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Seafoam Towels

Jul 9, 2008
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Designer: Ann Budd
Published: July 11, 2008

Skill Level: Intermediate Easy

These machine-washable and dryable hand towels are knitted from side to side (the cast-on and bind-off edges form the side “selvedges”) in a simple lace pattern formed by multiple yarnovers. To make coordinating washcloths, simply cast on fewer stitches and work fewer rows.

Finished Size: About 15" (38 cm) wide and 27" (68.5 cm) long.

Yarn: Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille (100% cotton; 98 yd [89 m]/50 g): 4 skeins. Shown in #9008 aqua and #6320 sage.

Needles: Size 4 (3.25 mm). Adjust needle size to obtain the correct gauge

Notions: Markers (m); tapestry needle.

Gauge: 16 sts and 25 rows = 4" (10 cm) in seafoam pattern; 18 sts and 29 rows = 4" (10 cm) after machine-washing and drying..

Skill Level: Easy

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love2knit wrote
on Apr 21, 2009 2:59 PM
how creative! never thought about knitting towels! coolness.
Lynnskay wrote
on Mar 9, 2009 4:23 PM
I'm kind of late to the party and maybe nobody cares anymore, but I'll add my 2 cents from past experience anyway. Chenille is always hard to work with, and I agree the holes seem awfully big for use as a towel. I might make it into a scarf with some chenille I have left over in my stash. Could be a good way to use it up, and the worming may be less noticeable because of the loops in the pattern. I didn't see an answer to the double needle usage question. Most people cast on tighter than they knit. By casting on using both needles held together you have a looser cast on that will conform better with the knitted piece. After casting on just slide one needle out and start knitting. I always do this when making garments to avoid a tight cast on edge that doesn't stretch with the sweater ribbing, or what ever the hem stitch is. Hope this explanation is clear.
Lisa@12 wrote
on Feb 10, 2009 6:28 PM
Boy, I'm glad I read these comments before downloading the pattern. I think I look for another towel pattern. BTW...I love Ann Budd's books...The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, and The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. They are great for handspinners!
cinbair wrote
on Feb 9, 2009 9:38 AM
I admit I'm not an "advanced" knitter, but I seem to be running into a number of problems on these towels. For starters, the stitch is described as "10+6," but I keep coming up with 9+6. And rows 1 and 5 of the stitch aren't reconciling themselves to each other at all ... they just don't quite fit together as written. It's making for a lot of frustration. I would appreciate if the pattern spelled things out a little better. My internet searching for guidance hasn't helped in alleviating continued problems. And they're such pretty towels, too!
LSW wrote
on Nov 3, 2008 12:51 PM

I hate to "pick on" a free pattern but there may be a disconnect between the artistic director and the pattern author. I cannot see what this pattern should look like from the photo. I would think that this is the purpose of the pic.

It's a very good photo but not for someone who wants to see what the towel should resemble...

Jeri wrote
on Oct 28, 2008 8:30 AM

I agree with Paulette.  Weird looking.  Not at all like the picture.  And working with the chenille yarn is hard work.  Definitely will not use chenille yarn again ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

jj_ wrote
on Oct 23, 2008 10:42 PM

I did a test of this pattern with 100% cotton(non-chenille) - and after a few rows of the pattern, ripped it out and reduced each YO by one as suggested above with much better results AND a much more practical for actual usage product... the pattern comes out beautifully and I didn't have to alter my gift list!!! YAY!!!  and to answer an unanswered question above - it took me 4 skeins per towel... good luck everyone and happy stitching!

candlie wrote
on Sep 29, 2008 10:06 PM

I just joined this site/group and had no problem at all downloading and opening this file.  I use "download manager" and I just printed it out.  Definitely have to try these with the cotton chenille I have stashed and didn't know what to do with.

DawnD wrote
on Sep 24, 2008 6:41 PM

To Becky Beth, I did get my yarn and the quality was fine, Customer service was great I would purchase from them again just because they have good prices and the yarn selection is good, I dont have a lot of time to go to the LYS so I have to get mine from online stores.  As for the yarn itself I am just sorry I bought so much of it because its hard to work with and I guess I am just a bit clumsy.  Not a good selection in my opinion for a towel.  I ripped the project I was working on and just made a few face towels, the holes were to big in the larger version and I was not going to use it and I was not going to give it to my intended  victim for the gift.

bonnie@4 wrote
on Sep 24, 2008 5:22 PM

I am in the process of making the towel and I am sorry to say I ready to pull it out.  The yarn is hard to get off the needles and the loops from the yo are to big....the suggestion of fewer yo might be better for that.

MarcyP wrote
on Sep 22, 2008 5:21 AM

Knitting this towel made me remember why I hae chenille yarn. It's "sticky" and doesn't slide past itself off the needles. The big y/o's leave big holes, and when it's washed, the finished towel has twisty loops that stick out. I agree with making smaller y/o's, and did just that for a washcloth size towel which turned out much better.

BettyL wrote
on Sep 19, 2008 7:15 PM

The instructions says "with two needles held together", does that mean you'd be holding them side by side and casting onto both needles?  I'm fairly new to knitting and would like to give this pattern a try.  Mahalo!   BL, Makaha, HI

NancyO wrote
on Sep 8, 2008 7:19 PM

CS, I had the same thought about reducing the yos.  I've done two towels (not quite finished with the second) but haven't washed either yet.  I am hoping it will shrink up okay.  I like the pattern, though I agree that it's not exactly like the picture.

cmoulton wrote
on Sep 7, 2008 1:03 PM

I knitted one of these towels.  The loops will shrink up somewhat after washing and drying, but in my opinion the holes left in the pattern are too big to be practical for a towel.  If doing it over, I'd reduce each of the yos by 1, that is, 1yo, 2 yos and 3 yos instead of 2, 3 and 4.  Just my two cents.

Paulette@2 wrote
on Sep 6, 2008 1:32 PM

I did this pattern.  I do not like it at all. Washed up terrible.

The gauge was right.  Doesn't look anything like the picture.

NancyO wrote
on Sep 4, 2008 5:59 PM

Jenn, I think you are right about row 5.  It is definitely not written correctly.  I'm knitting a towel now and that is the way I had solved the problem too.  I can't tell anyone how much yarn it takes because I bought one of those cones on ebay and I think I'll be able to knit a million towels with that cone!!?!  Also, I cut the size down as I don't think a hand towel needs to be that big.  I'm using 64 stitches with 56 being the seafoam pattern in the middle.

If someone wants the directions and can't download them, I'll forward the directions.

BeckyBeth wrote
on Aug 15, 2008 3:13 PM

DawnD:  Thanks so much for the link to NuMei.  Have you received your yarn from them?  How was the customer service and the quality of the yarn?

ElizabethP@2 wrote
on Aug 15, 2008 8:01 AM

Lizabeth:  Okay, I tried all the ways mentioned to open and or save this file so it could be downloaded...still unable to open.  When it does open it comes up as powerpoint brief with the note that it is too large in its entirity to show all.  I have downloaded many patterns, this is the first 'problem' encountered.  Any suggestions other than the ones already mentioned?  Cheers!

JenniferL wrote
on Aug 12, 2008 8:51 AM


I haven't actually tried knitting this pattern yet, but I think the end of Row 5 should read:

"end last rep with k1 instead of K6".

If you do only 1 repeat of seafoam pattern in Row 1,

then in Row 5, you would do 2 lots of the instructions in between the *s

ie:  Row 5:  K1, yo2, k1, yo3, k1, yo4, k1, yo3, k1, yo2, k6,

(then repeat from *) yo2, k1, yo3, k1, yo4, k1, yo3, k1, yo2, (but for the final repeat, instead of k6 replace with) k1

So that should be 16 stitches.


JenniferL wrote
on Aug 12, 2008 7:50 AM

Becky1955, yes, there are meant to be huge "loops" or "holes" in the pattern.  See DonnaB's comments on Mon July 14 with a link to a clearer picture of what the seafoam pattern/stitch should look like.  Hope that helps.


Chris wrote
on Aug 9, 2008 11:05 AM

I am having trouble with row 5 of the seafoam pattern. I only count 12 stitches if doing one repeat but I count 16 stitches in row one . Where have I lost four stitches?


becky1955 wrote
on Aug 7, 2008 7:58 AM

HELP!!  I have tried the pattern and it doesn't seem to work well for me.  I don't know if I am not doing the yarnovers right or not......... because I have huge loops in the towels that I don't see displayed in the actual photos of the towels on display.  Does something happen when you wash them or do they tighten as the work continues?  Any helpful commenrts would be appreciated as I am very excited to continue

Karen wrote
on Jul 25, 2008 4:48 PM

I don't see any answers to these questions. How many skeins for one towel?  Thanks, K

Chris wrote
on Jul 25, 2008 6:10 AM

I could download the pattern from the top icon by the picture. I could not download from the lowwer icon by the comments section. I hope this helps others.


JudyK@2 wrote
on Jul 24, 2008 8:28 AM

For newbies:  Read through until you reach the instructions telling you how many stitches to cast on and how many rows of garter stitch to knit for the selvage edges BEFORE starting to knit the pattern rows.  This essential information is sort of buried in this pattern.  One problem:  this cotton chenille breaks way too easily.  The colors are beautiful, but am not sure I want to use it again.  Does anyone have a suggested alternate yarn?  Thanks.

Mary1953 wrote
on Jul 24, 2008 12:11 AM

Hi I send most of you emails letting you know if you want me to send the pattern to you thru and email please let me know.


SueS wrote
on Jul 19, 2008 11:26 PM

I  can not download!!

cdjohnson wrote
on Jul 18, 2008 3:35 PM

Nancy -

Okay, I am so glad you explained that!  I actually get it!  YEA!  Thanks!

Mary - I am not sure why, but I did not have any problem.  I  think you have to have adobe acrobat.

Crystal Mountain has some amazing colors in this yarn if you go to their website.  I actually got it onsale at a store where I live for half price.  


MaryK@3 wrote
on Jul 18, 2008 3:27 PM

I have tried for several days to download this pattern.  Is it me or you?

NancyO wrote
on Jul 18, 2008 2:11 PM

I agree that the directions are unclear.  Here's what I think:

1) I don't think it matters much how you cast on.  Use the method you're comfortable with.  2)  The first part of the directions is just explaining the "Seafoam Stitch."  The directions actually start where it tells you to cast on.

3)  Cast on and then work the 'Pattern Set-up."  4)  Then it sends you back to the beginning when it tells you to use the Seafoam Stitch.  5)  Then you keep repeating the Seafoam Stitch pattern until it is as long as you want it.


cdjohnson wrote
on Jul 18, 2008 1:14 PM

Okay, I just looked that pattern over again and I am more confused.  I am kind of a new knitter, so maybe that is the problem?  It seems like the pattern starts off w/ out explaining how many stitches to co and then in the middle it starts talking about co?  HELP!  Also, can someone tell me when it says cast on hodling both needles, is that what it really means?  I may be in over my head, huh?



cdjohnson wrote
on Jul 18, 2008 1:09 PM

Okay, I had the same issue as someone earlier....the pattern is kind of confusing.  Does it start off talking about the wash cloth and then where is says CO 128 is that the beginning of the pattern for the towels?  I am confused.  Thanks!  I was thinking about Christmas already too!


NancyO wrote
on Jul 17, 2008 2:15 PM

Thanks, DawnD and MichelleC for the tips on where to find cheap cotton chenille!  Good leads!  I appreciate it!     NancyO

SandraS wrote
on Jul 17, 2008 1:04 PM

DonnaB: It worked for me too, thanks Hon! Sandra

MichelleC@5 wrote
on Jul 17, 2008 12:41 PM

there are  a couple sellers on ebay that sell larger amounts of chenille (large multi lb cones or 1/4 lb skeins in lb increments).  Their prices seem okay and shipping seems okay if you buy enough.  Haven't bought yet but plan on it soon.

DawnD wrote
on Jul 17, 2008 7:14 AM

To Nancy, I have found cotton chenille at for $20.00 for a bag of 10, great price considering the regular retail price at the local stores.

Mary AnnS wrote
on Jul 15, 2008 9:21 PM

Hi, This is to Cristi B and anyone else who may have trouble downloading.  I open the file first, then save it the "save as" command.  It then should open just fine.  Happy Knitting!

Mary Ann

NancyO wrote
on Jul 15, 2008 3:44 PM

I hope someone can soon let us know if it takes 2 or 4 skeins per towel.  If it takes 4 skeins, that makes it an expensive towel---about $30 per towel.  Am I right?  Has anyone found a cheap way to buy cotton chenille?


NancyO wrote
on Jul 15, 2008 3:43 PM

I hope someone can soon let us know if it takes 2 or 4 skeins per towel.  If it takes 4 skeins, that makes it an expensive towel---about $30 per towel.  Am I right?  Has anyone found a cheap way to buy cotton chenille?


Sue Howard wrote
on Jul 15, 2008 1:28 PM

Looking forward to making these towels. Looks like several of us have Christmas on our minds!!!! Gotta start early!!!!

clydster wrote
on Jul 15, 2008 1:18 PM

I'm about to purchse the yarn for to make one towel and I was wondering as well if it takes 2 skeins for 1 towel or 4 skeins? Anyone?


DawnD wrote
on Jul 15, 2008 5:09 AM

This pattern is fantastic, I have already started a set of the towels for gifts for the holidays but I was thinking that this pattern would be great as a shawl as well or maybe even a lap cover for an elderly person. I do alot of charity knitting for our local elderly home and the people there love the little gifts that I send. Thanks to ANN BUD for this pattern.

Great ideas!

PamG@2 wrote
on Jul 14, 2008 5:40 PM

I have tried all of the suggestions for opening the file, and to no avail. I would love to have the recipe. Is it okay to ask someone to e-mail it to me, or is that a copyright infringe?

LiisaM wrote
on Jul 14, 2008 2:59 PM

If some of you are still having trouble downloading the pattern, try copying and pasting into a document. The pictures will also copy and paste, but you may have to play with it for a bit to get the hang of it.

DonnaB@3 wrote
on Jul 14, 2008 11:01 AM

Lori,  Judging from the baby blanket I am making that takes 5 skeins, I would guess that each towel takes 2 skeins.  I have made dishcloths before, and I would be willing to bet that 2 skeins per towel will do it!

LoriL wrote
on Jul 14, 2008 10:09 AM

Please clarify is it 4 skeins for 1 towel or 2 skeins per towel and it shows 1 in each color to equal 4 skeins?  I'm all ready to buy the yarn - just want to make sure.  Thanks, Lori

JenniferL wrote
on Jul 14, 2008 7:37 AM

Teresa, I think for a square washcloth, you need to cast on:

- for the seafoam pattern, a MULTIPLE of 10 sts + 6sts

- plus 8 stitches (4 sts in garter stitch on both sides of seafoam pattern)

Lets say 20+6+8 = 34 sts

So guessing from the gauge, that should be approx 20cm wide (perhaps a bit bigger before washing, and a bit smaller after washing and drying).


carolyn@2 wrote
on Jul 14, 2008 7:12 AM


Thank you so much. I did drop the yo sts and it looked like that and i thought it was wrong. But now i see what it looks like. Thank you so much for coming to my aid.


DonnaB@3 wrote
on Jul 14, 2008 6:51 AM

Yarn overs are created by just wrapping the yarn around the needle.  When you drop them, you just pull them off the needle and let them "drop".  Then you have left the stitch you actually knitted on the needle.  If you look at this picture, it will show what dropping (unwrapping) the yo will do.

I hope the visual aid helps.

carolyn@2 wrote
on Jul 14, 2008 5:32 AM

I'am still in need of help on the seafoam  towels.

I know how to do the yarn overs but on row 2 of pattern   it says knit,dropping all yarnovers off needle. I just don't understand.Pleeeeeese help

thank you


MarciaY wrote
on Jul 13, 2008 5:45 PM

After the instructions for Rows 7 & 8, it says to cast on 124 stitches.  The instructions start out by telling you how to work the pattern stitch (which is an 8-row repeat).  Then it goes on to give the directions for the actual towels.  I hope this helps.

carolyn@2 wrote
on Jul 13, 2008 4:27 PM

I'am a new knitter and i don't understand when is says knit dropping all yarnovers off  the needle.

Could some one please help me,

Thank you so much, I love these towels.


Debby wrote
on Jul 13, 2008 7:37 AM

I consider myself a beginning knitter and I hope this isn't a stupid question.  Where does it say how many to cast on for the towels?  I've read through the pattern but just don't see it.  Thanks in advance.  Debby

Jan litvin wrote
on Jul 13, 2008 7:33 AM

How many stitches are cast on for what size towel?  Need some specifics, please.


MarcelaL wrote
on Jul 12, 2008 9:10 PM

no se ingles, como puedo obtener las explicaciones en espaƱol

ShelleyG wrote
on Jul 12, 2008 8:11 PM

What an awesome pattern for towels! I love it! They look so soft.

penguingirl wrote
on Jul 12, 2008 7:18 PM

I'm still having issues downloading with Firefox 3 & my mac (10.4) (neither Adobe or Preview would open them) but my husband's Vista machine w/Firefox 3 is ok as is my mac w/safari.

computers. *sigh*

hope this helps someone... happy knitting. :)

LindaH@8 wrote
on Jul 12, 2008 5:48 PM

These are wonderful!!!  Don't know anybody who would not love a set of these for any ocassion.  My best friend has a birthday coming soon.  Guess what she is getting.

DebbyD@2 wrote
on Jul 12, 2008 10:39 AM

Was able to successfully download the pattern. Can't wait to start the project.

IrishLatte wrote
on Jul 12, 2008 9:05 AM

If you can open the pattern, try right clicking on the pattern and save as pdf. You could first create a folder for KD patterns and you are all set to save. I was able to open and print it before I signed in. Then I also saved it after I signed in.

Good luck! Interesting that the pattern says both Fall 2001 and 2006. I'll have to check that out just for fun if I have 2006. I do not have 2001.

Now which colors? I'm thinking of buying pretty soaps and then matching the towel to the soap. There are also some lovely dish cloth patterns at the Crystal Palace Bamboo site. They list them by yarn type, too, there.  They say 1 skein for 2 washcloths, so I think this one yields 1 towel for the 4 skeins. It is just showing 2 options for colors. Not sure if I am allowed to post a link, but it is easy to find.

Thanks for a good holiday present idea with enough time that I can probably finish - I need quite a few! Great summer cool knitting.

DonnaB@3 wrote
on Jul 12, 2008 8:15 AM

I could not open the file either.  But what I did do was to open Adobe and go to "File", "Create PDF", "From Web Page".  Then copy and paste web url for the pattern.  It will create the file for you.  You can then go to "Document" and delete pages 3 though 7 with all the comments on them.  Then just save your file as if it opened from the Download.  I hope this helps.  It worked for me!

Bluemom wrote
on Jul 12, 2008 7:50 AM

yo2, yo3 is yarn over the needle, wrapped two times, or three times.  These "extra" wraps are dropped on the next row.  If you search sea foam knitting patterns online, you should find some patterns that have pictures that will help make what happens more clear.   The chenille obscures the pattern here from showing clearly.

NancyC@3 wrote
on Jul 12, 2008 6:28 AM

The pattern says to use four skeins of the Crystal Palace yarn, but is that four skeins for each towel or two?  I can't wait to get started on these.

NancyS@3 wrote
on Jul 12, 2008 5:44 AM


 Nancy Sherr

Teresa wrote
on Jul 12, 2008 5:26 AM

My math-challenged brain isn't working this morning. How many stitches should I cast on to make a square wash cloth? The pattern says 10 + 6 but that doesn't look right to me. Anyone else? Thanks!

BarbaraD@3 wrote
on Jul 11, 2008 8:53 PM

Yy2?  YO3? Please explain.


JenniferR@4 wrote
on Jul 11, 2008 7:57 PM

I've tried to download this pattern six times and each time I get a message saying that the file is either corrupted or it's not a supported file type.  I have Windows Vista - any body else having a problem?  I'd sure like the pattern.  Thanks.

JoyS@2 wrote
on Jul 11, 2008 7:53 PM

Could you explain the yo2 in the pattern for the Seafoam Towels, as I couldn't see any abbreviations. As aussie abbrev. can be different to U.S.A.

    Joy L S

KayBolin wrote
on Jul 11, 2008 6:49 PM

I signed in and I cannot download the file.

Anonymous wrote
on Jul 11, 2008 6:21 PM

Cristi and Teri, I get the corrupted or damaged file notice if I forget to log on before I download. Did you sign in first?

MarciaC wrote
on Jul 11, 2008 5:39 PM

I an anxious to start knitting Seafoam Towels for Christmas presents.  I love the the appearance of the towels  Thanks so much for making the pattern available..

TeriM wrote
on Jul 11, 2008 4:42 PM

I've got the same problem as ChristiB.  Can't download it or view it in HTML.  Help!

CristiB wrote
on Jul 11, 2008 4:37 PM

I've tried downloading this from 2 different computers.  It downloads successfully but when I try to open it, it says it's a damaged file.  Help!

NancyW wrote
on Jul 11, 2008 4:11 PM

I just love the towels.  I can see several under some trees this year.  They look nice and soft.  I also can make them a bit bigger for those that need it.  ;-)

LoisW wrote
on Jul 11, 2008 4:11 PM

was just trying to figure which project to start on next.Thanks for the answer.  Looks like fun and a great  Christmas gift. Thanks

fmcphers wrote
on Jul 11, 2008 4:02 PM

Christmas?! O-my

[blush] I, too, started writing up my Christmas knitting list last night. Maybe it's the heat and humidity making me wish it was cold enough to freeze my nostrils together...? ha!

I just added this to the list. Cotton chenille...mmmmm.

MariAngel wrote
on Jul 11, 2008 3:34 PM

I agree, these definitely look like a nice present for the family member who's hard to please. As long as you pick the right colors :P

Hmm... wonder how long it would take to knit a bath sheet with this patttern....

Deb@6 wrote
on Jul 11, 2008 3:23 PM

have to go shopping, must do a few of these for Christmas presents.

BearyAnn wrote
on Jul 11, 2008 3:20 PM

How timely. I was putting together some Christmas knitting lists. These are definitely at the top. Thanks. I can't wait to get started.

SandraL wrote
on Jul 11, 2008 3:05 PM

can't wait to get started on these!!!!

on Jul 11, 2008 2:29 PM

I have to try these soon, they are cute, I am sure there is a better word but for now I will use cute.  To have the up in a nice beach front summer cottage or maybe even your home, but mainly for the summer cabin.  The look soft yet very durable.  Have a super spiffy day and an even better week end.

In the Spirit,

Sue Morales-Finckel

AnneT wrote
on Jul 11, 2008 2:20 PM

I will have to try these. What fun !!!!