Two Freebies! Entrelac Tutorial and Easy Entrelac Scarf Pattern

One of the best entrelac tutorials I've ever seen is the Beyond the Basics article written by Eunny Jang in the Spring 2007 issue of Interweave Knits. Since entrelac can be a bit tough to explain, here's an excerpt from that article:

Entrelac fabric's series of tilted blocks are worked one at a time in tiers. Individual blocks may be worked over any number of stitches, and a piece may have any number of individual blocks.

In all cases, each block contains twice as many rows as it does stitches. Though the basic entrelac technique has several variations, the method described in this article produces tidy results.

When you practice entrelac for the first time, try working every other tier of blocks in a different color to emphasize the basketweave effect and make it easier to identify the block and live stitches of each tier.

Note: When you work the first stitch of every row, you can slip it for a tidy pickup edge, but be aware that you will lose some elasticity in the knitted piece.


In fact, that whole article is so good that here it is as a free Friday treat for all you nice Knitting Daily members:

Free download! Eunny Jang's Beyond the Basics: Entrelac Knitting Block by Block


Free pattern: Entrelac Scarf for Beginners
from Lisa Shroyer, editor of Knitscene

If you’re new to entrelac and need a basic pattern to get started, you’re in luck! I just started an easy scarf and thought it would make a great beginner entrelac project. I made up the instructions based on Eunny Jang’s Beyond the Basics article on entrelac, so if you have that article, following the pattern will be a good exercise.

You’ll see I haven’t finished the scarf, but it’s such a quick knit I should be able to complete it before the weather changes here in the Northeast. Enjoy!

Download Lisa's Easy Entrelac Scarf Pattern

And a final entrelac tip from Lisa:

When picking up stitches along the selvedge of a block, try to pick up the first and last stitches as close to the ends of the block as possible—i.e., pick up stitches in the “corners” as much as possible, to avoid holes in those corners between blocks.

Look for another lovely beginner-level entrelac pattern
in the new Winter 2008/Spring 2009 issue of Knitscene–the Orchid Wrap, by Cecily Glowik Macdonald.

For those already in love with entrelac, you can purchase Eunny’s Entrelac Socks and Sandy Beadle’s Annetrelac Socks from the  Interweave Pattern Store.

— Lisa Shroyer
editor of Knitscene magazine

 Ask for Knitscene at your local yarn shop, or buy it online from us.


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19 thoughts on “Two Freebies! Entrelac Tutorial and Easy Entrelac Scarf Pattern

  1. Hey All, THANKS MUCH for the great tutorial on Entrelac Knitting, AND tjhe beautiful Scarf pattern. Knitting Daily is a site I check DAILY and appreciate your afticles, offerings, freebie patterns, and general encouragement. I;m a male knitter with very few resources, and am very appreciative.
    For some weird reason my LYS doesn’t like guys. Don’t know what there problem is…. LOL Gerry

  2. Hi – Cannot open the Tutorial – the my Adobe reader says that the file is corrupted. I’ve tried to download it four different times, but each time it won’t open.

  3. Susie R.-Love the color work that comes out in the scarf, but it’s pricy yarn! Can you suggest an alternate changing colors yarn to use? no trouble downloading at least.

  4. Okay, I feel like a total idiot because I know how to work it, but what I want to know is how the heck to you say ‘Entrelac’? Is it like ‘lace’ or ‘lack’ or none of the above? I’ll check back later to see if anyone has had pity on me. Thanks!

  5. i liked using entrelac but cant understand why it is not used more often for a triangler shawl if I could send you a photo i would show you the one I have made and it easy and a much nicer view I think of enterlac than all the
    straight shawls


  6. Like the other commenters, I am thrilled to have a chance to try Entrelac. You do a wonderful job at Knittingdaily. I so look forward to your daily postings to my email.

    Thanks for everything. You keep me inspired!

  7. I would love to download the free scarf pattern and learn entrelac. However, I cannot get it to download – a dialog box tells me the file is corrupted or is not an acrobat file. I get this with all patterns from your site, but usually if I go up and sign in, then go to the pattern I can open it. This one won’t even do that. It’s really not fair to your readers to tantalize us like this. I have a brand new computer, so don’t think it’s the problem. Please take pity on my and let me download this pattern.

  8. Help I am one of those knit wits that can’t download entrelac scarf pattern..I even updated adobe acro- to see if that would help ..just keeps bouncing back to download button where it wants us to get subcription..I love love your patterns and up to date information your site gives us.. help “Agent Annie”

  9. I cannot download the patterns via Adobe. Are others having problems that you are aware of? The document starts to download and immediately stops. I get a message that says there’s an error opening the document. I use Adobe frequently.
    Carol F.

  10. Oooooh, yum. It’s been years since I’ve dabbled in entrelac, long before hand painted wools were en vogue. I distinctly recall being irked at being required to changing colours while also learning a new technique.
    Just to freshen my skills, I’ve started Lisa Shroyer’s Easy Entrelac Scarf – although I’m working it on 5mm needles and in Jojoland’s Rhythm (50g/100m), colour M05, just because I had a few spare skeins to hand.
    The colourway is not as pronounced as Lisa’s choice of the Noro, but the subtle shadow effect is quite lovely, and I’m seriously considering incorporating entrelac into the front panel of a ‘faux” aran that’s been in the back of my mind…

  11. I checked the FAQ and did not find my answer, nor did I find a link or email that I could use to ask for help.

    I suddenly stopped received Knitting Daily emails. They are not in my spam folder either. I checked my account and the YES box is clicked for receiving emails. I have not changed a thing

    Can I please get my emails back and why is there no one to ask for help with this stuff???????

  12. No problem downloading with AOL. Hello fellow worriers. Have knitted two cowl necks jumpers. Entrelac front and back, straight up the front and down the back. One six stitches per square and the of 10. Can’t read patterns so all help welcome for a left handed knitter.Bless all from Pam in UK

  13. For those having problems downloading Adobe files: you can try a couple different things. 1. Try opening Knitting Daily in a different browser (i.e. if you’re using Explorer, try Firefox). 2. You can try right clicking on the pdf and saving it to your computer, then opening it from there. 3. If you have recently uploaded the current version of Adobe Reader (, you may want to try clearing your cache then try again (see Tools, Internet Options, Browsing History Delete, Temporary Internet Files Delete). Hopefully one of those options helps!

  14. Thank you SO much for making this information availalble! Entrelac and steeks are my personal stretches for 2009, and I am looking forward to giving this pattern a try!

    (Oh, and a PS to CarolD: It’s pronounced ON-treh-LOCK. Nice French work that, I guess, means “between lace”?)

  15. “Who’ll take this woman with the skinny legs and all??!!”

    Let’s talk about those Eunny Socks–I started my pair when the magazine was published, but was soon outpaced by a fellow knitter when i put them aside for Christmas knitting– a common fate of socks at my house, alas!

    My speed-knitter friend brought to my attention that the calf area of this kilt/kneehigh sock is VERY NARROW, making it too tight for many people who had tried it on (or tried to try it on?).

    I had been all focused on the height and foot length of my pair, and sure enough, when I tried my 3/4 done sock on, it was stretched and distorted in the calf, so i am ripping back to the ankle and undertaking some (GASP!) entrelac shaping, both by going up a needle size or more, and by adding stitches to the squares.

    I have about a 15″ calf, and I am not inordinately big. This fits better at my 9″ ankle.

    Anybody out there already worked out the shaping to increase the size, or do I just have to wing it?

  16. I took entrelac classes at my LYS about 8 years ago. Made a vest and socks. We were taught to knit back backwards so there was no turning every row. (The purl rows are knit from the front). Why is this method not being taught now? It is so much simpler. There are tutorials online and on YouTube.

  17. Thought you’d enjoy knowing that I actually was able to do my first entrelac!! — made into a baby blanket.

    However, falling asleep while knitting entrelac proved to produce a very strange mess, which I realized AFTER waking up and beginning to knit again.

    Too bad I didn’t take pictures — but I did wind up frogging a lot!!!

    Thanks for the help on learning entrelac.