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Dahlia, Pot Holder, Double Knitting

Feb 11, 2013
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Well here's my 4th double knit potholder.  I love & grow tons of large dinner plate Dahlias every year, so this tried to capture their beauty, shape and cascading colors in this potholder.   I made several 'patterns' and I think I might try this again with one of the designs that had fewer petals.   This design turned out a bit muddled in the middle and I rather have it be a tad more 'graphic'.   I'll try a dahlia again, since my best friend also grows dahlias and I share tubers with her every year

I was also tad disappointed that the Lily Sugar 'N Cream, "Pinky Strips" yarn did not vary much between strips.  I was trying to get the top, center petals deep pink and the bottom petals a faded pink.   It sort of works.  Here's a picture of the Pennhill Dark Monarch dahlia that was sort of my inspiration.  (It actually a gorgeous, huge, 12" +, purple and fushia, with yellow center dahlia):

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