Stefanie: Which Sweater Is Best For Her?

Interweave Knits Winter 2008


Broad shoulders, wider than hips

Short waist and short torso

Square, muscular althletic frame

Hip, artistic style and sweet smile!

Knitting Gallery - Climbing Vines Pullover Stefanie Knitting Gallery - Ropes and Picots Cardigan Stefanie

Climbing Vines Pullover
from Knits Winter 2008
Climbing Vines Gallery page

Color matches her complexion perfectly
Neckline softens broad shoulders
Vines help give more "curve appeal"
Clingy shape "slenderizes" her and shows off her curves

Ropes and Picots Cardigan
from Knits Winter 2008
Ropes and Picots Gallery page

Simple, petite styling is in proportion to her body and her "look"
Boxy style compliments athletic frame
Vertical detailing on sleeves and front lengthen her silhouette

Knitting Gallery - Blooming Cardigan Stefanie Knitting Gallery - Manchester Jacket Stefanie

Blooming Cardigan
from Knits Winter 2008
Blooming Cardigan Gallery page

Bobble panel at sides lengthens her without adding width
Belt hits at a natural point and defines curves
Color is perfect on her
Bobbles help soften the overall look

Manchester Jacket
from Knits Winter 2008
Manchester Jacket Gallery page

Waist detail defines waist, gives her curves
Flared hem also adds curves and gives shape to hips

Knitting Gallery - Dainty Pinstripes Pullover Stefanie Knitting Gallery - Victoria Yoke Pullover Stefanie

Dainty Pinstripes Pullover
from Knits Winter 2008
Dainty Pinstripes Pullover Gallery page

Vertical stripes help lengthen her torso
Bust darts and back dart help create hourglass curves

Victoria Yoke Pullover
from Knits Winter 2008
Victoria Yoke Pullover Gallery page

Gorgeous color on her!
Smooth, clingy fabric lets her subtle curves shine through beautifully
Neck detail is great for her long neck


Knitting Gallery - Plaid Halter Stefanie Knitting Gallery - Folded Cowl Tee Stefanie

Plaid Halter
from Knits Summer 2008
Plaid Halter Gallery page

Slender silhouette shows off her curves
Waist shaping defines waist
Mock turtleneck pulls eye in from broad shoulders
Strong vertical lines lengthen her torso
Unusual fabric compliments her distinctive style

Folded Cowl Tee
from Knits Summer 2008
Folded Cowl Tee Gallery page

Neck detail pulls eye to face instead of shoulders
Delicate details help to soften overall "look"
Pretty drape at collar softens shoulders


Here are some questions to consider as you look at these photos:

  • How do you think the garment compliments each woman's individual body type and personal style?
  • Which body type would this garment look best on?
  • If you wanted to knit a sweater straight out of the magazine, with no pattern adjustments except for sleeve and hem length, would this be the sweater for you and your body type?
  • Would it fit your personal style?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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42 thoughts on “Stefanie: Which Sweater Is Best For Her?

  1. My favorite sweater from this issue is the Dainty Pinstripes Pullover. If I were making it for Stefanie, I would lower the ribbing, and add a few more inches of the plain pinstripe pattern before starting the bust darts.

    It’s interesting that you say Stefanie is short-waisted, as I think most of these sweaters look a bit short on her, leading me to think she’s got a longer torso.

    I think the Climbing Vines Pullover is the most flattering look on Stefanie, but the Ropes and Picots Cardigan fits her style nicely.

  2. No contest. The dainty stripes gives her shape. Some of the others look rather sack-like on her, and don’t show her off well at all. And as a person who has slightly heavy arms myself, I’m not a big fan of short sleeves. By cutting across the bicep they make your arms look wider.

  3. I’m gonna have to go with The Climbing Vines Pullover, however the Victoria Yoke Pullover looks nice on her (maybe lengthen the shirt and widen the sleeves ever so slightly).

  4. Ah finally someone with the same body shape as me! It is comforting to know I am not alone in the wide shoulder department.

    Honestly, I would not pick any of those swaters for her as they are not right for her (or my) shape. Each one makes her look larger than she is due to the necklines, lengths, or designs.

    If I was choosing one to knit for me, from this list, as I am the same shape, would be climbing vines with major alterations.

  5. Plaid Halter! Her proportions and attitude really look great in the halter. The plaid halter really flatters her upper assets, where the Blooming Cardigan almost makes her look bottom heavy. She is a beautiful woman and a good fit with some ease, neither tight nor too baggy, really flatters her. I would drop the waist for her on the Manchester.
    I wish I could like the Folded Cowl Tee on her. Not sure if it is the drape of the fabric, or the fit that bother’s me the most. Not her color either. I think it would be nice on her made in a more elastic yarn and in a deeper or more intense color.

    The others all work! Lucky Stefanie.

  6. I’m not sure which looks best on her yet….but I have to say the Plaid Halter looks terrible on her. (No offense or anything) But the colors are to dark for her….And the design takes attention away from her. She doesn’t wear it….It wears her! Which, of course, is bad. I would have to say the Victoria Yoke pullover looks best. The high collar attracts attention to her face. And the color looks great on her! I agree that it should be a little longer tho. It would lengthen her torso…and slim her.

  7. Victoria Yoke with about 2″ more length. If she didn’t layer it it would look terrific with dress slacks. Many of the others look bulkier than she does or almost look like she is playing dress up. The rich red and curve hugging shape gives her a certain elegance that I don’t see elsewhere.

  8. I vote for Ropes and Picots (wow, this looks great on everybody!), Victoria Yoke, and Dainty Stripes, if she dropped the waist pattern a little lower proportionally. The waist pattern should start farther away from her bust. The Victoria Yoke is an absolutely beautiful and versatile style, and I wish I had a more graceful figure (and longer neck) like Stefanie so I could make one for myself!

  9. Although I like the climbing vines on her it looks off with the length of sleeve- either longer or shorter is my feeling. She has presence in the ropes and picot cardigan, but she looks a bit boxier in it than some of the other sweaters. In the bloomimg cardigan she loses her upper body curves quite a bit- maybe its too big of a size for her? The manchester jacket looks fine, as does the pinstripe. I agree that the victoria yolk looks great, but seems to be too short, at least with what she is wearing with it. I like the halter on her, but perhaps the colour is too strong. I dont like the pink on her, the style of the top might be OK in another colour, Im not sure about this one.

  10. For her, the Ropes and Picot. She is swallowed up by the Blooming Cardigan and the Manchester, and the Folded Cowl is just a sack on her. I think the colour of the Climbing Vines makes her look ruddy, not blushing. I ‘d like to see it in a different colour on her.I’d like to see the Plaid Halter with less ease to play up her shape.

  11. I’m not crazy about any of these on Stefanie but I think that the best is the Ropes and Picot Cardigan. I thnk that the neck line and the length of both the body and arms suit her best.

  12. I think the Ropes and Picots is best on her, and the Victoria Yoke would be great on her if it were a few inches longer.

    The Climbing vines and Plaid Halter are pretty good on her also.

    I don’t like the Manchester Jacket or Blooming Cardigan on her at all – they have totally the wrong shape for her.

    The Pinstripes – wrong color for her, and although the body looks nice, I don’t think the sleeves work for her at all – they really emphasize her shoulders and upper arms.

  13. The plaid halter really stands out. It’s fun, youthful and flattering. The ropes and picots cardigan would also look super with a bit of shaping and extra length. Most of the sweaters are too short and too wide in the body, my perennial problem with standard sizing.

  14. Stefanie looks great in the plaid halter! It definitely elongates her torso, and the colors are flattering for her as well (in contrast to another poster….interesting how we all view things differently!). This is encouraging, as I’ve been eyeing this for myself but wasn’t sure how it would look on a short-waisted woman. Now here’s the answer. The Ropes and Picot is #2, but could be longer for her. The neckline and arms are flattering, as someone else mentioned. Which one does STEFANIE like best?

  15. I like the climbing vines on her. I have almost disproportionately broad shoulders myself and anything boat neck makes me look like a very leafy tree. Therefore my personal preference is scoops to draw the eye to my chest instead of the things my arms are connected to – and I think this really works for her! It’s a beautiful color and it looks like it fits her well and is comfortable, which is most important.

  16. I have to agree with those who say none of these are just right for her. However, I do think that a couple (Ropes and Picots, Victorian Yoke) would look better without the undershirt hanging out the bottom.

    Sandi, can you explain why so many of the sweaters look so short on Stefanie if she has a short torso and short waist? Somehow, that just doesn’t make sense to me.

    I’d like to see her in the Ropes and Pictos cardigan, without the undershirt, and in the color of the Victorian Yoke sweater. However, I think we have yet to see the “right” sweater for Stefanie.

  17. Ropes and Picot cardi is beautiful on her. It’s the kind of style that makes you realize she needs to embrace the cropped length — I think I see in some of the pictures that she’s uncomfortable with it, so she’s trying to get away without it. But it emphasizes her shape without trying to compensate for a relative lack of curves. Cropped all the way!

  18. I don’t love any of these on her, although the Ropes and Picots looks pretty good, as does the Climbing Vine (but I don’t like the scoop that low). I think the Blooming Cardi would be my favorite if she lost the belt. The belt doesn’t seem to add anything to anyone who wears that.

    And I agree – stop wearing shirts under the sweaters. It is a little distracting and makes them look a little lumpy/bulky.

  19. Climbing Vines. The color of the Folded Cowl Tee is beautiful on Stefanie (maybe a little more intense of a coral would be good), but the sleeves are too short and the cowl needs to come down a little. I’m sorry, but I just think that the Plaid Halter is just plain ugly. The dainty Pinstripes fits her well, but would need to have the stripe part go down a little farther-and I haven’t yet seen anyone that this color combination is very flattering on-maybe it’s the light, maybe it’s my computer, but the color just looks washed out to me-not pretty and subtle, but like a sweater that faded.

  20. I’m with JenniferH and Donna P. None of these colors are flattering on her, the climbing vines is the best color. With her dark hair she might look good in black. None of these sweaters do her justice. The Plaid Halter is just plain ugly on anyone. She deserves a different gallery!

  21. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Gallery Gals. It goes without saying that every sweater or style is not going to look good on every body. That is borne out in these photos, and readers agree. It’s funny that the notes under each gallery gal photo all point out what that particular sweater does for her, when in many cases it’s obvious that the style is just all wrong for her shape. For instance, the plaid halter’s mock neck and deep cutout armholes actually emphasize Stephanie’s broad shoulders, the mock T-neck notwithstanding. In fact it looks just plain awful on everyone.

    And another thing: I’d like to see the gallery gals wearing proper garments under the sweaters instead of just pulling them on over whatever they are wearing. They look like they are trying on clothes in the original Filene’s Basement. The result makes it harder to tell if the sweater looks good or not.

  22. The Blooming Cardigan looks AWFUL on everyone!!! the belt is in a most unflattering position and detracts from the line on the sweater. Also, it is just very unflattering and the lines are all wrong, as shown by all the models. On Stephanie, I like daintyl pinstrips and the plad halter, young and fun, not dowdy like so many of the choices were.

  23. The plaid halter looks best, showing off her great shoulders. You would think a plaid would make her torso look thicker but it does the opposite because of the shaping and the shorter length. It would however be better is less contrasting colors like maroon and navy. The Victoria Yoke is close, but is a too short. All other patterns make her look heavier in her midsection.