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Tidal Wish Pot Holder - double knit

May 13, 2013
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Here's the other side:

I completed this potholder just in time for Mother’s Day.  It has so many things that she loves.

My mom’s dining room and living room is filled with blue & white Chinese porcelain  teapots, vases, jars and other shapes, so I wanted to make something she could use as a trivet on her dining room table.   She has long liked, ‘ The Great wave’ Japanese Block print and has it as a backing to her 10 gallon aquarium, which inspired me to try and make a wave.  And she likes Escher illusions and suggested I try to make a potholder with illusion concepts. She also accents her room with flashes of orange items (pillows, flowers, etc), so that is why I colored the fish orange rather than carrying the lighter blue pattern all the way through (which I tried and it also looks nice).

I drew this design in 2 colors and also 3 colors.  It was a bit more work to manage additional yarn balls, but I like the results.

Yarn used: Lily Cotton:

‘Indigo’ – Navy

‘Faded Denim’ – Multi Light Blues

‘Tangerine’ – Soft Orange

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