Winter Knits 2008 Gallery: Ropes & Picots

Interweave Knits Winter 2008

Ropes and Picots Cardigan

by Laura Grutzeck

(from Interweave Knits Winter 2008)

 37" sample garment

The images above are from the magazine; the images below are of our Interweave Gallery Gals wearing the same sample sweater.


 Interweave Gallery Gals
Knitting Gallery - Ropes and Picots Cardigan Annie Knitting Gallery - Ropes and Picots Cardigan Toni
Annie Toni
Knitting Gallery - Ropes and Picots Cardigan Debbie Knitting Gallery - Ropes and Picots Cardigan Meghan
Debbie Meghan
Knitting Gallery - Ropes and Picots Cardigan Bonnie Knitting Gallery - Ropes and Picots Cardigan Stefanie
Bonnie Stefanie

Here are some questions to consider as you look at these photos:

  • How do you think the garment compliments each woman's individual body type and personal style?
  • Which body type does this garment look best on?
  • If you wanted to knit a sweater straight out of the magazine, with no pattern adjustments except for sleeve and hem length, would this be the sweater for you and your body type?
  • Would it fit your personal style?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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48 thoughts on “Winter Knits 2008 Gallery: Ropes & Picots

  1. Not a comment on fit, but WOW, that is Meghan’s color!

    I like this better as a more-fiited sweater with maybe some negative ease. So, I like the way it fits on Debbie and Meghan best. But I think this sweater looks better on more body types than the other two.

  2. I love the simplicity of this sweater. Plan on knitting – but! Will make top down and copy the elements of this design (picot edges, ribbing etc). Sorry – I’m a top down girl and have no patience for knitting parts.

    Great design – looks good on all body types.

  3. I think that’s so interesting that the neckline on this suits almost everybody (while the lower scoopy neckline on Climbing Vines wasn’t so good for all shapes). Seeing all the photos has changed the way I’m thinking about this sweater… mmmm

  4. I like the fit on both Megan and Stefanie. It looks rather ill-fitted on the original magazine model. Seeing on these other great “models” has encouraged me to add it to my queue.

  5. Out of the three featured sweaters, I think this one — and ONLY this one — looks good on ALL the ladies! Makes me think I should knit this one for me, as it apparently is that one perfect sweater — in another color!

  6. Of all three featured sweaters I think the Ropes and Picots Cardigan flatters all body types. The color is great too. As MichelleM puts it, I think it is the perfect sweater. I want one.

  7. It does seem that it looked better on the staff than on the model. Definitely seems to benefit from a snugger fit.

    I do miss the commentary though. I’ve discovered that that’s half the fun of the gallery is what you observe in person during the try-ons.

  8. I love how this sweater looks on everyone! It’s very versatile it appears. Thats aid, and I am sure I’ve seen them in previous galleries so we can find them, could we have the bust measurements for these lovely ladies? Just want to see exactly how much ease there is for my preferred style. Thanks!

  9. Maybe it’s just me, but I cannot figure out why some of the models wear shirts hanging out underneath. Call it ‘hip’ or ‘trendy’ if you want, but really, it just looks sloppy. Worst of all, it ruins the flow of this beautiful sweater drawing your eye to the least attractive line of your body. It’s not becoming on anyone, mag model included.

  10. I think the cardigan looks best on Debbie. This one I like although I wouldn’t make it in this color. I would probably make it in red. I like short cardigans, but for this one, I would make the neck smaller and the sleever looser…..

  11. Toni, Meghan and Bonnie all look great in this sweater. Meghan, you need to knit this for yourself in this very same color…you make this just pop! With the proper undershirt all of the ladies can wear this beautifully. I won’t knit it for myself since I don’t have the beautiful womanly figure that is needed. Again, whine…whine.

  12. Very cute on the Gallery Gals. I hadn’t given it a second look in the magazine, but here, it’s quite darling. The neckline seems to look best on the bustier ladies. The color is marvelous on all of them.

  13. I think I like this sweater the best on everyone also. This one didn’t trip my trigger in the magazine as much as the other 2 did…but seeing on all the girls, I do believe I like this one the most. And would probably knit it for myself. I am suprised.
    thanks for the galleries. I do love them.
    Linda J

  14. I agree that the style suits a lot of different body types. If I had lovely broad shoulders like Stefanie did, though, I think I would balance out the sweater a bit by adding more length to the bottom.

  15. This IS the ONE that caught my attention in the magazine.Maybe I am getting better at gauging what will look best on me. or it could have been the lovely green color that drew me in.

  16. Interesting… I think this sweater looks best on the bustier women. Annie looks a bit as if she’s wearing her big sister’s sweater, I think due to the slight gaping at the neckline.

    I really think the sweater looks quite a bit better on Toni and Bonnie than it did on the original model. That right-hand photo of the original model shows the sweater riding up like crazy on one side… yicky! And the neckline is doing that gaping-thing on her, but not on the more well-rounded gallery gals.

  17. I agree with everyone else: this sweater looks much better on the Gallery Gals then the magazine model. A perfect sweater for Meghan. I think it looks best on Bonnie and Debbie.

  18. I thought this was a very boxy, unflattering cardigan in the magazine. Wow, was I wrong!

    This looks so much better on everyone than the model. It looks like it needs to be longer for most people but otherwise, it is fairly flattering. The color of this (and the blooming cardigan) also really helps while the climbing vines’ pink washes everyone out.

  19. Ditto. A perfect sweater for Megan and looks great on Bonnie and Debbie. Not the best color for Toni, who is similiar to my coloring. She looked pretty in the pink in the Climbing Vines. I loved the Vines sweater in magazine, but now I realize the neckline is not as generally flattering as this sweater. Probably wouldn’t make this sweater, especially not in this green on me, but its a pretty sweater. Changed my mind after I saw this.

  20. I think the sweater would look good on most all body types, But I think the sweater looks best on Debbie. Looks like it was made for her. The color is good on Debbie too.

  21. Interestingly, this is one that doesn’t look as good on the girls with little bust and much better with some shape, maybe because of the sweater’s own straight cut? Still, not sure it would suit anyone with hips.
    Otherwise, gorgeous design, gorgeous colour. I’d perhaps try to shape this in the waist and find a length that didn’t emphasise my already broad hips (and I’m short, too!). But it’s one I would willingly knit.

  22. I was surprised by how good the sweater looked on everyone EXCEPT THE MAGAZINE MODEL!!! How funny is THAT? It was too big and boxy on her. It looked a little big in the shoulders for Annie, but not bad at all! For me, I’d need it longer in the body and the arms, and a different color, but the pattern is VERY nice.

  23. Other than that ginormous neckline, this is a very flattering sweater to all body types, especially Toni’s. I even like it on the magazine model. I think the “ultra positive ease” look she’s sporting is a good “young and casual” look whereas the negative ease look that most of the gallery gals get from the sweater looks more “put together”. I think this sweater would really flatter a gal who is on the shorter side and on the larger side and who would not drown in that huge neckline. This sweater would be good for anything from casual to work which would make it a versatile addition to most people’s wardrobe. On the other hand, I would not make it for myself. I am very tall, have very long arms and a large bust. I don’t think this would look good on me. It’s too boxy and too short. That neckline made me give the pattern an instant “NOPE” as soon as I saw it. In “real life” it would be a pain because I’m sure it wouldn’t stay level on the shoulders and I’d be tugging at it all day long.

  24. Personally, I like some ease in a sweater, so I think this sweater looks best on the model and Annie. I think the lines and patterning are classic and nice, with the exception of the neckline, which looks ill-fitting and clumsy, with or without layering. Mary

  25. I think this sweater looks better on Debbie and Bonnie, although it would be nice to see them turned more toward the camera so I can see how the front looks.

    I wasn’t too keen on this sweater but now I would consider making it. I would change the neckline; I hate wide “boatneck” necklines.

  26. I’m new to this website and love this Gallery feature. How nice to see the sweaters on real people. I agree it looks better on the staff than on the model! It would really be helpful to me if the models would share their height and normal dress size.

  27. I loved this sweater when I first saw it and now I know why. It looks GREAT on a wide variety of sizes & shapes. The larger neckline is very flattering, making necks look longer & graceful. The only exception is Annie – I would make the neck somewhat smaller for her. The thin verticals on bodice & sleeves are flattering and thinning. If Toni, Meghan & Bonnie don’t each knit one of these for themselves, in the color shown, well, they will be making a big mistake. They especially look absolutely gorgeous in this sweater. And I will probably knit this for myself.

  28. Concur–remarkably flattering on everybody, and I wouldn’t have picked it from the magazine. I’m broad-shouldered, busty and short waisted as well as overweight and would be tempted to lengthen it a bit, but the subtle verticals are really good at balancing all those challenges.

  29. On second pass, the sleeves: too tight on Bonnie and maybe Meghan. An extra inch in the upper arm looks like it would make the whole thing lie better and be more comfortable to wear.

  30. This is a very cute and flattering sweater except for the neckline. For some women the large neckline may be flattering when it’s arranged for a photo. But, in my experience, this type of neckline doesn’t stay in place. Plus, it really doesn’t work well if you are planning to wear something under it. Since the magazine model wears it that way, I assume it’s the intended style. I would love to see it with a higher neckline.

  31. I definitely like this one on the curvier models – I’m glad to see it with less than the 3 inches of ease shown in the magazine. It looked too boxy on the model.

  32. When I saw this in your magazine, I really didn’t care for the wide, gappy neckline and very boxy loose shape. I’m converted! Everyone looks lovely in this, the neckline is not gappy! I would want to lengthen to be sure the bottom hem hits me a high hipline, but that’s it. Even the sleeve caps seem to fit well. Thank you for showing this one!


  33. This sweater is the most flattering for almost all of your models. I was surprised that it would look so good on so many body types because it has a high rise and a boxy shape. Meghan owns this sweater. It looks wonderful on her.

  34. WOW! I was going to make this one. It IS Meghan’s color. IT DOES NOT look good on Annie or Bonnie. I have a shape similar to Meghan’s. But, I don’t have red hair.