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Member Facebook Cover Art

We'd love to see your knitting-related cover art!

Show us your original cover art, and you may see it featured on the Knitting Daily Facebook page. Each week, we'll upload new entries and put them to the Facebook audience for a vote. Please follow these requirements for consideration:

  • Image must be sized 851 x 315 pixels
  • Original photography, or photography you've been given permission to use only
  • Image cannot violate Facebook cover art rules (No URL, No contact info, No promotion message such as "Save", "Buy", etc.)

To upload your cover art, you must be a logged in Knitting Daily member.  Please include your name, and any other details about you or your image, plus your website if you have one, in the gallery description.

Good luck!

Tulip Hat debut
Oct 10, 2012
posted by junkphlox