Grotto Wrap

Designer: Karen D. Kendrick-Hands
Published: April 17, 2009
Technique: Knitting
Skill Level: Intermediate.

Updated PDF with readable glossary April 20, 2009

This garment is worked in two halves, each starting at the sleeve cuff and working toward the center of the body. Each sleeve is worked in the round to the armhole. Stitches for the sides of the back and front are added using a provisional cast-on, and the new cast-on stitches are gradually joined to the sleeve stitches using short-rows to create armhole shaping. The back and front are worked back and forth in rows in one piece until they are divided at the neck edge for working the front and back separately. The live stitches of each half at center back are grafted together.

Finished Size: 36 (40, 44, 48, 52)" bust circumference. Cardigan shown measures 36", modeled with about 3" positive ease before wrapping and tying.

Yarn: Neighborhood Fiber Co. Loft (60% kid mohair, 40% silk; 170 yd [156 m]/14.25 g; CYCA #1 superfine): Sheridan Circle (teal), 8 (9, 10, 11, 12) skeins.

Needles: Body and sleeves—size 101⁄2 (6.5 mm): 16" and 32" circulars (cir) and set of double-pointed (dpn). Cuffs—size 9 (5.5 mm): set of dpn. Adjust needle size if necessary to obtain the correct gauge.

Notions: Markers (m); removable markers; cable needle (cn); stitch holder or spare cir needle; smooth contrasting waste yarn in worsted weight for provisional CO; tapestry needle.

Gauge: 13 sts and 20 rows/rnds = 4" in St st on larger needles; 12 sts of gull wing cable measure 2" wide using larger needles.

Skill level: Intermediate.

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38 thoughts on “Grotto Wrap

  1. this is a beautiful sweater and will be my first fall project….well, in TX we really do not have fall but it will be the first one I start when the temps dip below 80 again…..have just the yarn in mind…reminds me, gotta go to Yarnivore today…Beautiful.

  2. Can you mention a substiute yarn because the yarn you used is not available here in Europe. Otherwise does the yarn knit up to the gauge mentioned normally or are the needles used/recommended larger than usual? It is a very beautiful cardigan, I really have to say.

  3. RenateL: According to Ravelry the recommended yarn is lace weight/2-ply with a rather unhelpfully large gauge ranging from 4 to 8 sts per inch on US 3-8 (3.25-5mm) needles.

  4. Once again, I’m getting an error when I try to open this PDF. (And, yes, I *do* have the latest version of Acrobat and I only experience this issue from your site.)

  5. What a lovely wrap!
    I live in the US and cannot find the recommended yarn at any online store. A more easily available substitute would be very helpful.

  6. @ChristinaR, I had this problem at first using a PDF downloader extension on my browser. The link above should take you to another web page where you can log in, and then download the file. It worked for me when I disabled my PDF downloader add-on.

  7. I’m also getting an error when I try to open this PDF. (I also have the latest version of Acrobat). It’s only happened twice – for this Grotto Wrap and for the set of lace patterns. I’ve not had any problems downloading any other patterns from Knitting Daily.

  8. The trick for opening PDF’s from this site is to log onto the site first and THEN download the file. (You have to be a member of this site to get the free downloads, but the sign up is free.)
    Sometimes I forget to sign on or I’ve cleaned out my cookies file and have to resign in. When I do, I can’t download the files either. As soon as I sign in, it downloads just fine.
    I think this is because many of these files are only free for a limited period of time and then you have to pay for them. By signing in, you can get it for free while it’s up and then later, they can reset the file to be a charged download. So I always hit “files” >save as and then save it in the folder (crafts>knitting>…) I want to keep it in. (Just remember to back up the files once in a while. Do NOT ask why…sigh, you REALLY do NOT want to know!)

  9. This is a gorgeous sweater but when printing the pattern don’t expect the figures illustrating the special stitches to show up because they don’t. They were done in white against a tan background and when printed they are invisible. I have enough books to find any illustrations I need but someone without an extensive knitting library might be disappointed. Just thought you should know.

  10. Re: Downloading the pattern. I too had trouble downloading the pattern, but only in Firefox. When I switched to Internet Explorer, I had no problem at all.

  11. Thanks all for the kind words about this design.
    Two strands held together of any silk and mohair blend, laceweight 200 meters to 25 grams,will substitute nicely. Rowan’s Kid Silk Haze or Cascade’s Kid Seta, Kertzer’s Ovation
    are three yarns that will work. The intention is for a very airy garment, hence the lace weight yarn and large needles.
    Most other fibers this fine, when knit on larger needles will be too drapey for the side to side sweater. you will really need the stickiness of a wool or mohair. Two strands of laceweight alpaca might work, but you should swatch and block first.

  12. I really love this wrap, it is really gorgeous. If any body is having problems reading the print, just simply print it in a different color so it is easier to read. I you are using mozilla firefox, just simply down load the file and then double click on the download and it will open up, or when it asks what you want to open it up with, change that setting to internet explorer, and it will open the pdf file.

  13. I had no trouble whatsoever downloading this pattern. I hit the orange download button on the pattern page, took me to the sign in page and I chose open for the pdf and it popped right up – Gorgeous sweater! I have some navy blue laceweight baby alpaca yarn (from Reynolds I think, it was at a really good price per skein, so I bought some hoping to find something to use it for – I think this will be really gorgeous if I buy another color like another blue or a dark green. Gotta go tomorrow and see if I can find me some more at my LYS (there are only two here in my area). Thanks for the great pattern!

  14. I hit the wrong button, sorry. I can’t get to the Download, either. The link takes me to the website, not to a download.Of course, the button says “Take me there” instead of Download, so I’m guessing the link is down.

  15. I was directed to this page via a “FREE” pattern link on, however, I cannot find the download button anywhere.  I went to the trouble of joining Knitting Daily and downloaded your pattern book with 7 cardigan designs, thinking this one was maybe in that book, but it isn’t.  Please tell me how to download this pattern – I’m itching to try it.

  16. I was directed to this page via a “FREE” pattern link on, however, I cannot find the download button anywhere.  I went to the trouble of joining Knitting Daily and downloaded your pattern book with 7 cardigan designs, thinking this one was maybe in that book, but it isn’t.  Please tell me how to download this pattern – I’m itching to try it.

  17. I too can’t get this download to work, since there is no ‘download’ button on this one free item even though other free downloads are still working fine, which is irritating. However what is even more irritating is that despite numerous people before me leaving this type of comment on the blog no one responsible for keeping the site up to date seems either to fix the problem or even reply to those of us who are frustrated trying to click a link for this supposedly free download. It looks a beautiful pattern, too bad we won’t get a chance to find out for ourselves.

  18. So … Not only have you removed the pattern which I didn’t realize earlier I had to download, but you won’t even reply to commenters asking how to get it? If you’re going to remove things you previously offered, the least you could do is put up a notice saying it’s expired and put a big logo or something in the magazine so people would know they needed to download it on a limited-time basis.