orange colorway. Bev M.

  157. I love all the colors but especially these: dark teal, deepest teal, red-violet, and dark red-violet. There are two different colors named dark red-violet (3913 and 3947) and I like both.

  158. Thanks for posting the segment. I have always liked knitting with cotton and this was great example of the diversity of cotton.
    but a fushia would be cool. thanks for offering the chance to use this great fun stuff to knit with.

  159. Oh my goodness, these colors are beautiful!!! I make scarves and socks for friends and relatives—-there is not a color that would not be perfect for someone.


  160. Make mine Ripple, please! It goes with my eyes. And What’s not to like about mercerized cotton? A little shimmer is good and suppleness is a must in a scarf.

  161. I am adding more blues like midnight blue and deep indigo as well as reds like deepest red and burgundy. If I had to pick just one, it would be Deep Indigo #3856.

  162. i love using cotton for both wearability & washability! i always tend to gravitate to dark grey in all yarns… something like #3017 steel grey.

    so fun to see eunny wearing the thandie from the last Interweave! wonder if the Isobel skirt from that issue would look good in this cotton?

  163. I enjoyed hearing the information given during this 5 minute clip and will be pleased to watch the entire episode next Saturday. Only one down side; it would be really nice if it would load all at once and let the watcher hear more then two words at a time. It is frustrating when it takes 20 + minutes to listen to or watch a 5 minute segment….. Is there something you can do about this?

  164. I moved to New Orleans 6 months ago & I’m in love with the creative energy! The houses here are painted such beautiful bright colors with complimenting trims & accents. It’s been so inspirational in my crafting projects, & in my wardrobe!

    I don’t have any clothing or yarns in the orange family. I think # 3541 Light Cantaloupe would be a great intro for me, especially in a lacy cotton spring scarf. Thanks!

  165. I enjoyed hearing the information given during this 5 minute clip and will be pleased to watch the entire episode next Saturday. Only one down side; it would be really nice if it would load all at once and let the watcher hear more then two words at a time. It is frustrating when it takes 20 + minutes to listen to or watch a 5 minute segment….. Is there something you can do about this?

  166. I’m always drawn to jewel tones, lighter ones in the spring, darker ones in the fall. Purple seems to be catching my eye this year. As well as yellow accents.

  167. Wow! I love all those beautiful colours you have! My favourite would be #3914, Orchid. I have always loved this colour. Now just to talk my hubby into letting me get some!! LOL

  168. I always love a nice charcoal gray mixed with a pop of color like shades of kelly green or shades of turquoise or even a couple of shades of rich purples.

  169. I am loving the Mercerized Cotton with that beautiful sheen. My favorite colors were Steel Grey (3004), Light Silver (3006), Deepest Amethyst (3019), Misty Blue (3811), Light Wisteria (3915), and classic Linen White (3003). Honestly, they were all pretty. πŸ™‚

  170. I would love to have the Chocolates!! Malted (3254), Bittersweet (3336) and just Chocolate (3328) to use to make some decorative kitchen items for my nephew. He is marrying in July and he and his fiance have just bought a new house.

  171. The colors of spring me with desire to bring “ALIVE” the winter dulls. I can see yellows of the crocus, pinks of cherry blossoms & all shades of lavender…….Soft, light airy scarves are my passion now. Crochet or Knit.

  172. I enjoyed the Tahki Stacy Charles yarn episode 608 with Adina and Eunny Jung talking about the mercerized cotton yarns. It is always a challenge working with cotton due to the “stretch” factor and garment weight mentioned in the episode and the tips provided were helpful for deciding the type of project to create. Thank you! I’m looking forward to creating some Summertime scarves. One yarn I currently have to work with is a varigated pastel of yellow,green and pink/peach and 2 others are solids of vibrant purple and white. I personally lean towards the more vibrant colors which includes a tropical pink-red all of which I like paired with khaki or olive.

    Barbara Fink

  173. I saw the add the Kaleidoscope which displayed several bright cotton colors. Bright colors appeal to me lately in rich shades. These yarn shades inspire me to want to knit and knit!

    I like the color combination of Dark Magenta, this color has caught my eye; Dark Teal; and Dark Bright Blue. These colors remind me of brighter versions of the sunset colors in a bright spring to summer sky.

    Natural fibers! Cotton has a special place in my love of plant fibers, for one it can be grown in the U.S. Cotton is soft and smooth against skin. All the fabulous colors in Cotton Classic and Cotton Classic lite make me want to knit many items from the spring issue of Interweave Knits.

  174. I love the light plum yarn because it reminds me of my favorite spring flower–lilacs. When my lilacs bloom, I love to sit on my deck and inhale that amazing scent for hours.

  175. Hi,
    I am adding Light Bright Yellow and Acqua to my summer wear. Bright sunlight and the beautiful cool ocean waters come to mind. What an amazing colour range you have in Cotton Classic yarn.

  176. I love the lace patterns and have enjoyed knitting with Cotton Classic. I would choose color 3923- Deep Periwinkle- BUT- it was a hard choice!! The colors are truely wonderful.