Meghan: Which Style Suits Her Best?

Interweave Knits Winter 2008


Shoulder width equal to hips

Short torso

Waist halfway between underbust and hips

Dangerous curves and a beautiful face!

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Interweave Knits Winter 2008
Knitting Gallery - Manchester Jacket Meghan Knitting Gallery - Victoria Yoke Pullover Meghan

Manchester Jacket
Gallery page to come 12/10/08

Collar draws attention up to face
Collar lines widen neck and shoulders
Double-breasted jacket minimizes bust
Flared hemline flatters hips
Garment shape emphasizes hourglass lines
Waist detail creates extra curve at waist

Victoria Yoke Pullover
Gallery page to come 12/10/08

Neck and yoke detail bring interest up to face
Longish sleeves bring eye downwards
Hem falls at hips
Tiny hem detailing does not overwhelm hips
Strong color and smooth fabric compliment her beautiful features and her own strong coloring

Knitting Gallery - Ropes and Picots Cardigan Meghan Knitting Gallery - Blooming Cardigan Meghan

Ropes and Picots Cardigan
Ropes and Picots Gallery page

Textured "stripes" keep eye moving
Sleeve stripes widen shoulders
Hem ends at hips
Tailored sleeves do not add width to body
Gorgeous color on her!

Blooming Cardigan
Blooming Cardigan Gallery page

Collar widens shoulders and frames face
Bobble panel at sides adds vertical interest
Straight shape of sweater hides curves

Knitting Gallery - Dainty Pinstripes Pullover Meghan Knitting Gallery - Climbing Vines Pullover Meghan

Dainty Pinstripes Pullover
Gallery page to come 12/10/08

Wide, horizontal neckline widens shoulders
Raglan sleeves emphasize chest area
Vertical stripes lengthen torso
Top of ribbing hits at natural waist
Wide ribbing at hips balances top section

Climbing Vines Pullover
Climbing Vines Gallery page

Vine design brings eye upwards
Scoop neckline frames face
Narrow ribbing at hips does not add bulk
Straight shape of sweater hides curves

Here are some questions to consider as you look at these photos:

  • How do you think the garment compliments each woman's individual body type and personal style?
  • Which body type would this garment look best on?
  • If you wanted to knit a sweater straight out of the magazine, with no pattern adjustments except for sleeve and hem length, would this be the sweater for you and your body type?
  • Would it fit your personal style?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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101 thoughts on “Meghan: Which Style Suits Her Best?

  1. The Dainty Pinstripes looks amazing, widens her shoulders and narrows the hips and gives a long, sleek look; the Ropes and Picots cardingan does, too, but it could be mainly colour..
    NOT the Blooming Cardigan, it makes Meghan just about disappear!

  2. The Dainty Pinstripes Pullover gives Meghan more vertical stretch to her torso and because it isn’t as heavy a knit, works better to lighten her overall look.

  3. the victoria yoke pullover and the dainty pinstripes pullover are the most flattering because both show that she has some shape to her. the others actually make her look bigger thru the middle then she really is.

  4. I like the Ropes and Picots best for her, especially in that green. As another redhead, I know that when I find “right” green, it’s a knockout combination. The Victoria Yoke is also good for her. It’s fast becoming a favorite of mine and I may have to make me one.

  5. Dainty Pinstripes Pullover is brilliant over the snug black dress — i never imagined that the Pullover would be perfect over endless curves, but yes, it is. annp

  6. The Ropes and Picots Cardigan is elegant, and a great color for Meghan. The Dainty Pinstripes also looks nice. My question: How much is Meghan’s *pose* influencing our perceptions of the sweaters? The Manchester Jacket and Blooming Cardigan have elements that those of us who do not have Twiggy-esque figures have been told to avoid–but the full-front-on pose is also something we’ve been told to avoid.

  7. Roped and Picots is the best on her. The color is fantastic and the fit is great. I want to like the Dainty Pinstripes, but I can’t get past the washed out color. I find the Victoria Yolk to look a bit snug all over.

  8. I like the pinstripes and the ropes and picots style on megan. The longer styles accentuate her thick-ish waist (don’t I know it!) – but she looks lovely in them all.

  9. The Dainty Pinstripes looks fabulous on her but I think I’d prefer it in the green. Neither the color or the style would look good on me as I have a figure more like Debbie’s.

  10. I’m torn between the Dainty Pinstripes and the Victoria Yoke – which is interesting, because they are both quite fitted. I’m a similar build (although possibly larger!) and I never wear fitted garments, as I’ve always thought they’d be unflattering. I must rethink!!

  11. I would do it in a different color that’s more complementary to Meghan’s beautiful hair, but I think she looks extraordinary in the Victoria Yoke pullover. Rock that sweater, girl, it’s amazing on you!

  12. Definitely the Dainty Pinstripes! Good color, good proportions. Gives her a lean hourglass shape, flatters her curves, lengthens her body. The Picos is bulkier and adds thickness, but the color and proportion look great. The Victoria Yoke looks too tight for my taste. The bulkier sweaters all add too much thickness and make her look heavier and the long styles are not right on her frame. She looks better in a lighter weight, shorter sweater. Pretty girl!

  13. I love the dainty pinstripe sweater on her. It shows off her sexy curves but doesn’t overpower her face. I love it on her. I also like the Victoria Yoke Pullover on her.

  14. Dainty Stripes! She looks smashing.

    Part of what’s good about it is the lack of bulk…lovely shaping combines with skimming fiber. Lovely.

    The bulk is why I don’t love the Blooming Cardi or Climbing Vines…Blooming Cardi just obscures Meghan’s beauty and Climbing Vines is too straight & smooshes her curves.

  15. Meghan has a wonderful curyvy figure and Ithe dainty stripes sweater sets those curves off to a tee. Her figure lookes totally balanced and the lower neck line draws you eye to her lovely face.

  16. The Dainty Pinstripes Pullover looks best on Meghan because it has the shaping she needs already built in! The vertical striping and the lighter fabric is also very flattering on her. It’s colouring only works because she is wearing the black dress under it, though. I’ve found that fair damsels need to stay away from colours that blend with their skin tone.
    Victoria Yoke Pullover would work if it had the shaping that the Dainty Pinstripes Pullover has. You can see the negative ease at the bust line where she would have to add some room and darts. So, in this case that one’s out.

  17. The Ropes and Picots Cardigan and the Dainty Pinstripes Pullover are my faves on Meghan. They both flatter her body and are very versatile. They look great on her.

  18. Meghan looks AMAZING in the Dainty Pinstripes. It is so great to be able to do this, and obviously everyone seems to agree. I wish there were a way we could try on sweaters before we knit them. That would be a wonderful thing.

  19. The Dainty Pinstripes, to my eye, is the most flattering. One problem with the Victoria Yoke that might not be apparent from the picture – Meghan seems to be one of the more busty Gallery Girls, and from some angles the plain stockinette, very fitted sweater says HERE ARE MY BOOBS!! better than almost any other style.

  20. Dainty Pinstripes is a real knockout on Meghan! Very good fit and very flattering over all. Picots and Pinstripes is also very attractive and fits well, but Dainty Pinstripes will turn heads for sure!

  21. I think she looks best in the Victoria Yoke pullover and the Dainty Pinstripes. If the Dainty Pinstripes was in the green of the Ropes and Picots color it would work even better. I think the Ropes and Picots would be good for work on her. I will have to give Dainty Pinstripes more consideration after seeing how it fit her.

  22. Hands down, the fit of the Dainty Stripes Pullover flatters her figure the most. Although the Blooming Cardigan hides her curves too much, I love that blue with her gorgeous red hair.

  23. I think the Ropes and Picots is nice on her especially since her hips are as wide as her shoulders. The best is the Dainty Pinstripes but the color needs to be changed to a cranberry or a dark forest green.

  24. I agree with the majority, the Dainty Pinstripes looks fabulous on Meghan! I also like the Ropes and Picots, probably because the color is so flattering on her, and also the Blooming Cardigan would be good for those days when she doesn’t want a figure hugging sweater to wear, just a comfortable, warm one.

  25. I like the Dainty Pinstripes best of the group and the ropes and picots second. Her pretty red hair looks good with the green. Those two are very figure flattering.

  26. Please pardon me if I’m a little too blunt…

    Manchester Jacket looks okay on you (Meghan), but kind of… “lumpy”. You’re “smokin'” in Victoria Yoke Pullover. Ropes and Picots Cardigan is a bit stout, but still classy. Blooming Cardigan is definitely *not* a good look for you. Dainty Pinstripes Pullover is *fabulous*, definitely the best look! You look toned and svelte… and if it can do the same for me, I’m all over it! Although a pretty sweater, Climbing Vines Pullover doesn’t compliment you, putting you back in the “lumpy” category.

  27. I think Meghan could wear most of these if they were sized for her. It looks like most of the sweaters were just a tad small. I love three of them on her: Dainty Pinstripe Pullover, the Victorian Yoke Pullover and the Ropes and vines.

  28. Ropes and picots rules, fit, colour (that green next to her red hair, awesome!) the whole package, it’s just made for her! Dainty pinstripes comes second for me. Victoria is sort of ok (borderline case, she’d need to want to look busty and curvy, but it’s not unflattering). Manchester looks like she’s expecting, guess one needs a very flat tummy for that one. Climbing vines and blooming both make her look heavy instead of pretty curvy.

  29. While not all the styles suit Meghan’s body type, she looks great in almost all of the colours here! (Except maybe the pink – doesn’t look great with her hair) I think the Ropes and Picot Cardigan, the Manchester jacket, and the Victoria Yoke Pullover are good matches for her body type, and what I imagine her style to be. The Dainty Stripes might be good in another colour, but I find this colour doesn’t flatter her complexion.

  30. I like the dainty Stripes style the best although not the color…The style widens her shoulders and narrows her waist. Definitely NOT the blooming cardigan as it makes all her curves disappear..and she just appears boxy in it although I do like the color of it.

  31. I love the daint pinstipes highlight her figure quite well. And there is no bulkiness around the waist, but the ribbing and change in ribbing shapes the waist quite well.

  32. Dainty Pinstripes: flattering waist/hip ribbing, slimming stripes. Not too crazy about the pale color on her. Close second is Roses & Picot Cardi.
    Definite NOs for her: Manchester Jacket (waist detail over-emphasizes horizontal lines), Blooming Cardi (bobble panel makes this look too bulky on her, sleeves too long).

  33. I don’t think it is a fair comparison from the way the pictures are taken. The sweaters that tend to not be as flattering have Meghan facing straight to the camera, while the sweaters that have her standing slightly to the side seem to be more flattering. I think all of the pictures should have been taken the same way.

  34. Finer weight yarn definitely looks better on her figure. The Victoria would be more flattering one size up. Rope and Picots would be even better with the neckline lowered 1-1/2″. Dainty Pinstripes should have the transition to ribbing either raised or lowered a bit. Removing her hand from her waist reveals the point of emphasis to be at the side waist. Her body is actually straight up and down here rather than indented, so design lines leading here are unflattering.

  35. Hi Everyone!! Thank you so much for all of you wonderful comments! I was very nervous going into this gallery, but you were all very kind and wonderful. I love reading the feedback from all of you and I agree that the Dainty Pinstripes looks the best, and would look even better in a shade of green or blue. Happy Holidays—Meghan 🙂

  36. Dainty Pinstripes & Ropes and Picots are the sweaters for Meghan. Both lengthen and slim her torso, giving her a classic yet modern look. The Manchester Jacket makes her look pregnant (I assume she is not) and the Blooming Cardigan bulks her up – both BAD LOOKS for her. She is a pretty girl and deserves pretty sweaters to flatter her build & coloring. Listen to me Meghan, knit the 2 I recommmend! Or better yet, keep the ones you modeled – perfect!

  37. My preference would be the Ropes & Picots Cardigan. I would also like to see her in the Braided Pullover. I think with the diagonal line, it would elongate her waist a bit.

  38. What stunningly beautiful coloring Meghan has! She looks wonderful in the Dainty Pinstripes as a shape. It does all the right things for her body, although in a different color ( the wonderful green of Ropes & Picots Cardigan or perhaps a charcoal). The corpselike color of the Dainty Pinstripes model looked ghastly on everyone.

    My second choice would be the Ropes & Picots Cardigan, the color is fantastic on Meghan. Although a boxy shape, the length and proportions work well and it has a sophisticated look.

    I found the Victorian Yoke to be extremely unflattering to Meghan, although loved the color on her. The neckline shortened her neck, putting all emphasis on “the girls”, and the yoke shaping made her upper arms/shoulders look meaty.

  39. I have to agree with another poster; the Dainty Stripes Pullover and the Victoria Yoke Pullover are both very flattering on Meghan. Those two garments complement her figure nicely–and at the risk of sounding blase, the Dainty Pinstripes is actually very slimming on her! I think in more saturated colors it would be absolutely stunning.

    The color of the Ropes & Picots is awesome with her complexion, but the boxy shape just hangs and doesn’t do much for her IMO.

  40. the Dainty Pinstripes Pullover looks the best on her, it is classy yet she still looks hip in it (because she is).
    the Ropes and Picots Cardigan makes her look “like her mother” what i notice in its line is it is also way too short on her.
    the Climbing Vines Pullover looks like a handmade gift with good intentions but is not “her”.
    the Blooming Cardigan has the disadvantage of the collar which looks old fashioned on her, it would be much better collarless on her, or maybe try a collar that does not widen to the sides for her, more pointed towards the centre.
    the Manchester Jacket looks very good on her, IF she likes it.
    the Victoria Yoke Pullover looks great on her (and young and she IS young), given it has less negative ease to not have all those pleats forming under the arms and not hugging her every “fats” places so much, i’d go for a thicker yarn on her.

    she’s very cute and needs clothes that keep her looking young.

  41. Meghan looks very good in the Dainty Pinstripes Pullover, because it makes her slimmer, the bust line goes good, and the color is very beautyfull with her red hairs.

  42. All of a sudden I’m incredibly jealous of Meghan!!! They say that redheads don’t look good in red, but, they were wrong. Meghan just blew that out of the water. I want the Manchester Jacket for myself, maybe with a belt. The Victoria Yoke Pullover is perfect all the way around for Meghan.

  43. I particularly liked the ropes and cables on Meghan. I like the style on her and the pattern, color, and yarn are all great. It seems to fit her well and for a petite person that is flattering in my opinion. I would choose this pattern based on how this sweater looks on Meghan.

  44. If I were Meghan, I would be wearing blue every day! That said – simple and form fitting are winners on Meghan. Victorian Yolk pullover is my fave followed by Dainty Pinstripes pullover as a close close second.