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Entrelac–Beyond the Basics

Jan 29, 2009
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Entrelac is a knitting technique that produces a fabric with a woven appearance—tiers of tilting blocks appear to run over and under each other. But the fabric is actually worked all in one piece as a series of interconnecting rectangles. Also called patchwork knitting, basketweave knitting, or birch-bark patterning, entrelac can stand on its own in garter or stockinette stitch, or it can provide an interesting framework for other texture or color-work techniques.

Designer Eunny Jang
Published January 23, 2009
Technique Knitting
Skill Level Intermediate.

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on Mar 2, 2010 9:25 AM

can't download your free entrelac-beyond the basics.    having a problem.   anyone else having a problem?

JoSchwartz wrote
on Mar 1, 2010 7:14 AM

I was able to download with no troubles.  (Thank you!)

papillongirl wrote
on Mar 1, 2010 7:03 AM
jetmuis wrote
on Mar 1, 2010 5:51 AM
hi Eunny, i saw that my computer telling me that the file of the pattern is damaged, thats why eveybody had problems with downloading. to bad, but i like your try to share it. I have seen this techniques many years ago, a woman was knitting with differend colours this fabric, it was beautiful, she told me its easy, but i don't understood it. hey thanks anyway. and fun with knitting.;-D
mlou51 wrote
on Jan 30, 2010 1:22 PM

Exactly what I've been looking for, pictures for left and right slants along with instructions......thank you :)

epoe wrote
on Nov 2, 2009 10:46 AM

The file is damaged and cannot be repaired.  Please re-upload the file again.

epoe wrote
on Nov 2, 2009 10:45 AM
alfalfacats wrote
on Jun 16, 2009 3:40 PM
For those who have difficulty downloading and getting the "damaged file" result: try opening the link in a new tab... the new page is different and gives a right-clickable link for the "Save File As..." dialog box
Donna wrote
on Jun 11, 2009 6:03 AM
Thank you so much for this article/pattern. I had no problem downloading the information and hope others eventually were successful.
Donna wrote
on Jun 11, 2009 6:03 AM
Thank you so much for this article/pattern. I had no problem downloading the information and hope others eventually were successful.
Donna wrote
on Jun 11, 2009 6:03 AM
Thank you so much for this article/pattern. I had no problem downloading the information and hope others eventually were successful.
Donna wrote
on Jun 11, 2009 6:03 AM
Thank you so much for this article/pattern. I had no problem downloading the information and hope others eventually were successful.
JoanS@3 wrote
on Apr 16, 2009 2:21 PM
I just tried to download Entrelac-Beyond the Basics three separate times and the computer keeps telling me that the file is damaged and cannot be opened. I had no problem downloading the Entrelac Scarf pattern.
ShellyS wrote
on Feb 24, 2009 10:41 AM
I am updating to admit when I am wrong! I though I had the updated version of Adobe, but it seems there is a Adobe Acrobat 9 and once I had that downloaded and running I now have the Entrelac-Beyond the Basics! Go to the Adobe web site and you will find the free download for Acrobat 9. Hope this works for everyone!
JuneB wrote
on Feb 24, 2009 9:40 AM
Hi All, I did get the scarf to download and print..but I could not get the basics to work for me...? I am going ot try the criminyjickets site and see if I can get the pattern for that dishcloth..I have trie the entrelacs before but --YUK!! is how it looked! I love this pattern ....and will not stop until I get a reasonable looking item made. keep those needles clicking June in cold and sunny Cambridge Ontario
ShellyS wrote
on Feb 24, 2009 6:42 AM
I just downloaded, saved and printed, the scarf pattern and had no problems. I also had no problem downloading the Beyond the Basics, but when I try to open it I get the "Damaged File" message. I'm logged in I am using Firefox, I have tried it in IE too, I have the latest update from Adobe, and still I get the same message. I have read all the comments first and there are no are no clues to help with this message. If anyone can help that would be wonderful! Thanks
Suzz wrote
on Feb 24, 2009 5:37 AM
HINT FOR DOWNLOADING PROBLEMS: What you might do if you are having trouble downloading and you have already downloaded the latest Adobe is check to make sure which file is the default for opening your downloads. Do you get a box that suggests which file will open it? if it says Quicktime, it won't download because it says it's not a movie. Likewise, if it wants to use any program that doesn't read text and html it won't download. So check that you have that set up correctly on your system. I'm using a MacBookPro with Firefox. Have the latest version of Adobe and am using textedit to read the download. It comes up on my screen instantly. AND sometimes, if you read further up in other people's comments you find a clue - so read the whole thread before you add your own comment about any frustrations you are having. In the easy entrelac download two people added corrections (confirmed by KD) which I used to change my instructions. If I hadn't read the comments I wouldn't have known about the changes. As soon as I have finished what I am working on I am inspired to try the entrelac. Love the way it looks. I'd like to know what other patterns people use with entrelac beyond the basic knit and purl. Smiles :) Susie
on Feb 19, 2009 12:06 PM
Ditto with downloading problems. How do we let Interweave know about this??? I'll try their cust svc.
PamS@2 wrote
on Feb 10, 2009 3:45 AM
I can't get it to download either and yes I am logged on. phooey
ClaireG wrote
on Feb 8, 2009 7:47 PM
Yes...I'm having the same problem as all above. The error message says that the file is damaged and cannot be opened. Is it possible to have the file replaced with an undamaged one? Thx
ChristineC wrote
on Feb 7, 2009 12:10 AM
After downloading, I'm getting an error message that this file is damaged and could not be repaired. It won't open for me. =(
Mnhamel wrote
on Feb 6, 2009 12:02 PM
I did manage todownload both sets of instructions. AS entrelac is a technique on my "to do" list, I decided to give it a try. The directions for the scarf were very clear: just following it step-by- step gave me a pretty good result. The rhythm definitely picks up after several workings of each tier.Thanks Interweave...I really feel like a fearless knitter. Marlene H
CarolS@6 wrote
on Feb 4, 2009 7:11 AM
on Feb 3, 2009 2:50 PM
I can:t download it either
BarbaraF@3 wrote
on Feb 2, 2009 7:03 PM
I was able to download both today. Last time I tried I'm pretty sure there was only the subscribe box, not the download or the login. I've been looking forward to trying entrelac, so this is great!! Thank you.
linda@11 wrote
on Feb 1, 2009 11:54 AM
downloads I have found when you open your e-mail before you do anything go to the bottom to accounts and click log-in and put info in by doing this first I have found no problem with downloads.
JenC wrote
on Feb 1, 2009 3:47 AM
Entrelac–Beyond the Basics is a great reference for this project.
Ginsnap wrote
on Jan 31, 2009 6:30 PM
I had trouble too and could not download the tutorial. Too bad... Ginger Knits
PatH@2 wrote
on Jan 31, 2009 5:34 PM
No problems downloading, but my printer is toast. Can't wait to try this.
klg727 wrote
on Jan 31, 2009 5:07 PM
I am having problems downloading this too...says the file is damaged.Help!!!!
JoanR wrote
on Jan 31, 2009 4:54 PM
I can't get this one to download nor the free scarf pattern, does anyone know what the problem might be??? I had this problem with one other pattern and then when I tried again it came up fine??? Joan Rockwell, Oregon
on Jan 31, 2009 3:32 PM
Also "Beyond the Basics" vs "Block by Block" was a bit misleading.
on Jan 31, 2009 3:29 PM
I thought this was a new article since on screen it says this "article published on January 23, 2009". Imagine my dismay when I discover that this is exactly the article printed in Interweave Knits in the Spring '07 issue---which I have. I appreciate the shared info, but if you'd mentioned that the article appeared nearly 2 years ago I could have saved ink, paper and time.
on Jan 31, 2009 11:55 AM
MaryE, Here are instructions to put your comments here in English: Emploient ce site Web pour saisir vos mots français et pour les faire traduire à l'anglais, puis couperent-coll la traduction à vos commentaires sur ce site Web. Now for the rest of you, in English: Use this website to type in your French words and have it translate to English, then cut and paste the translation to your comments on this website about Eunny Jang.
MaryB@7 wrote
on Jan 31, 2009 9:41 AM
Lisa, let us know if you were able to download. At first I didn't realize there was an "active link" next to the download button on top, above the Knitscene ad and photo. Moving my cursor over the words next to the Download icon and clicking got me to the Save or Run choice (I save, usually). Good luck!
Betty wrote
on Jan 31, 2009 9:05 AM
I am using Firefox and had absolutely no problem downloading. Make sure you have the most recent Adobe. It zipped so fast I couldn't see either downloading. Love the scarf and eager to try it. I love so many things Eunny Jang writes and explains.
roadrunnr wrote
on Jan 31, 2009 12:39 AM
I fought the download problem for a very long time, too, even calling Interweave, which didn't help. Finally discovered that if I right click the link and tell it to open in a new window, it works - so far every time. I'm using Firefox, too, but won't put Acrobat on my computer. I use Foxit reader, which is a much smaller file and faster program. I only added that in case it's why the right click trick works for me. This is the only site I visit where the pdf's don't work, so something is different here from other places. And since one of my New Year's goals is to experience entrelac, this is a very timely tutorial. I'm very pleased to see it!
marye@2 wrote
on Jan 31, 2009 12:07 AM
merci beaucoup, dommage que je ne parles pas anglais ,vos modeles sont ravissants maryse
knitngrammy wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 11:54 PM
downloaded w/o any problem. Make sure you are logged into KD--I don't think you can down load if you are not.
JT1 wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 10:10 PM
I cannot downloan Beyond the Basics either It also tells me the file is damaged and cannot be repaired. I did download the scarf pattern however.
Sally MC wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 8:13 PM
I logged in and wasn't able to download. I have to buy into some other Adobe or something or other to do so. This tutorial wouldn't copy and paste either, so I was unable to transfer to a document in order to save. I can take my printed copy, scan it, and then save it, but I won't. I have read the pattern and it reads like it makes clear sense. Now I have to apply it. I have tried entrelac many times and get myself in a jam every time, even when i try over and over again where the jam-up happens. Interweave: Thank you for this tutorial, even if it isn't downloadable.
Sally MC wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 8:02 PM
I didn't download, I printed it off.
BobbiB wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 7:58 PM
I had the downloading problem for ages, and then saw in a comments section that you need to log in before you download and then it should work. (I wish I could remember who to thank for that tip!)
ana wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 7:55 PM
If you are having problems downloading, you may want to download the lastest pdf software first and then try downloading the Entrelac. I had not problems at all. Good Luck!
Lee@2 wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 7:22 PM
After many tries to download Entrelac–Beyond the Basics and not achieving success. (Which included looking in code) I went into Explorer instead of Firefox copy and paste internet address and then resigned into Knitting Daily and downloaded the PDF file without any problems. For some reason it did not want to use firefox.
sjsr wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 7:22 PM
I also had problems downloading, and when I finally got it to download, it would only go to temp internet files folder. I never had this problem before. I couldn't get the Enterlac-Beyond the Basics to download at all.
gayle wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 7:09 PM
It told me file damaged as well. I tried saving...same thing. HELP!
EmilieV wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 6:19 PM
I can not open it either...keeps telling me that the file is damaged and can not be repaired
Kmm410 wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 6:06 PM
When you click on the link, check the box that says 'save to disk'. When it opens, save it to your desktop. Once it's downloaded, open it from your desktop and it should open for you from there.
RobertaA wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 5:47 PM
I can't download the tutorial either...I hope someone fixes the link!
SharonL wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 5:20 PM
Thank you - this is definitely very easy to follow - the illustrations are so clear and helpful. My downloading problems were solved when I remembered to sign in first - that is the only real trouble I've ever had. I agree with what Carolyn T. said, try clicking save instead of run and see which way works best for you.
Wilma wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 4:28 PM
I was able to download Euny's Entrelac Scarf but not Entrelac-Beyond the Basics. Will try again later. Maybe it's just my computer's problem. Thanks so much! I always wondered about entrelac but was too much of a coward to try it. Now I will!!
LakayaP wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 4:16 PM
why does everything on here take 3 trys to download? anyway, thanks, I have been trying to figure out entrelac for years, maybe this time I can wrap my brain around it.
JannaC wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 3:51 PM
Thank you so much! I can't wait to try it!
DremaO wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 3:45 PM
Thanks this is wonderful as I'm getting ready to learn this method of knitting
DogFriendly wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 3:36 PM
I couln't get the two Beyond the Basics to download either. However, I didn't have a problem downloading the entrelac scarf.
on Jan 30, 2009 3:02 PM
I had no problem downloading; however, I did save instead of run; sometimes that will work better. I noticed there were two places to click on; try both, maybe one will work where the other one didn't. That has happened to me, too
Norma3w wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 2:10 PM
The best learner's project I've found is the Garterlac Dishcloth at the "criminyjickets" website. [Sorry I can't copy the link here but it's easy to google.] Clear instructions, practical, and easy to master. After a couple of those, I tackled the Entrlac Lace Shawl from "Best of Interweave Knits." I am fearless!
JoelleG wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 2:07 PM
Thank you! This is great.
KristenC wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 1:46 PM
I just wonder is the only difference between Garterlac and Entrelac is that Entrelac is stockinette?
LisaC@2 wrote
on Jan 30, 2009 1:22 PM
This is the one I can't get to download. Is anyone else having problems?