IWK Summer 2008 Plaid Halter

Gallery: Plaid Halter, design by Gryphon Perkins

Interweave Knits Summer 2008This is a great, lightweight summer top! The hemp breathes, and the gauge isn't very tight, so if you live in a warm climate, this would be a great all-season pattern! We thought it would be good for office wear, or for giving speeches. (Debbie for President! Stefanie for Prime Minister! What a world THAT would be….)

Plaid Halter

Sample garment is 32".

Knitting Gallery - Plaid Halter Stefanie Knitting Gallery - Plaid Halter Debbie


Her bust: 34"
2" Negative Ease

Great shaping on Stefanie at the waist, and the neckline is perfect on her. The armholes look a bit big, but they are not too bad. She might need an extra 1" or so of length at the hips.


Her bust: 34.5"
2.5" Negative Ease

Wow. This is adorable on Debbie. The armholes gap just a bit above the bustline, but overall, I think this is cute on her. The waist shaping helps add in extra curves, and the high neckline helps pull your eyes up to her great face.

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