Annie: Find Her Most Flattering Style

Interweave Knits Winter 2008


Shoulders even with hips

Average length torso

Waist midway between bust and hips

Hourglass shape; petite size

Pretty and a fun personality!

all sweaters from issues of Interweave Knits magazine
Knitting Gallery - Manchester Jacket Annie Knitting Gallery - Victoria Yoke Pullover Victoria Yoke Pullover Annie

Manchester Jacket
from Knits Winter 2008
Gallery page to come 12/10/08

Collar draws attention up to face
Double-breasted jacket minimizes bust
Waist detail emphasizes waist curve
Flared hemline flatters hips

Victoria Yoke Pullover
from Knits Winter 2008
Gallery page to come 12/10/08

Neck and yoke detail bring interest up to face
Row of buttons literally "points to" her smile!
Longish sleeves bring eye downwards to waist curve
Tiny hem detailing does not overwhelm hips
Strong color and smooth fabric compliment her pretty features

Knitting Gallery - Ropes and Picots Cardigan Annie Knitting Gallery - Blooming Cardigan Annie

Ropes and Picots Cardigan
from Knits Winter 2008
Ropes and Picots Gallery page

Textured "stripes" keep eye moving
Sleeve stripes widen shoulders
Hem ends at widest part of hips
Tailored sleeves do not add extra width to silhouette

Blooming Cardigan
from Knits Winter 2008
Blooming Cardigan Gallery page

Collar widens shoulders and frames face
Vertical bobble panel at sides gives height

Knitting Gallery - Dainty Pinstripes Pullover Annie Knitting Gallery - Climbing Vines Pullover Annie

Dainty Pinstripes Pullover
from Knits Winter 2008
Gallery page to come 12/10/08

Wide, horizontal neckline widens shoulders
Vertical stripes lengthen torso
Top of ribbing emphasizes hourglass
Wide ribbing at hips balance stripes up top

Climbing Vines Pullover
from Knits Winter 2008
Climbing Vines Gallery page

Vine design brings eye upwards
Scoop neckline frames face
Narrow ribbing at hips does not add bulk
Gorgeous color compliments her lovely skin

Oriel Annie Knitting Gallery - Printed Silk Cardigan Bertha

Oriel Lace Blouse
from Knits Summer 2007
Oriel Lace Blouse Gallery page

Shaping echoes her own curves
Long sleeves give her height
Light fabric does not overwhelm her size

Printed Silk Cardigan
from Knits Spring 2008
Printed Silk Cardigan Gallery page

Gorgeous color on her!
Neckline in proportion to her shoulders
Textured section helps emphasize her bust
Flared hem helps emphasize the hourglass effect
Smooth lines lengthen torso


Annie Ivy League Vest Knitting Gallery - Flutter Sleeve Cardigan Annie

Ivy League Vest
from Knits Winter 2007
Ivy League Vest Gallery page

Horizontal patterns add depth to her petite figure
Waist shaping and V-neck echo her curves
High hem and short length make the garment proportional to her size

Flutter Sleeve Cardigan
from Knits Spring 2008
Flutter Sleeve Cardigan Gallery page

Neckline frames her face
Sleeve detail helps create balance
Buttons and waist detail help create curves
Flared hem skims hips in a good way!
Great hourglass shape overall


Here are some questions to consider as you look at these photos:

  • How do you think the garment compliments each woman's individual body type and personal style?
  • Which body type would this garment look best on?
  • If you wanted to knit a sweater straight out of the magazine, with no pattern adjustments except for sleeve and hem length, would this be the sweater for you and your body type?
  • Would it fit your personal style?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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98 thoughts on “Annie: Find Her Most Flattering Style

  1. Is there anything Annie doesn’t look good in? My favorite for her is the Painted Silk. She looks awesome in that dusty coral. I must say that she looks the best of all the models (so far) in the Dainty Rib. The Victorian Yoke has looked great on all three models.

  2. Poor Annie indeed! Everyone should look great in every sweater!. I like her best in the Victoria Yoke as the shoulder buttons draw the eye up to her face and the sweater balances her curves in a pleasing proportion

  3. I have to agree – she looks great in all of them! I think the Oriel Lace Blouse would be my first choice, closely followed by the Dainty Pinstripes Pullover, but in a richer colour

  4. I have to agree – she looks great in all of them! I think the Oriel Lace Blouse would be my first choice, closely followed by the Dainty Pinstripes Pullover, but in a richer colour.

  5. the manchester jacket looks best on her of the three models; the climbing vines pullover is very nice on her, but i think the printed silk cardigan is the most flattering on her. the color on her just makes her pop. it gives her some needed shape in her mid section without making her look to busty or hippy. the sleeves are the perfectly length to show off how delicate her arms are. she looks like a model straight from the pages in that sweater.

  6. Victoria Yoke Pullover, for terrific color and strong statement on her figure. Ivy League Vest is adorable, and the Dainty Pinstripes is very flattering, in another color.

  7. The Printed Silk is absolutely gorgeous on her, as is the Victorian Yolk. I do like Climbing Vines as well. I thnk the color of the Blooming Cardigan is really nice on her, but the sweater is slightly too big. The Printed Silk gets my vote – she looks like a graceful ballet dancer in it.

  8. Annie has a beautiful long neck–so let’s see it. The Climbing Vines and Ropes and Picots cardis are great, but the more delicate sweaters–Printed Silk and and Oriel Lace Blouse really convey a a wistfull dreaminess…Think: Pre-raphaelite Orphelia with modern energy.

    Dainty Pinstripes fits her great, but Meghan OWNS that sweater.

  9. She can certainly model knitwear!

    The 2 I don’t like are the Ropes and Picots, much too square for her body shape. Also the Manchester Jacket is too big for her and buries her figure completely.

  10. Hummm, there’s not much that Annie doesn’t look good in, but I think I like her best in the Manchester Jacket, then the Dainty Pinstripes Pullover and the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan, if it were a tad bit longer.

  11. The Printed Silk Cardigan is cute, cute, cute on Annie. The color flatters her skin tones, and the rather low neckline looks fresh, pretty, and summer-y (whereas it might look trashy or self-delusional on a fuller-figured or older person). The shape of the Dainty Pinstripes Pullover looks great, but the color is too neutral; Annie looks good in colors.

  12. Printed silk is very flattering. Dainty stripes or climbing vines are very nice as well. The vertical lines are really nice on her body type. Makes her look taller

  13. Annie too has a beautiful smile; she looks great in all the sweaters. The 3 that I like most on Annie are the Printed Silk Cardigan , the Coral color is beautiful . The Dainty Pinstripes Pullover and the Climbing Vines Pullover fit great on her. Really showing off her beauty, her slim neck and confindents, which only add to her beauty.

  14. Printed Silk looks great on her, but I would bring the neckline up about an inch. So much skin showing there draws the attention down from her pretty face and makes the sweater look a little big when it really fits her well.

  15. Wow, she looks adorable in pretty much everything! I think the most flattering is the Victoria Pullover; she looks great shape-wise in a number of the sweaters (Printed Silk, Pinstripes, and Oriel), but the color and shaping of the Victoria are perfect for her.

  16. I think the printed silk cardi looks best.

    If there’s an oriel lace gallery, I’d love to see the link corrected, because it’s currently going to the braided pullover instead.

  17. I’d vote for the Flutter Sleeve cardie or the Blooming cardie – interesting how there is no stand-out winner! Half your luck Annie, that you look so stunning in everything that we can’t choose 😉

  18. Annie has a model’s body and almost everything looks really good on her. The bulky knits that didn’t look so good on either Debbie or Meghan look great on Annie. But my favorite is the Printed Silk for both style and color.

  19. Annie is great in all of these. My very favorite is the Printed Silk with the Climbing Vines Pullover a close second. (I liked the design on that one, however it really only looks good on Annie).

  20. My vote is for the Oriel Lace Blouse. Annie looks demure and sexy at the same time. What woman wouldn’t want that?! The Printed Silk Cardigan also looks very good on her.

  21. She’s small so even though nothing looks bad on her, I would think the danger is in being overpowered by the clothes. I think the most flattering: Climbing Vines pullover, Victoria yoke pullover & the Printed Silk Cardigan. All three show off her figure and bring attention to her face.

  22. I’m diggin’ the Oriel Lace Blouse and the Painted Silk Cardigan. All of these look great on Annie, but these two stand out the most to me. … Maybe the Victoria Yoke Pullover, too (I’m just drawn to this sweater on any model!!!)

  23. So pretty! Climbing Vines & Victoria Yoke. Annie looks really striking in Victoria; she owns the look. Although I’d like the Climbing Vines better in a less muted tone, it doesn’t seem too like too much sweater on Annie, and it did on others. Maybe it’s her longer torso?

  24. Annie looks great in so many of these, so I worked backward. The Manchester Jacket is the wrong color and makes her look flatter busted. The Dainty Stripes looks too broad in the shoulders and the color washes her out. She is the only one that I thought the Victoria Pullover looked fabulous on. The Climbing Vines is also very nice, great color and my personal favorite. The Oriel Lace is wonderful, perhaps my favorite for her, so ethereal. The Vest and the Printed Silk Cardigan are beautiful, great colors for her.

    For this magazine, I vote for the Climbing Vines, I guess. So hard to choose. Thanks, Annie

  25. printed silk cardigan without a doubt. Although she has the kind of figure where most of the sweaters look good on her except the ropes and picots cardigan which is too boxy on her.

  26. OK, you found the girl that can wear anything. The only negatives I can see are The Manchester jacket could be a bit smaller so she doesnt look quite so overwelmed by the jacket. and the Blooming Cardigan again lookes to biig for her. Come to thinkj of it , were the sweater knit to fit better I dont think it would do anything for her long lean frame except make her look longer and the bulk of the cable totally hides her figure.

  27. I like the Climbing Vines and Painted Silk Cardigan best on her. The Dainty Pinstripes is flattering, but too monochromatic with her skin. To me, the Oriel Lace Blouse looks like it came from her grandmother’s closet–not sure I’d like it on anybody.

  28. The Oriel Lace Blouse looks awesome on Annie and suits her age and fun personality. The Printed Silk Cardigan is tied with it, because it gives her a totally different look…very dressy, classy and sophisticated, plus there are so many look options with this one. She can’t go wrong with either one!

  29. I would also like to add that Annie would also look great in several other ones: Victoria Yoke Pullover, Ivy League Vest and Dainty Pinstripe Pullover (in a slightly darker color)…Annie has so many options here with her great body shape, coloring and hair. She honestly could wear just about any of these!

  30. The Printed Silk Cardigan is a real winner on her, and the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan looks almost as good. (Actually most of the sweaters look great on her; the Dainty Stripes Pullover and the Oriel Lace Blouse don’t grab me though, and the Ropes and Picots Cardigan looks too short for her somehow.)

  31. There are some folks, such as yours truely, that have to be careful to pick sweater patterns that will actually take a person from frump to fantastic. Then there are other gals that can wear a potatoe sack and make it look good, such as Annie in the photos above. In Annie’s case the question is more “What does she feel like knitting today?”

  32. Climbing Vines and the Printed Silk Cardigan both look fabulous and both have great fit! They look like they were personally designed for her. Even the colors are perfect

  33. Annie has the most beautiful figure! Almost everything looks good on her. The Printed Silk Cardigan just shouts out “Look at me!” The color is vivacious and the shaping if most flattering. A modeling career should be the next thing she should try!

  34. What “problems?” I would love to have her figure “problem” areas. If I had her figure my problem would be which sweater to wear first. Seriously, the Silk cardigan looks great and even looks better because of the great color. The Victoria Yolk Pullover is also nice especially the color.

  35. Well, she doesn’t look bad in any of them, but I like the Victorian Yoke and the Printed Silk the best. They seem to fit and flatter her the most. The others tend to look a bit too large or just don’t quite hit her in the perfect spots, if I want to be extra picky.

  36. Annie is lucky that most of these sweaters look great on her! The only two that I think she should avoid are the Manchester Jacket and the Ropes and Picot Cardigan. The Manchester jacket looks too big on her and the Ropes and Picot a bit too big around the neckline. My favorites on Annie if I had to choose are the Victoria Yoke and Printed Silk, both good fits and terrific colors on her.

  37. Annie looks great in most of these sweaters. It is hard to pick one. I would say that the Manchester is the least flattering as it looks too big. Again that Victoria Yoke and Dainty Pinstripe seem to flatter all including Annie.

  38. Annie looks great in most of these sweaters. It is hard to pick one. I would say that the Manchester is the least flattering as it looks too big. Again that Victoria Yoke and Dainty Pinstripe seem to flatter all including Annie.

  39. Most sweater are very becoming on beautifull Annie but not the Manchester coat and the flutter sleeve. Both make her look too skinny, almost scrawny and overwhelm her gorgeous figure. Pinstripe would be a favourite but not in this colour. She pulls off the victoria yoke best of all models. Meghan can just about get away with it too, but the high neck makes somewhat busty gals look extremely boob-job-y. For the not so heavily endowed on the other hand it suggests more than is actually there, which for them and thus for Annie doesn’t hurt at all.

  40. 1. Printed silk cardigan, wonderful color and great shape
    2. Climbing vines pullover, again the color and scoop neckline
    3. Dainty pinstripes pullover, this would be number 1 if in a more vinbrant color. Really, she looks great in most of the sweaters. Love her winning smile.

  41. I don’t agree that ahe can wear everything. I don’t like the manchester jacket on her but I think it is not a design to look good in. My favorite is the printed silk cardigan. the Oriol lace blouse is a close second, I am starting to think that the victoria yoke sweater looks good on everyone.

  42. This is a fascinating exercise for many reason, but not least because of the general response to Annie. We think because she is slender and pretty that she looks good in everything, but the truth is: No she doesn’t. Yes, she doesn’t look horrible in anything, but that doesn’t mean every shape garment flatters her body type. The oriel lace neck takes away from her face. The Flutter sleeve might be OK in a smaller size in a better color for her. The Ropes and Picot neckline is NOT flattering, and the Blooming Cardigan, while a great color for her, is just OK as a “big” sweater (even with shorter sleeves). On the other hand, the Print Silk Cardigan is excellent for balance, spunk, and color. The Dainty Pinstrip neckline truely flatters. It’s not a good color for her, but imagine it in the color of the Printed Silk. Sexy. The Climbing Vines is good. She can handle the bulk, but the color is just OK, not bad but not good. The vest fits but need some detail at the outer armhole to balance it on her. Color only ho-hum.

  43. Annie looks good in most of the styles but I really liked the victorian yoke pull over(maybe would have made it a little bit longer) and the painted silk cardigan(the color is amazing on her). I don’t think the manchester Jacket(or any of the boxy jacket styles) is very flattering on her as she is so small framed it kind of makes her look diminished. I also don’t like the Ropes and Picot on her, it makes her appear boxy.

  44. Very interesting. Annie and I have a very similar body type, and I’d say that she needs something that clings a little more. The Victorian Yoke and Dainty Pinstripes do that here, and thus I’d say they are the most flattering. Stay away from anything that is baggy with this body type!!

  45. With Annie’s slender figure, she can wear most any of these, but most flattering on her is the Printed Silk Cardi, followed byt the demure looking Victoria Yoke Pullover. The Printed Silk Cardi is a an easy, comfortable looking style; very feminine. The Flutter Sleeve Cardigan might look better on her in a different color. Don’t care for the Oriel Lace Blouse, Ivy League Vest, Blooming Cardi (too bulky/sloppy looking for her),

  46. Annie looks good in many styles, but the size should go down one on most samples. Forget Manchester. The lovely coral Silk Cardigan flatters her best as is among this grouping of already knitted garments.

  47. Annie wears all of these styles beautifully. I particularly like the Victoria Yoke Pullover & Printed Silk Cardigan. My least favorites (which were much easier to choose) were the Blooming Cardigan and the Manchester Jacket.

  48. Thank you, all! I was nervous about this gallery and people leaving comments, but you were all so kind and GREAT! In case you’re all wondering, my favorite sweater of the bunch is the Oriel, followed closely by the Victorian Yoke Sweater. However, before this gallery was ever posted i was determined to knit the Ropes and Picots cardigan. Now i’ve decided it is not the sweater for me! Thanks againfor your comments. -Annie

  49. The Victoria Yoke is fabulous on her. The buttons work well on her long neck, the shape is flattering and the colour really adds punch to her skin tone. Second place is the Printed Silk, but that’s also a lot about colour.

  50. Dainty Pinstripes and Printed Silk, definitely. Flutter Sleeve is a close third. It would be a bit easier to tell if she wasn’t so much smaller than most of the samples – she’s lithe and dainty, and these garments look huge on her (lucky girl!)

  51. I think she can rock all of them with the exception of the Oriel Lace (shocking for me to say – lace is my absolute favorite) and the Flutter Sleeve. I don’t like how either looks on her.

  52. It appears that Annie can wear, and look great, in all the sweaters. The Painted Silk is the perfect color for her. The Dainty Pinstripes definately shows her beautiful hour glass shape although the color is too pale. Made up in the same color as the Painted Silk and she would WOW everyone!

  53. I think Annie looks best in the Oriel Lace Blouse, but she really looks great in all of them, except for the Manchester Jacket and the Blooming Cardigan, but I think they are just too large and bulky for her.

  54. Alexandra J wrote: Annie looks the best with the Victoria Yoke Pullover. She doesn´t need a lot of different pattens, so the clearly line is very good, and the red of this sweater is very beautifull at her.

  55. Annie looks fabulous in every sweater. The Printed Silk cardi caught my eye immediately. That is typical for me. The most expensive sweater is always the one I like.

  56. I personally love lace. So, the Oriel Lace Blouse is my style. The color of the Printed Silk Cardigan is great for Annie as well as the style. Like CarolS, I too pick out the most expensive one right away.

  57. I think Annie can wear all of these (lucky girl!) but most of them need to be at least one size smaller. Victoria Yoke Pullover, Printed Silk Cardigan, Ivy League Vest and Flutter Sleeve Cardigan fit her and thus look very nice.