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Opt Art Pot Holder

May 7, 2013
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Well this was an interesting project.  I based this pattern on the geometric designs from the 'mod' or 'opt art' look of the 60's.  I love optical illusions and there were many bold designs from the sixties that amused me as a kid.  If you look at this long enough you'll see a diamond in the middle and 4 partial diamonds in the corners, each appearing to pop out a bit ( but of course it is just a flat pot holder).  The design on the front and back are almost identical  because of the pattern's symmetry.

Most of the designs in the 60's were done with black & white or bold contrasting colors, but I thought of my brother would get a kick out of the striped yarn.  The colors of the stripe yarn closely match the colors of a shirt I made him (sewing) and he wore it to it's death.   Also, the coloring chart draft of this color combo reminded me of Legos which he played with as a kid.


Plus I've been trying to find a pattern where the yarn stripes I've hoarded played nice with the design.  Two solid colors probably would make the pattern pop more, but I like how rich and textile like the solid navy & bright multi look together.

Yarns used:  Sugar n' cream - 'Indigo' (navy) and Sugar n' cream - 'Calico' (multi-color)


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