Free Pattern and a New Video: The Donegal Tweed Fair Isle Scarf

Designer Rosemary Drysdale pays a cheeky homage to traditional Fair Isle patterning by blowing up the patterns to oversized proportions. In this week’s free Knitting Daily TV video, Tahki Stacy Charles Creative Director Adina Klein talks with Eunny Jang about choosing colorways for Rosemary’s design as well as other colorwork patterns. This video clip is from episode 308 – "You're the Designer."

Try knitting Rosemary Drysdale’s Donegal Tweed Fair Isle Scarf using this free pattern, available for download now.

You can see swatches of many of the garments from the video in different colorways – including the Donegal Tweed yarn in shades of denim. Donegal Tweed is a traditional Irish wool tweed with poetic flecks of color.

Here is the "Dubliners Coat" sweater by Rosemary in Donegal Tweed seen in swatch form in the video clip–now brought to life in this photo. The pattern is available from the Tahki Yarns Book Smart Tweed Collection, 3rd edition.

This oversized cardigan coat with set-in pockets and a deep V-neck adds a new twist on a classic piece. The buttonband secures the center, but allows flowing skirts or trousers to escape with ease as you walk through the moors.

DESIGNER QUOTE:  “My idea for this sweater was take a classic shetland fair isle and put it on steroids. I loved watching the tweedy flecks in each color play off each other as I knit. My only tip would be to wind the skeins into smaller balls to make the Fair Isle knitting less cumbersome.” – Rosemary Drysdale

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