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Sharing knitted designs we’ve created and the things we’re inspired by are what make our knitting community what it is. Just as knitters look to others for ideas, we're looking to you to inspire us with your own knitwear designs and knitting patterns. Get your work out there, become a published designer, and share with others what makes your knitting needles tick.

We encourage you to upload or link to your own free patterns to share with the community and check back often for new additions to this free member pattern gallery.

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Spring Chill Shawl
Feb 3, 2014 posted by HeddiCraft
What was the inspiration for your submitted pattern? I took a class on lace shawl design and I was playing around...
5,758 873
Top Down Knitted Mittens
Feb 4, 2014 posted by MaryA@82
What was the inspiration for your submitted pattern? -- I suppose I was tired of mittens that never quite fit right...
3,033 359
Floral Double Knit Cowl
Feb 4, 2014 posted by seamstresserin
I designed this cowl because I wanted a chance to try double knitting. I figured that a cowl, just being a tube...
4,662 591 1
Fire and Sea socks
Feb 4, 2014 posted by lykkemeg
Fire and Sea Socks- Knit Design in the Digital Era My love for you is hot as fire. My love for you is as deep as...
2,419 98
The Robin's Secret Mittens - Contest Winner
Feb 9, 2014 posted by Julies Yarn Shoppe
Congrats to the designer of this beautiful pattern for winning the 'best overall design' category in the...
4,021 460 1
Feb 11, 2014 posted by HaBaHaBa
1. What was the inspiration for your submitted pattern? One day back in Summer 2012 I've suddenly started to...
3,892 519 2
Adele Sweater
Feb 21, 2014 posted by siouxian
Adele has been inspired by Klimt's painting of Adele Bloch- Bauer and Susan Duckworth's "Harlequin"...
3,569 434 2
Horizontal scrap scarf on circular needles or TNNA Scarf
Feb 24, 2014 posted by LeslyeB
Clean out your stash. All you need to knit this easy scarf is one 23-yard ball of yarn (for cast on and cast off...
3,323 2
Cinnabar Button Scarf
Feb 27, 2014 posted by FiberFlux
The Cinnabar Button Scarf is a lace mesh scarf that is worked in an easy two row repeat. Secured with two buttons...
2,606 300
Jan 4, 2015 posted by opheliav
It’s a hat! It’s a neckwarmer! It’s a cowl! It’s a headband! It’s something in between...
581 94 1
Down a Winding Country Road … ‘St. Peter’s Twist’
Feb 23, 2014 posted by From Ewe to You
A quick knit on large needles. This cowl looks great when knit with a slow colour-changing yarn. What was the inspiration...
4,581 912 1
Ring Around the Collar Top - Contest Winner
Feb 23, 2014 posted by sandraphuff
Congrats to the designer of this beautiful pattern for winning the 'most interesting design element' category...
3,521 306
Feb 28, 2014 posted by Soficrafts64
First I apologize if my english is not very good. I designed this dress to have sometingh hot for cold winter....
2,998 318
Reversible cable scarf with mitts
Feb 28, 2014 posted by bgvt
I combined a number of things I'd seen with yarn on hand to keep myself warm this Polar Vortex winter. started...
2,289 271
Sock Yarn Baby Blanket
Jul 16, 2014 posted by theanarchistknitter
This sock yarn baby blanket only weighs 150 gr, it's light, airy but still able to keep those cold summer evenings...
2,046 259
The Love Hug Shawl Pattern - Contest Winner
Mar 1, 2014 posted by Architextural Designs
Congrats to the designer of this beautiful pattern for winning the 'best heartwarming story' category in...
5,377 963 2
Hounds Tooth Cup Cozy
Feb 28, 2014 posted by Katrinca
Hounds Tooth Cup Cozy to Go This is a pleasingly, quick and easy knit for a rainy or snowy afternoon. It’s...
2,975 264
Garter Panels Baby Blanket Free Pattern
Jul 7, 2014 posted by Kmickelson
This is a great pattern to work while your mind is elsewhere... a few stitch markers on your needles to remind...
1,800 260
Faerie Ring Shawl
Feb 23, 2014 posted by GiddyRomilly
Faerie Ring was so named because of the circular lace pattern in the edging - it reminded me of the toadstool rings...
3,158 249 2
Missmatch mittsmatch
Mar 1, 2014 posted by siouxian
Just sharing these at the 11th hour as a project to use up leftover yarns or try out new skills or techniques....
2,441 135
Trellis Vines and Pearls for Her Puppy Sweater
Feb 28, 2014 posted by kkatalyst
1. What was the inspiration for submitted pattern? I am a Certified Professional Dog Groomer and the Owner of a...
3,323 255
Caron United Knit Blanket Pattern for Stocking
Nov 7, 2014 posted by tiffwarble
Help us make the world's biggest stocking one square at a time! Join Caron and Interweave Knits in supporting...
17,638 4,171 23
Serpentina Mitts
Jan 23, 2015 posted by Sybil Ra
These mitts are knitted sideways in stockintte stitch - the effect is achieved by randomly adding surface crochet...
202 31
Gotta Have Heart Chart & Beanie
Feb 23, 2014 posted by trailridr24
It's a free pattern/chart to a beanie I designed as a Valentine's gift to my readers. The beanie is an...
2,193 201
ZigZag Brimmed Beanie
Feb 28, 2014 posted by ZynfulCreations
I was inspired by my partner's friend had just moved to California from Colorado to live with us. When Mark...
2,272 196