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Snowboarder Hat, As Seen on Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell

Nov 20, 2013
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Designed by Olympic snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis, this earflap hat was created for the book Knit Red. 

Featured on Episode 1203 - Charity Knitting. 

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ABOUT THE SHOW: Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell is an exciting needle crafts how-to program on public television covering everything from knitting and crochet to stitching, felting, and spinning. The show guides viewers in learning to make fun yet smart one-of-a-kind designs using the latest products in yarn and fiber. Download free patterns, meet trendsetting knit and crochet designers, and improve or learn new skills and techniques.

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Camas Lily wrote
on Feb 23, 2014 3:10 AM

Need Help with Row 4 of pattern.

It says, "purl 1, slipping markers." What do you do with the remaining 80 plus stiches of this row?

Then is says to repeat Rows 1-4 twice more times.




on Feb 5, 2014 6:49 PM

I love the way this pattern started out.  But now I've finished the first i-cord/ear flap, and I'm not sure what to do with the working yarn/  Cut it?  or leave it attached to the ball until ready for the next step?

TIA for your help:)

Cindy in Illinois