In each Knitscene issue, we feature up-and-coming designers, popular yarns, fun and concise tutorials, and fresh photography that invites the reader into a yarn-filled daydream. The projects are simple but intriguing, stylish but wearable, and designed for knitters of all ages and sizes.

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Knitscene Summer 2016

Knitscene Summer 2016 travels the depths of the rainforest and the oceans blue to bring you 19 incredible knitting patterns. Featured designer Heather Zoppetti explores feminine ruffles in unique ways; we get tropical with six designs in bright colors; and we give a knitterly spin to the longtime partnership of indigo and cotton fibers. Sarah…

Knitting sweaters with pockets

Knitting Sweaters: Put a Pocket on It!

Remember a few years ago when a bunch of the dresses stars wore to the Oscars had pockets? They were all posing with their hands in their pockets, with amazed looks on their faces, like “check out these newfangled side openings that I can put my hands and other stuff in!” I was cracking up.…


Ten years of Knitscene Magazine in one amazing collection

In the time I’ve worked on Knitscene, and even before I started working on the magazine, I’ve been such a fan of the caliber of knitting patterns and related articles that appear in the magazine. Last fall, Knitscene celebrated it’s tenth birthday, and as part of that celebration, we launched the Knitscene Premium Collections. The Knitscene Premium Print Collection is…


Knitscene Spring 2016

New year, new knitting patterns! It’s time to plant the seeds of your 2016 knitted wardrobe, and the digital edition of Knitscene Spring 2016 is here to help. We’ve collected 21 fresh and fabulous knitting patterns that will jump start your knitting needles. This Knitscene digital issue blends vintage fashion with utilitarian forms in 20…


Knitscene Spring has Sprung with Vintage-Inspired Designs and more!

Knitscene Spring 2016 is here with 21 patterns to inspire your 2016 knitting endeavors! I’m really excited to share this issue with you. Let’s take a look! First, our featured designer is Andrea Rangel, who created four stunning pieces, perfect for wearing wherever. The Siula Grande Sweater, Salcantay Cowl, Mismi Shawl, and Chachani Hat are…


6 Knitting Designs from Sachiko and Kiyomi Burgin

Twin sisters Sachiko and Kiyomi Burgin created Knitscene‘s first collaborative design collection for Knitscene Winter 2015. I wrote about their collection in this blog post, but today I’m sharing part of the profile from this issue. Fellow designer Teresa Gregorio (check out her Northern Hat from this issue) met up with Kiyomi and Sachiko in Toronto, Ontario,…


Knitscene Winter includes 13 sweater knitting patterns and more

Officially, yesterday was the first day of autumn in the northern hemisphere. Unofficially, that little notation on the calendar is a subconscious queue to many of us knitters to stop kidding around and get to knitting! The idea of doing anything but knitting a sweater right now abhors me. But we must pace ourselves, and keep…


Knitscene Winter 2015

We love winter for quality knitting time—that’s why we’ve packed 21 all-new knitting patterns into Knitscene Winter! Sweaters and cardigans to knit for women and men cozy up alongside great knitted accessories, while graphic elements and textured stitches snuggle together to keep your needles going all season long. In this issue you’ll find: Our first…


Knitscene: Ten Years of Style

A note from Kathleen: I just got the chance to see the Fall issue of Knitscene, and it’s amazing. There’s a collection of style icon-inspired knitting patterns that is really fun, as well as some super cool brioche projects, plus much more. Check out the Oddity Scarf at right. It’s an homage to the Space…


Knitscene Fall 2015

Knitscene Fall 2015 Knitscene Fall includes 21 projects inspired by today’s hottest trends. We’re encouraging readers to take to brioche knitting, pick up needles and incredible yarns for stunning projects, and explore some of our designers favorite style icons, ranging from Jacqueline Onassis to David Bowie and quite a few in between. Featured designer Mari Chiba…