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IWK Summer 2008: The Eunny Galleries

May 1, 2008
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Gallery: The Eunny Gallery - Interweave Knits Summer 2008

Interweave Knits Summer 2008One day, Eunny Jang, editor of Interweave Knits, decided she wanted to be a Knitting Daily Gallery Gal, too. Here are some photos of Eunny in garments from the Summer 2008 issue--but this time, Eunny herself provides some commentary, before asking me to add my own. What fun!

Drawstring Raglan

Her bust: 34"
Sample garment measures 32.75", so Eunny is wearing it with 1.25" negative ease.

Knitting Gallery - Eunny Gallery Drawstring Raglan
Interweave Knits Gallery - Eunny Gallery Drawstring Raglan

Eunny's comments:

This one’s easy. It’s a very simple, flattering silhouette, easily adjustable because of the drawstring. About the only thing I’d do is knit it in different colors, and maybe lower the empire waistline just a little bit (by knitting a few more rows before starting the armholes) to make the drawstring fall truly under the bust. I might also narrow and/or lengthen the sleeves – this precise length on me tends to widen my shoulders, and I’m always struggling to correct proportion.

Sandi's comments:

Since Eunny has broad shoulders and is a bit busty, I might want to shorten the sleeves just the tiniest bit--even a half-inch or so would help to soften the triangular path that leads the eye straight from bust to shoulder and back again. (This path is echoed by the little lapels, which are extremely cute, but which help to visually widen her top half even more.) Hm, that said...maybe taking in some of the fullness of the sleeve would help with this as well. Lengthening the skirt section, by adding the few rows necessary to lower the waistline, will also give a bit more length and depth to the colorwork section, thus providing more balance to the larger top section.

Leaf Kimono

Her bust: 34"
Sample garment measures 37.5", so Eunny is wearing it with 3.5" positive ease.

Knitting Gallery - Eunny Gallery Leaf Kimono
Interweave Knits Gallery - Eunny Gallery Leaf Kimono

Eunny's comments:

I’d wear a different top under this – probably a simple camisole or tank, and keep it tied pretty tightly in the back to keep it from spreading across my shoulders. It’s a very forgiving look, though, and I probably wouldn’t change the size. I might raise the convergence point of the shoulder pieces and waistline, however, by just an inch or so – probably by knitting a longer “point” to the bottom piece, and shortening the shoulder pieces.

Sandi's comments:

Deep V-necklines are indeed very attractive for busty gals--but only if the V does not end right at the bustline! The V-neck here needs to be either higher, or lower, in order to keep the eye from settling on a part Eunny might not wish to have folks settle on. (I have noticed in my own clothing that even an inch or two higher or lower makes a huge difference in balancing my overall look.)

Roped Shell

Her bust: 34"
Sample garment measures 33.25", so Eunny is wearing it with 0.75" negative ease.

Knitting Gallery - Eunny Gallery Roped Shell
Interweave Knits Gallery - Eunny Gallery Roped Shell

Eunny's comments:

The silk fabric of this shell creates really lovely, flattering drape on all bodies. I’d probably wear it like this – over a shirt with sleeves – to dress it down, or by itself under a fitted jacket. I might add just a little length to the body and raise the neckline a bit, but that’s really personal preference.

Sandi's comments:

I agree--the neckline could come up a bit, not for any reasons of modesty, but again, because the drape ends too close to the widest part of the bust. Pulling it up even by an inch would preserve the charming drape and keep the eye moving along. If you need more emphasis in the bustline, by all means--keep that cable close to where you want the emphasis!


Her bust: 34"
Sample garment measures 32", so Eunny is wearing it with 2" negative ease.

Knitting Gallery - Eunny Gallery Elinor
Interweave Knits Gallery - Eunny Gallery Elinor

Eunny's comments:

I love this shell! The colorwork band draws attention down and balances my proportions, and the square neckline is an unexpected detail. I might cut the armholes in a little more to visually narrow the shoulders and make it more wearable over a shirt, but that’s about it.

This is one of those fabulous fixit kind of patterns: The colorwork band’s the main attraction, so place it where it makes the most sense on you. I’d rather draw attention away from my top half, but if you’d like to draw the eye up, you can always place the band around the bust. Fixed!

Sandi's comments:

Anyone who followed my adventures with Wendy's Tomato knows how I feel about her colorwork bands: Move 'em if you need to! But just as a note of interest: Every single Gallery Gal who tried on this top was afraid of the placement of the hip band and how it would make her look. In almost every single case, the hip band turned out to look simply amazing. Why? I think this particular combination of pattern and color keeps your eye moving vertically as well as horizontally; I think that the band is wide enough that it has unexpectedly good effects on a lot of figures. I also think that having the matching turquoise trim at the neck helps keep the eye moving vertically between band and trim, instead of horizontally at the hip.
Still: Move That Stripe! If you want to, that is.

Wallis Cardigan

Her bust: 34"
Sample garment measures 33.25", so Eunny is wearing it with 0.75" negative ease.

Knitting Gallery - Eunny Gallery Wallis Cardigan
Interweave Knits Gallery - Eunny Gallery Wallis Cardigan
Knits Gallery - Eunny Gallery Wallis Cardigan

Eunny's comments:

This one is so hard for me! I love this silhouette so, so much, but the puffed sleeves broaden my already-broad shoulders, and they fall at a bit of an awkward length on me – right around my bustline – which only adds width. I’d either knit the sleeves longer or shorter (or take then away altogether for a beautifully detailed vest), and probably take away a bit of their fullness. I might also shorten the cardi a little bit, to take away some of the blouson effect at the waistline – I don’t have much waist definition, so blousons are not really for me. The deep V shape is extremely flattering, however, to those with full busts.

Sandi's comments:

I agree, the sleeves here are not flattering on Eunny. I actually agree with her that the most flattering look for her might be to forgo the sleeves entirely and have the most darling vest ever. Other than that...I kind of want her to lengthen the patterned section at the hips a bit, to balance out the lovely top section. Maybe one or two extra "stripes" of that section, not much more.

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mojavesue wrote
on Aug 28, 2009 1:37 PM

I love this one, I have no shoulders, so this one would work for me.  I am a beginner, skill level?  Thank Love the whole collection.  I agree with the other readers as to color and style, fushia?

verna wrote
on Oct 6, 2008 5:47 PM

hi, i am new to the site but i agree, the wallis cardiganlooks great on  eunny!

Shadow wrote
on Jul 15, 2008 2:23 AM

Actually, I would disagree with Ms Jang.  I think the Wallis cardi looks wonderful on her.   It's assertive enough to wear with jeans, but would look equally good with a linen skirt.  I love the texture of the yarn.  The only change I might make would be a different color for her.

DeborahM@2 wrote
on May 31, 2008 9:40 AM

This was a wonderful gallery, having the designer critique her own design on herself.  Eunny is both talented and beautiful; what a delightful combination!