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Rooster, Pot Holder, Double knitting

Feb 7, 2013
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Here's my 3rd double knit pot holder.  It's for my mom who was born year of the rooster and has a lot red rooster nick knacks in her kitchen.  And I added the heart for Valentine's Day cheer.

The pic is just one pot holder.  I photo copied both sides and photo pasted them together in picture.

My design ..sort was modified from a cross stitch pattern I found and then had to be scaled down to fit the pot holder plus it had to be 'stretched' vertically since knit stitches are wider than the row height.

Not much else to say other than, I'm finally starting to feel comfortable with the double knitting now.  I'm use to the 'stiffness' of the sugar and cream cotton yarn and the best needle size that works for me is 3.5 mm or US size 4.   I liked holding larger needles, so I had tried US 5 & 6, but I struggled to keep my stitches even and they got loose too easily.

I'm on my 4th pot holder now with a size 4 and it is no effort to keep my stitches even.

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on Mar 27, 2013 6:35 PM

Ooh, so pretty. For a project done while getting to grips with a technique, this is really good!! As I've said before, your work is so neat and well finished.

I just love adventurous knitting, which to me means trying new techniques. I also love how you have taken such a mundane household utility and turned it into a tiny item to marvel over. Great use of your colour palette - the red really pops in an interesting way.

Your gift recipients must all be very pleased with what you make for them.

six_legged wrote
on Feb 9, 2013 8:28 PM

Thank you again Lone (I’ve contacted her in private).

I really think the double knit in cotton yarn, works well for a pot holder or trivet.  Plus the designs pop much better than just using double strands of the same color of yarn and knitting the backgorund and purling the design, like done with single strands for dish clothes.  And the flip side coloring is just fun.  

If anyone is interested in learning double knitting, I got my 'how -to lessons' from these U-tube videos:


Set-up Row 1:

Reading the chart: 



She has more videos on double knitting, but these cover the basics.

Fru Soleng wrote
on Feb 8, 2013 2:03 PM

Good afternoon :)

Is it possible to buy youre potholders ?

My email is and web is if you can and will ship to Norway :)

Take care and God bless

Regards Lone