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Tips for Magic Number Knitted Scarves, As Seen on Knitting Daily TV Episode 1109

Jul 17, 2013
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Favorite guest and designer Laura Bryant of Prism Arts visit Knitting Daily TV Episode 1109 to share a magic number method and ideas for knitted repeats that are great for creating striking colorwork designs in your knitting. Download the patterns for these fun scarves, from Laura's book Artful Color, Mindful Knits.


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ABOUT THE SHOW: Knitting Daily TV is an exciting needle crafts how-to program on public television covering everything from knitting and crochet to stitching, felting, and spinning. The show guides viewers in learning to make fun yet smart one-of-a-kind designs using the latest products in yarn and fiber. Download free patterns, meet trendsetting knit and crochet designers, and improve or learn new skills and techniques.

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rbuckvold wrote
on Aug 26, 2013 4:48 PM

Useless download


Gosoap wrote
on Aug 26, 2013 12:03 AM

I agree would be great to know the formula. Otherwise the PDF is useless.

MaryD@28 wrote
on Aug 25, 2013 10:48 PM

The model in the green tee is my favorite. And I have always enjoyed seeing her in the Knits magazine. I usually look in Knits to see if she is in it before I buy the magazine. She has the ability to sell the pattern that many models don't have. Mary

Rebecca@46 wrote
on Aug 25, 2013 9:36 PM

The instructions might be found in the video found here @

camsmaxknit wrote
on Aug 25, 2013 8:51 PM

But it does not tell you how to calculate the magic number ... it references another page for instructions :(

camsmaxknit wrote
on Aug 25, 2013 8:49 PM
erejba wrote
on Aug 25, 2013 8:45 PM

You can dowload the pattern for free.  Just click the button at the right of the pictures.

on Aug 25, 2013 8:11 PM

It would be nice to know what book or magazine this pattern is from so we can go to the referenced pages.  Or at least include the referenced material.  I would truly love to knit this scarf.