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Crochet Corner is back on this season of Knitting Daily TV! Each of the 13 lessons feature new, interesting techniques to build onto your crochet skills repertoire. To kick off the new season in style, we are having a fantastic giveaway this weekend! Leave a comment on this blog for your chance to win a beautiful yarn kit from our crochet corner sponsor, Red Heart Yarns, a copy of “Crochet So Fine,” or a copy of “Wrapped In Crochet”. Now here’s Kristin to tell you more about this season’s Crochet Corner.

Hi everyone, One of my favorite segments from this season is the Crochet Corner #507 on hairpin lace. The technique of hairpin lace fascinates me because it is quick and easy, even though the finished fabric has an intricate and complicated-looking lace texture. It is my favorite crochet technique for unusually textured yarns because the long loops allow for the yarn’s beautiful characteristics to shine through (for example, ribbon, novelty and texture really pop with hairpin lace).

Watch this video for a great introduction to hairpin lace from Crochet Corner, Episode 507:

There are many ways to change up the look of hairpin lace. You can change the structure of the strips by adding different stitchwork in the center column between each wrap around the loom, or you can join the strips in many different ways. On Crochet Corner, we used the simple (1 single crochet per row) strip but joined them with regular crochet stitches.

The Woman's Hairpin Lace Shawl (download the free pattern here) seen in Episode 507 is a great project for introduction to hairpin lace because the strips are joined with simple crochet stitches, rather than removing them from the loom before stitching or looping them together. Separating the two parts breaks down the technique nicely and allows you to learn hairpin lace at your own pace. You can crochet (and secure) the loops before you even take the strips off of the loom.

I like the fact that you can gain your confidence with learning hairpin lace in steps. With the Woman’s Hairpin Lace Shawl, you learn the technique separately, but I also expand the lesson with some information about how to join the strips after they are removed from the loom.

Love hairpin lace? You might want to check out two other projects in my recent books, Crochet So Fine and Wrapped in Crochet. In the two projects, you can practice and learn how to handle and join the strips once removed from the loom.

In Crochet So Fine, the Tranquil Hairpin Lace Tunic (see photo below, left) is crocheted in the same simple strips as we made on Crochet Corner, but the strips are removed from the loom, and joined in a 1-to-1 loop ratio. In Wrapped In Crochet, the Tress Hairpin Lace Scarf (see photo below, right) is comprised of three of the very same simple strips, but they are joined in a 15-to-1 and 1-to-15 loop ratio. The increase/decrease variation creates a beautiful scalloped design to the fabric. Notice how different all three fabrics look. They are the same strips as demonstrated in Crochet Corner, but joined differently.

photo captions: left: Tranquil Hairpin Lace Tunic from Crochet So Fine; right: Tress Hairpin Lace Scarf from Wrapped in Crochet.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to crocheting hairpin lace!

To enter into our random giveaway for the books or the Red Heart Yarn yarn kit to make the Woman's Hairpin Lace Shawl seen in Episode 507, please leave a comment on this blog with your favorite tip or comment about crocheting with hairpin lace. We will randomly select three winners among the comments to receive one of these fabulous giveaways:

Comments must be left by Tuesday, September 14 at 11:50 p.m. MST to be entered in the random drawing.

Crochet Corner on Knitting Daily TV Series 500 is sponsored by Coats & Clark/ Red Heart Yarns. For more information on the yarn used in this hairpin lace segment as well as other crochet corner segments, please visit RedHeart.com.


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27 thoughts on “Learn Hairpin Lace on Knitting Daily TV’s Crochet Corner

  1. I love how Kristin Omdahl teaches how to Crochet Hairpin Lace. She makes it look so easy. I cannot wait to start a project using Crochet Hairpin Lace. … Good Go Red Heart Yarns for providing this opportunity for me!!

  2. I love hairpin lace. I bought the tools, but haven’t tried it yet. I found a beautiful (albeit moth devestated) hairpin lace scarf that my grandmother had in a drawer up in the attic in their farmhouse. I would love to try and recreate it.

  3. I haven’t done hairpin lace in years. All I ever learned to do was basic and not interesting. Kristen makes everything so lovely and I would love to learn more about the technique from her. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. I’ve had the urge to learn hairpin lace crochet for many years now, but I’ve never been able to find a loom in any of my local stores and haven’t been in a position to spend the extra money to order one from an American website when I’m in Canada. I think I’m definitely going to have to track one down and finally satisfy that urge. Thanks for posting a video on this technique!

  5. I have been fascinated by Hairpin Lace for a while now. All the pieces I have seen using this technique are so beautiful. I would love to find a local class to teach me the best ways to connect the strips of lace. But since I haven’t been able to locate one in Los Angeles, a great book is the next option! Thank you for the possibility of trying this beautiful technique!

  6. love the hair pin lace video Iive in englandand find it very to understand what weight you use.i would love to the shawl over here we have double knit aran and chunky and superchunky if its a size 4.oomm hook would i get away with double knitting wool/ would arn be more or less the same weight .saw the shawl patt for hairpin lace and fell in love with it though mm id like to have a go at that.hairpin lace patt are far and few between over.pleease can you advise me.dorothymarvell@googlemail.com.ah should have said aran.ps i would be so grateful.happy 2011 and keep up the good work.youres hopefully dot