Episode 211: Knits Around the World

Take a worldwide tour of the fiber arts, as Knitting Daily takes a closer look at the origins and traditions of knitting techniques from East to West.
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Getting Started: Deborah Knight from YarnMarket.com is back with Liz to show an overview of yarns and their origins, and which regions of the world are known for their fibers.
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Marianne Isager stands before her own Isager yarns at a booth at TNNA

Designer Spotlight: Travel on location to meet Marianne Isager, a Danish knitwear designer that finds inspiration for knitwear designs from various ethnic textiles she sees on her travels, including Africa, South America, and Japan. Marianne also demonstrates the Nordic neverkont or basketweave knitting.
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How-To: Knitwear designer Nancy Bush joins Eunny to demonstrate an Estonian lace shawl, from her book Knitted Lace of Estonia.
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You Asked It: Kim demonstrates Tunisian crochet.
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